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Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Addition: 25th May 2018

Lighthouse TOWER For Sale

In Somerset: An incredibly rare 7 storey high lighthouse tower for sale

Price Guide: £525,000

Burnham High Lighthouse Tower, Somerset.

We are delighted to feature this pretty impressive former lighthouse tower for sale.

It has been owned by the same person for around 19 years. There has been considerable work undertaken to make the building suitable for holiday lettings.

Burnham High Lighthouse Tower, Somerset.

Top of the world and views to match.

The current holidaymaker occupancy rates exceed 90%. For those seeking to become an owner occupier, this would,make a remarkable home – subject to planning permission for change of use (holiday to domestic residential dwelling).

Burnham High Lighthouse Tower, Somerset.

You Are Likely To Save A Small Fortune In Gym Membership

Burnham High Lighthouse Tower, Somerset.

Burnham High Lighthouse Tower, Berrow Road, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset
TA8 2HN, 

Click Here

For further details + floorplan drawings + contact information.


Can You Help A Television Program?

Barcroft Media are looking for contributors for a five-part documentary series about unique and extraordinary homes which will be broadcast on an international digital streaming service. 
Prospective contributors can be either in the process of building or remodelling their homes or happy for their property to be featured as is. 
We will be shooting between early June and mid August. Anyone interested in taking part should contact jack.mckay at barcroftproductions dot com or call 0774 5639670. If possible please include a brief description of the property and owners and interior and exterior photos. 


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Listing: 20th May 2018

Island Hospital Gets Well

A 2 bedroom apartment for sale on the Isle of Wight

From this… 

To this…

A luxury two bedroom apartment on a beautiful island at the South Coast of England.

Price Guide: £250,000

Click Here

For the Isle of Wight former hospital conversion to apartment details


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Edition: 14th May 2018

Watch This Space!

Something interesting, this way comes.

One of our top five unique properties is about to come up for sale in the south of England.

Click Here For Clues

Only the full-on unique property sleuths amongst our readership will get this one – mainly the location – especially rare in southern England. 

There is still a dent in the floor when I fell off the chair as this exceptional property for sale landed on on the Unique Property Bulletin desk.

But will it be your cup of tea? Will you bid to buy it?.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 13th May 2018

High Mill – Price Drop

From £425,000 to £360,000. Maybe further to drop. Haggle Time?

Legbourne Mill, Mill Lane, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8LT

Unique Property Bulletin keeps an eye on older editions in our quest to get readers into mischief.

We just discovered that Legbourne Mill has had…

 £65,000 deducted off of the price.

It is a Grade II listed structure that has been  refurbished by the new owners.

…and from the internal photographs (here) would appear to have had a lot of refurbishment work completed.

Legbourne Mill – Modernised Interior.

However, given that the current owners paid £84,000 for the old unmodernised mill in April 2013, there MIGHT be room for a bit of a haggle at the current £360,000 price tag. Especially as it is evident there is wriggle room on how many fivers you will need to cough up. 

If we were buying, then a cheeky bid of £295,000 would go in and we would see what happened (pending RICS survey etc). Especially as the new price tag on this Lincolnshire wonder has music to this Scotsman’s ear: “offers in the region of“. Oh the ecstasy of a bargain.

Not sure if this tower home is your cup of tea, but when this marvellous mill came up for sale last year at £425,000 we know several of our readers were interested, but the price was just too handsome. Now with the potential to negotiate the price down to low three hundreds or less, if you love this style of building and the location is to your liking…

Legbourne Mill – Location – Courtesy of Google Maps

…then maybe it’s time for you to hop into the car, or onto the train and pop across to Lincolnshire for a look-see at Legbourne Mill. Please let us know how you get on?

As almost a postscript, we love reviewing these amazing buildings. Just take a quick look at the history of how the exterior of Legbourne Mill has changed over the past 170 years (have realised Legbourne Mill is just 2 year older than our new Unique Property Bulletin HQ: here). Anyways, here are some of the pictures illustrating the photographic history of Legbourne Mill Tower…

Legbourne Mill – How Many Years After The 1847 Construction?

This could be you sitting on that wall, 170 years later.

We would love to see the sails back on.

Legbourne Mill – The White Tower Years

Legbourne Mill – Tired White Paint Stripped Off & Back To Brick

Legbourne Mill – Brick Looks Good, But The Tree Growing Atop Not So Much

Legbourne Mill – Neat In Black, But We Like The Brickwork Look of Yesteryear

What say you? White paint, or black, perhaps au naturale?

Mill of Many Stairs and floors.

Back to the search for a new owner of Legbourne Mill: most recent re-entry to the sale list – on 27th October 2017 Legbourne Windmill featured in Unique Property Bulletin at £425,000 (here).

Current price quotes at May 2018: £360,000

Click Here For Windmill Details.

Archive: here


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 12th May 2018

UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale

Guide: £10,000 Freehold

Approximately 125 miles from London: A 2.5 hour drive.

Curious? Further information can be obtained…

Click Here To Find Out About This UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 10th May 2018

Devine By Bard

Former Baptist Church For Sale

Auction Guide £125,000.

Former Baptist Church, Temple Grafton, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6NS

This handsome little detached property is located in a pretty village not too far from Shakespeare’s birthplace at  Stratford Upon Avon..

If you are wishing to explore the village: re-pleat with thatched cottages by this former church property…

Click Here For Google 3D Exploration

The former church has many interesting features within the structure. Though if you wanted to convert the property from a place of worship to a residential house, you would need both planning permission to change the use and listed buildings consent.

Former Baptist Church, Temple Grafton, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6NS

The reason this caught our attention is that the previous price quoted was £150,000. Click Here. The other appealing aspect are the “comparable” prices of other property within this village. Half a million pound homes are quite common, so there may be significant scope to add value to this old church.

Click Here For The Auction Page

Now it has been reduced to a guide of £125,000 and set for AUCTION at Barnard Marcus in London on 22nd May 2018 – unless sold prior. Always check by telephone if a building has sold – before you set off for a long journey to the auction hall to make sure you are not wasting your time because a pre-auction bid has been accepted.

Location of Former Baptist Church, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6NS

Guide: £125,000

Further details, please contact Barnard Marcus Auctions directly on:

Telephone: 020 8741 9990 or 020 8741 9001



Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 5th May 2018

A Former Dr Who Dwelling?

For Sale

Penllyn Castle: Guided At £1,000,000.

FAO Unique Property Club Members, we count 12 possible bedrooms: that equates to £83,333 each.

How are the surplus club funds doing? Over half a million at the last count so for those syndicateers who love castles, this may hold potential!

Penllyn Castle. One For The “Set Jet” Folk

This magnificent castle in Wales, with 8 bedrooms is set in approximately 70 acres. We actually count a possible 12 bedrooms which is important if the future of this building is to be secured. It needs to be able to pay it’s way. That included a refurbishment and an annual budget to keep the place maintained.

Penllyn Castle: Currently 8 Bedrooms. But there is “The Tower” and “The Stables”!

Floorplan with kind thanks to ehouse (here)

As an asides, Penllyn Castle may be one for the Unique Property Club, so if any of our 363 members think this should be UPS26, please get in touch and we shall run the numbers in a little more depth.

Penllyn Castle was featured in a Dr Who episode. Though the edit suite tend to mix and match locations – especially interior and exterior shots. So the connection to the popular UK television Time Lord may be a little tenuous.

Dr Who In The Form of David Tennant Meets Penlynn Castle

In past editions of Unique Property Bulletin when we have featured actual Dr Who Tardis police boxes for sale (here), the number of folk visiting the dedicated page doubles and trebles. The sight of a Tardis seems to send some folk into another dimension…

Unique Property Bulletin Has Featured The Real Article For Sale: Here

But if you can’t wait for another actual police box to come along, you can always build your own.

The fact that one of these bizarre blue boxes has visited Penllyn Castle makes for sufficient interest as to hit the BBC (here). The castle has several beautiful rooms above stairs, but at the rear of the building in particular, a lot of remedial work is required. Dealing with the listed buildings folk can be a bit hit or miss. There are rooms designated as UNSAFE and therefore not surveyed. This will impact adversely upon what the owner’s hope to obtain on sale of the castle.

The fine parts are genuinely impressive.

Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Given the onerous nature of building works at the rear of Penllyn Castle, and the fact that the listing authority are likely to start pressure for repairs to the UNSAFE parts, we reckon an offer nearer to…


…would be closer to the value this property is worth. But that is only our opinion.

Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

David Tennant’s Room

Penllyn Castle – Approximately 70 Acres Into The Bargain

Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Location Map – Courtesy of Google

Price Sought For Penllyn Castle…


Further Information…

Contact Knight Frank Estate Agents: 029 2243 0365.

Click Here For Online Brochure.

Archive Click Here


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 4th May 2018

Star Wars Day

May The 4th Be With You.

Do You Fancy Owning A Bit of Star Wars Location?

Dr Watson & Sherlock Holmes: Sleuths Extraordinaire. But Could They Locate Unique Property?

This Unique Property Bulletin segment for May 4th, has us challenging our readers on what has become Star Wars day – to see if you can find out whether the Greenham Common set backdrop for Millennium Falcon, well half of a flappy falcon, plus a Star Wars X-Wing fighter craft into the bargain – is a bargain? By that we mean is this land and the buildings on it for sale? To find out we give you some clues, but the final result is in your hands.

Star Wars Location Filming At Greenham Common. Photo Courtesy of Matthew Myatt & Airbourne Aviation

The prop-makers are genuine artists in their own right…

The Millennium Falcon.

Clearly not real, but in the imagination of millions, this seems to exist with profound reality. 

Vast numbers of the human race find their pulse racing when this pile of old wood + glue + perspex + plywood transform into a feast for the imagination. A rip-roaring genuine iconic piece of cinematographic history…

Hamburgers Will Never Seem The Same?

So when the secret filming locations become publicly known, there can be a fascination for these places that spawn an entire industry of “Set Jetters”. Folk who enjoy visiting various locations of their favourite films. When these sites then come up for sale, we find our own Unique Property Bulletin page-view numbers jump somewhat.

However, rather than wait for a “for sale” sign to go up, why not channel your inner Sherlock Holmes into something along the lines of beloved actors…

The Star Wars Film Franchise Has Been A Touchstone In The Lives of Many Readers Here. Alex B?

Over the past 25 years that Unique Property Bulletin has been on the go, we have seen around 15% to 20% of buildings bought by our readers who follow an important mantra we bang on about…

Be Proactive In Your Unique Property Search

This means getting down and dirty with the detective skills. All made a lot easier with the advent of the internet. Much can be found, or rather deduced dear Watson, by a few keystroke clicks and a good broadband connection. Back in the day, when we were all wearing junior sized gumboots plodding about, we were still managing to secure about 10% of unusual building purchases by proactively tracking down the properties that were in our top ten list. Nowadays, and especially with rebooting the Unique Property Club, we have over 25% of buildings acquired when transmogrify into a modern day Sherlock Holmes and start following up leads and clues. Possibly something to do with a dim and distant vocation worked at by the founder of this publication…

Russ McLean Arresting A Friend on The Island of Islay 30 Years Ago 

It is a genuinely odd thought to consider that Strathclyde Police training has resulted in this website helping hundreds of folk secure their own unique home.

Whether or not the interest in RAF Greenham Common transforms into a fresh bid to buy some parts is another story. Possibly a seed is planted in these words. Stranger things have happened.

For sure, at the time this Star Wars movie sequence was being filmed, there were aficionados of the movie taking to the air in planes to capture some photographs to find out more…

This is a close up of the strange bomb proof structures at Greenham Common. There is a possibility they will demolished to make way for new housing. But there is always the chance some eccentric will come along and buy a slice from whomsoever won the bid back in the day when Carter Jonas were selling off the whole site.

What many folk don’t realise is that it takes years to progress a planning permission application on such a large site as Greenham Common air base. The current owners will be spending large amounts of money over extended periods. So if some enterprising Unique Property Bulletin reader managed to track down the owner and offered to buy a small corner of this vast base, they may just meet with a positive response.

If you don’t ask you don’t get!

So with all the skills of the internet,plus…

You have an address,

You have the name of the estate agent,

You have a public land registry (here) and even better…

You have a public planning application portal: here.

A favourite rejoinder we have at this point is “go get ’em tiger.”

Set designers and prop makers – Fletch. Awesome talent, just awesome…

The core of the original sale was/is the Air Control Tower…

Greenham Common Air Control Tower

The earlier sale was handled by Carter Jonas estate agents. News report and investigative leads: here.

In a galaxy far, far away… who would think that could be genteel olde English village of Newbury in Berkshire!

Location Map – Courtesy of Google

For Further Information…

DIY Unique Property Location By Your Own Means.

Click Here For A Lead Inspector Clouseau.

If Greenham Common doesn’t suit, how about Luke Skywalker’s Island: here.


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Want To Know A Secret?

Fancy finding a tasty unique building in your area?

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Something like this water tower: guided at just £4,000.

Though made a lot later on…

This is just one of many unusual buildings we find. Now you can use some of our techniques to find your favourite flavour of amazing building AND for sale in  our location NEAR TO YOU.

Here at the Unique Property BulletinSecrets” article. To read how you can find unusual buildings for sale in your area of the country, maybe worth spending a modest £3.65. This is via our pay-per-view service (that helps this not-for-profit website)…

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Special Feature Article


Offsite Adventures To Help Onsite Seekers

Unique Property Bulletin is a free resource run by volunteers. We do this  for you, our readers. The team here are in the process of purchasing a lighthouse compound. One part will be used as an office. Another will be rented out and those funds used as a secure means to pay staff. This is so that the huge increase in our readership numbers over the past 25 years can be addressed by paid helpers to assist the small group of friends who run the website. Creating a new business structure to pay for this in perpetuity is a monumental task. But it is the best way we can come up with to remedy what has become the accidental success that is: Unique Property Bulletin.

Real Life Efforts To Help Our Virtual World Endeavours

We ask that our readers bear with us during this incredibly busy period. It may not seem like much is happening – onsite, but offsite we are going like the clappers. Seriously, the swan analogy is nothing on what we have. This is case of demented ducks overdosing on Duracells! These offsite adventures are so that we will be able to help thousands of unique property seekers onsite, instead of a dozen here or there each month.

Our aim is to have the new Unique Property Bulletin relaunched by the end of the year – 2018. Until that time, we have a far more gentle volume of properties appearing on these pages. Very best wishes, The Unique Property Team.


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