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Welcome to the newer, slimline, internet-friendly Unique Property Bulletin. We will be adding fresh and unusual buildings for sale directly onto this front page every few days. Also worth keeping an eye on our social media pages: Facebook & Twitter for extra news + posts. For now, here are our latest unique properties for sale or rent


Unique Property Bulletin – Fresh Addition: 16th March 2018

For Sale

Water Tower

Guide: £80,000

The Water Tower, Dover, Kent.

This amazing project was originally built around 1906. There is historic planning permission – now lapsed – to turn this old sentinel into a residential dwelling.

As the local authority have indicated consent for residential change of use already, then it may be possible to re-activate this. Enquiries are probably best directed, in the first instance to: Dover District Council. Tel: 01304 872486. Website:

The Water Tower, Dover, Kent.

The earlier (lapsed) planning permission was granted by Dover District Council for Change of Use of the disused water tower to a residential dwelling, under ref: DO/84/1150, dated 27th November 1985, subject to conditions. A copy of the Consent is available to download from the Clive Emson auction house website or inspection at the auctioneer’s office.

Before bidding, you might wish to consider this stonking big structural crack: click here.

We can’t show the photograph because of copyright restrictions, but we can provide the link and it might save you wasting your time if you are none too keen on getting your crack fixed.

Horse Not Included. Photograph Courtesy of Nick Smith

Location of this building:-

The Water Tower,
Singledge Lane,
Kent. CT16 3ER.

Click Here For Auction Details

Archived for future reference/research: here


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Listing: 5th March 2018

For Sale

Chapel AND Sunday School Buildings

Harleston Chapel, Mendham Lane, Redenhall, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9DE.

Harleston Chapel: Current Photograph

Harleston Chapel: Current Photograph

Harleston Chapel: Artists Rendition of Future Refurbishment

Planning permission exists for both the Chapel and the Sunday School to be converted into residential dwellings

Harleston Chapel, Mendham Lane, Redenhall, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9DE.

Old Plan Drawings – Harleston Chapel, Mendham Lane. 

Chapel: £195,000

Sunday School: £175,000

Please Telephone or Text Mark for details: 077994 11110

Interactive Google Street View: Click Here


Offsite Adventures To Help Onsite Seekers

Unique Property Bulletin is a free resource run by volunteers. We do this  for you, our readers. The team here are in the process of purchasing a lighthouse compound. One part will be used as an office. Another will be rented out and those funds used as a secure means to pay staff. This is so that the huge increase in our readership numbers over the past 25 years can be addressed by paid helpers to assist the small group of friends who run the website. Creating a new business structure to pay for this in perpetuity is a monumental task. But it is the best way we can come up with to remedy what has become the accidental success that is: Unique Property Bulletin.

Real Life Efforts To Help Our Virtual World Endeavours

We ask that our readers bear with us during this incredibly busy period. It may not seem like much is happening – onsite, but offsite we are going like the clappers. Seriously, the swan analogy is nothing on what we have. This is case of demented ducks overdosing on Duracells! These offsite adventures are so that we will be able to help thousands of unique property seekers onsite, instead of a dozen here or there each month.

Our aim is to have the new Unique Property Bulletin relaunched by the end of the year – 2018. Until that time, we have a far more gentle volume of properties appearing on these pages. Very best wishes, The Unique Property Team.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 18 Feb 18

Cute, But Is It Worth Half A Million?

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers. 

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EB

Thankyou to Graham S., for sending the details of this pretty little house in to us. However here at Unique Property Bulletin we are genuinely stuck with this sort of thing.

Top marks to the developer AND the local planning department for ensuring the Barratt Box format is broken, with a flair of fresh imagination every now and then, but…

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EB

… in the course of any given year we see – and feature many amazing places to live. No disrespect is intended, but is Honeypot Cottage priced so high because the bricklayer neatly arranged his external wall in circular manner? Anyone with half a million squid can buy 100 acres and a small castle at that level! Just give us a call and we can fix you up. 

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EB

It is probably a case of “you pays your money and takes your choice”.  With Honeypot Cottage, it might just be that houses in this area of the country routinely command such eye wateringly high prices.

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EB

The bedrooms have a little quirkyness. Something akin to the wedge from a large game of Trivial Pursuits…

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EB

This is, after all a 3 bedroom detached house. Even so, we cannot get our heads around the price. Also, it appears to lay fairly close to some local authority houses, and VERY close to the bog standard box built neighbouring houses. This circular gem conflicts significantly with the local vernacular. For clarity, there is nothing wrong with ex authority houses – the rooms and land are usually very generous; it just jars the senses to put a thatched cottage close by.

Honeypot Cottage, Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EB

This is a bit of a pastiche that hasn’t quite worked. Perhaps we best say no more. Leave our readers to decide, especially those seeking something in the south east of the UK.

Further Details…

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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Listing: 23rd January 2018

Nuclear Bunker

For Sale SOLD

We have readers looking for more of these.

Do you have one to sell? Call/text us on: 0793 557 2803.


UKWMO ROC Bunker located in Kent – with views across to France…

…well when you come up for air, or buy a periscope you can see France on a clear day!

ROC UKWMO Underground Bunker For Sale.

Here we have a genuinely rare, and certainly unusual piece of real estate available for sale: an old underground bunker.

There is access via a long vertical shaft with ladder to climb down. You then come into what could look like someone’s front lounge in their house. Okay, a fairly basic hobbit style of home. C’mon, we all have friends with a place like this…

                                                                                UKWMO Bunker Room Underground                                              

In actual fact it is most certainly not someones front lounge, but a very well protected safe room from thermonuclear atomic annihilation…


To get a better idea of the underground layout, where you may end up residing for some time – give or take a thousand years – the talented Bob Marshall has drawn an excellent three dimension graphic art piece which gives new readers of Unique Property Bulletin a good idea of what lays beneath the ground under the seemingly random square, green concrete boxes scattered all around the countryside…

UKWMO Bunker – Artistic Representation – Mr Bob Marshall

A few days ago, our friend, Jonathan Riley got in touch with us here at Unique Property Bulletin and asked if we could help him sell his UKWMO underground bunker.

We were delighted to say yes, and immediately introduced Jonathan to Mr George Harrison at The Sun newspaper. The two of gentlemen got up to a dose of mischief and next thing we knew is George had put together an excellent article in his newspaper very quickly. Beat us hands down in covering this bunker. So the least we can do just now is to get this in front of our readers ASAP. With necessity requiring such a fast turnaround, our detail isn’t as deep as Georges.

But we do have bunker owner Jonathan’s email address which is, we guess, catnip for the hard-core mole hole dweller.

Going Down? The Shaft That Gets You Properly Under The Ground. 

So before we hand over the nuclear code for contacting the atomic hole owner – and possibly end with your buying this underground bunker, here is a link to our friend George Harrison’s article…

Click Here For the main UKWMO story in the Sun newspaper.

Meanwhile, here at Unique Property Bulletin, we are still a bit stressed, not so much by The Donald and his Tweeting the Bejeebers out of Kim Jong Un to the edge of Armageddon – but the more pressing task of sorting out a new (magnificently eccentric) office for our online publication. Ironically in the circumstances, our office is located at the end of the world! Still we always have a spare half hour to bang out a bunker for sale on the Bulletin!

Nuclear Bunker: At The Bottom of The Vertical Hallway

As soon as we can get back online – in the next few days – we shall be putting a dedicated page covering Jonathan’s UKWMO bunker for sale with more photographs etc. 

The plot is situated on, or rather beneath a place which has such good views, and contains parking + direct adopted road access + facilities not always available at other ROC UKWMO bunker posts. Partly because in recent years these bunkers have simply gone up in value due to there being a limited supply of them.

UKWMO Bunker. Above Ground: Views Across To France

Last but not least, would you like to be notified the next time a nuclear bunker comes up for sale? Then join our Unique Property Bulletin mailing list…

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Want To Know A Secret?

Fancy finding a tasty unique building in your area?

From Dr Who style police boxes that come up for sale…

Former Police Box Sold By Public Authority

… to large underground nuclear bunkers for sale…

Often An Underground Bunker Does Not Look Like Much – Above Ground.

But check out the floorplan layout of this two storey building below ground.

How many rooms do you reckon lurk beneath the anonymous looking car park…

Large Underground Bunker – Discovered For Sale Via Our “Secrets” Article Page

Drawing courtesy of Paul Whippey

This big bunker was sold very recently in January 2018

We discovered this example of a truly unique underground place for sale in  our location via the Unique Property BulletinSecrets” article. To read how you can find unusual buildings for sale in your area of the country, maybe worth spending a modest £3.65. This is via our pay-per-view service…

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In the example underground bunker for sale there is even a cycle generator system in case the main generators offline…

Nuclear Bunker Cycle Electricity Generators!

“Peddle faster granny, I need electricity to watch Emmerdale DVDs”

If you would like to go pro-active and utilise a very useful technique we love, plus help us keep this eccentric not-for-profit website alive with a modest donation for our…

Special Feature Article

Then just…

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There are hundreds, in fact thousands of amazing buildings being sold off in every area of the UK. You can get advance notice of some pretty impressive candidate properties fro conversion into that dream home. Maybe even end up going mortgage free – a wonderful feeling.

Just one example of what can be found is this odd old structure – not just an unusual building project, someone got a cracking sea view into the bargain…

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