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Unique Transportation

The journey is often as much fun as the destination

Tenby Island Artist's Impression

This Edition Explores Novel Ways To Get To Your New Unique Home

Loth Station 2 MAIN

Along With A Challenge on the Two Summers No Winters Principle

Plus 2 x Grand Designs, Bargain Barns, Barmy Ben At An Island Fort & Much More…

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Earlier Editions Of Unique Property Bulletin

Sky High Property

Water On High – Price Down Low: £4,000

Midgley Water Tower, Bar Lane, Midgley, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire, WF4 4AU Photo Neil Theasby

Midgley Water Tower, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire

Photo Courtesy of Neil Theasby

Plus Happy Valley, Air Control To Major Tom, Gone Fishing, Island Dreams Coming True, A New Unique Property For Sale Facility & Much More… 

Click Here Unique Property Bulletin 3 April 2016


Earlier Editions Of Unique Property Bulletin

Way To Go: 3D The Future

Plus this Bulletin features many interesting properties to consider living in…

1 Tees-Transporter-Bridge-Marine-Fire-Station-Below

Maritime Fire Station With River Wharfage For Sale

The unique building being sold really is in the photograph pictured above. Though you could be forgiven at being distracted by the magnificent ferry-bridge above it, literally hogging the lime-light.

Plus Extra Secrets, Forts, Forges, Windmills and Much More… 

Click Here For The Unique Property Bulletin 28 February 2016


It’s A Secret – Don’t Tell Anyone

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Compound

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Compound (c) 2016 RSPB

Just One of Many Unique Property Adventures

Plus Oasts, Towers, Price Leaks, Tanera Mòr Island News, Watermills Secrets and Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 24 January 2016 




Kaizen & Continual Improvement In The Bulletin’s Effort To Help Readers

Myoken-San Worship Hall 1

Myoken-San: This Inspirational Architecture Comes From An Inscrutable Source.


Pole House - The Pole 1

Pole Land For Holidays

Plus Lock Homes, Lovejoy Thatch, River Lodges, Unique Lifestyle Delights & Much More…

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For Additional Unique Properties Check Out…

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We are now making best efforts to have extra unique property listed on as near a daily basis as possible -well possibly a new one every couple of days, but still a good batting average.


Unique Property Bulletin Evolution

How You Can Get The Best From It

The Round House MAIN

The Round House By Richard T. Foster – Architect

Photograph Courtesy of CMLS

Plus Windmills, Creeks, Water Towers, Beacons & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 8 November 2015



Mixed Emotions

Bawtry Water Tower, Great North Road, Bawtry, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN10 6NX Third Photo
This Tower Went From A £2,000 Guide To £105,000 Sale Price

Further Details on The Tower

Plus Corn Mills, Barn Time, Capsule Units, Adventures & Much More

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 4 October 2015


Our ‘Grand Designs For Sale’ Website: Rebooted

Starting With A Massive £750,000 Price Reduction

Grand Design Kemey RSZ 1

Grand Designs Kemeys Folly Back For Sale With A Big Discount

Plus An £85,000 Island, Dr Who Quickie, Lighthouse Buildings, Skysphere & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 6 September 2015


London Enigma

London's Trinity Building In 007 James Bond Film Skyfall

Heads-Up For Securing Iconic London Homes In The Near Future

Daniel Craig – 007 James Bond Looking At A Unique Property For Sale

Photograph Courtesy of EON Productions

Plus Devonian Steam Ways, Upgrading Old Nukeys & Unique Buy-To-Lets:-

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 23 August 2015



Big Bang, Little Boom

Nuclear Bunker Big Boom 2

37,000 Square Feet of Bomb Bunker Room

Also in this edition of the Bulletin

Amazing Lifeboat Station For Sale: Sorry Now Sold

Former Lifeboat Station, St David's, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6PY 2

St David’s Lifeboat Station, Pembrokeshire

Plus Lock Keepers’ Cottages, Bathing Stations, Air Floating Home Video & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 9 August 2015


Towers, Technology & Twittering

Hartland Point Lighthouse Tower & House - Photo Nicholas Mutton

Hartland Point Lighthouse Tower & Keeper’s Cottage For Sale (Sorry Now Sold) – Bideford, Devon.

Photograph Courtesy of Nicholas Mutton

Plus Subterranean Dwelling, Subaqua Dwelling, Fireys, Watermills & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 26 July 2015



The Dream Home: Making It Happen

Back To The Future

Littlequoy & Hunda Headline MAIN

Hunda Island – Example of A Unique Home Destination – HOW? – This Edition’s Feature.

Even If This Style Isn’t Your Dream Home, The Feature Can Help You One Way Or Another.

Plus Bunkers, Air Control Towers, Islands, Banks, Barons, Radars & Growing Your Own…

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 28 June 2015


In At The Deep End?

Also Room For A Gentle Toe Dip In The Water

UPS 19 Tower Room Candidate

A Room With A View.

Buy A Floor In This Unique Tower For Around £6,000*

Or The Whole Tower In The Region of £24,000*

*Tower Now Sold: Similar Properties Listed Soon.

Plus Rare Air Control Tower, Ecos, Tagg’s Island Mumbles & Much More…

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 31 May 2015


For Sale

London Underground Stations

Underground Stations WW2 Home For Many

Pictured Above – From Very Basic, But Life Saving WWII 1940’s Wartime Accommodation To…

Churchill War Rooms London Underground

Stylish & Polished Upscale Entrance For Underground Wonders: 2015 Onwards

Plus BT Minnows, Grand Designs, Lighthouse Syndicate & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 17 May 2015


Private Islands For Sale or Rent

Go Get ‘Em Tiger

Towan Island UHS Unique Property Bulletin

Towan Island, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1EA

Plus Engine House, UKWMO, Lighthouses, Grand Designs & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 3 May 2015


UKWMO Bunkers – Major Feature

UKWMO Brundall Norfolk 1

Going Underground – Would You Like To Look?

UKWMO Bunker, East of Cuckoo Lane, Brundall, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 4JA.

This Edition: UKWMO Bunkers – Sales & Solds Reviewed

Plus Windmills, Television Properties, At The Movies, Engine House & Much More…

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 15 March 2015


Helping You Find

A Unique Home “Garden-Office”


One Such Unique Garden Structure – Aviation Style

George Clarke & Amazing Space Airplane Conversion

Plus Towers, Circles, Angels, Mills, Wagon & Churches:-

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 1st February 2015


Broadchurch TV House For Sale

AAA Broadchurch Headline MAIN

Actor David Tennant On The Porch of Your New Home?

Plus Castles, Cop Shop Bargains, Martellos, Ice House & DIY Sleuthing…

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 18 January 2015


Towering Homes & Much More

AAA MAIN Water Tower Tower Close Hertford Heath Hertford SG13 7WR

The Old Water Tower, Tower Close, Hertford Heath, Hertford, SG13 7WR

Plus Air Control Towers, Royal Railway, Court Castellations, £100 Competition:

Click Here Unique Property Bulletin 21 December 2014


Heads-Up For London Underground

Station Conversion

AAA LUFS 150 Years Ago This Style Of Fantastic Loco Was Running (c) 2013 Alan Murray-Rust

Brompton Road London Underground Station (c) 2013 Alan Murray-Rust

Along with Bob The Builder, £100 Prize, Goths, Mansion Syndicate & Much More:

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 7 December 2014


Home On The Sea?

AAA HMS Endurance Kelly Whybrow Unique Property Bulletin

HMS Endurance off the Antarctic Peninsula (c) 2007 Kelly Whybrow

Living life large and afloat. Plus:-

Bargain Engine House, Waterside Mill, Gothic Folly, London Jam & Much More

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 31August 2014


Is “Uniquest” A Word?

AAA 1 Thames A

No 1 Thames (c) 2014 Michael Gakuran and WT Architecture

Plus Canalsides, Chimneys, Exotic Fruit, Freelancing & Much More:

Click Here Unique Property Bulletin 17 August 2014


Online Edition Number 100

Unique Property Bulletin Original Format

Old Paper Version Of Unique Property Bulletin – Now Totally Online

E-anniversary, Arts & Crafts, Octos, 3 Railways, Lakes, Beaks & Much More…

Click Here For Unique Property Bulletin 3 November 2013


Nuclear At Nominal

Former RAF Saxa Vord, Shetland (c) 2012 Mike Pennington.

Sold £19,000 (what an absolute bargain) !

Unique Property Bulletin – 10 June 2012


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