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Television Bus Adventure

—————  Below Here From February 2022 —————

This page has quite an old article when Brian Souter lent Russ McLean one of his busses for the day to refresh his driving abilities and whether the disablement of spinal ops would make it possible or not to drive one of this beautiful charabancs. The reason was to establish whether the proposed television series where Unique Property Bulletin rocks up to various places and folk living at unusual houses can come and have a cup of tea aboard our bus and a chat about their plans. Since the original article, the Youtube phenomenon has made this much more viable. So we will be revisiting the idea of a Unique Property Bulletin TV series once the 2022 relaunch of this website is complete.

The Proposed Unique Property Roadshow TV Series

Visiting Unique Property Home Owners In An Eccentric Vehicle

Test Drive.

This is the actual bus that was lent to Unique Property Bulletin by Stagecoach. The signage was photoshopped for the commissioning editor at that time. Seven years after the original idea, we have been asked asked to dust off the project report as part of our joint venture into the working title series: “24 Months To Save The High Street”. More news on both of these pilot episodes to come.

—————  Below Here From May 2021 —————

Thanks to a very kind gentleman who runs a bus company out of nearby Perth, we got to play with this beauty for a day (seven years ago in 2014). We let him have a go with one of our ferries and he let us have a go with one of his buses. It was a surreal experience. When you pull up to the side of the road to be tested on your parking skills, you need to watch the door! During the first mile or so, there was a rattle upstairs that the instructor and I had gone to sort out: a window had come partially unlocked. Whilst stationary, we went round the back of the bus to check the offside emergency door.

When we got back to the main door, which had been left open, four people and a lady with a pram were sitting in the passenger seats! Someone had forgotten to change the front-of-bus-route ID. It still read “73 to Ninewells Hospital” instead of “Driver Training” or “Out of Service”. Life imitates art. Some days I feel like 73 year of age and may be eligible for a season ticket for Ninewells Hospital soon enough. Am actually a spritely 59 years and 23 months old.

Russ McLean: Editor of Unique Property Bulletin

A face it for radio.

Martin Compston, if you are reading this, we need a television programme presenter. Good pay and you’d end up with one of these houses because it’s what we do here at Unique Property Bulletin…

BBC TV Series: The Nest ~ Main Filming Location

BBC TV Series: The Nest ~ Main Filming Location (Here)

The house (last sale click here) is widely acknowledged to be one of the stars of this BBC drama series.

DVD Available: Click Here


This Unique Property Can Be Booked For Family Holidays…

Click Here

Given the new television evolving from (external) television companies contacting this website such as the “Unique Property Visits…” (bus concept)concept and especially the new, post-covid recovery era working title: “24 Months To Save The High Street”, we have been updating this article for another programme pilot/proof-of-concept idea.

Where did those seven years between then and now go!

More news on the website when it happens. Please pop back regularly so that you don’t mis anything.

—————  Below Here From August 2016 —————

This page is dedicated to the possible Unique Property Bulletin Bus adventure. It is updated from time-to-time as the idea of travelling around the UK in an unusual mode of transport, visiting the unique homes of our readers is as reasonable a concept as some of the ones TV company researchers contact us regularly to help with.

A big thank you to all the readers who have emailed about this forthcoming project. We are keen to see it come to fruition. One day. We had set aside funds for a dedicated Youtube Channel and full television edit suite kit to be installed into the new Unique Property Bulletin HQ building…

^^^ New Unique Property Bulletin HQ

Abbey Studios, 280 High street, Arbroath, DD11 1JF

This new edit studio to be installed at UPS HQ to facilitate the filming of..”24 Months To Save The High Street”…

New Unique Property Bulletin & Scotslion Joint Venture

To support the external television production company

The new building + edit facilities + various empty shops our sister company is buying (and lighthouses plus water towers + railway stations we are buying) should all be capable of distillation into two decent broadcast quality series. We even have the full production company personnel on standby. You’d be surprised how many television professionals read this eccentric website. There is an amazing amount of talent and skillsets who come and visit us.

Between the unique bus tv series pilot and the shop re-opening initiative (here) the strange thing about 2021 and post-covid life is there does seem to be some hope emerging.

The latest news will appear on the front page of our Unique Property Bulletin website, so please check in from time to time.

Earlier Updates…

————–  Below Here From July 2016 —————

This Bulletin Bus project is still on the go. Even though things have been fairly quiet for the past few months, we have plans afoot. The original intention of Bulletin volunteers driving has taken a knock after one of our founding lot took a tumble and burst another disc in his back. The surgeon is reluctant to go in again as the earlier operation has scar tissue. So we are looking at “acquiring” a bus driver to help. It seems obvious now, though for several weeks we weren’t sure whether we would have to shelve the Bulletin Bus idea because two of our four writers are not currently fit to drive the thing.

We really do need to overcome the logistic of driving a double decker as there have been exciting developments with a commercial television production company looking to film a pilot episode of Unique Property Bulletin Bus adventures. So this space may well be worth watching 🙂 . More news when we have update. Remember you can ensure all the latest is emailed to you by registering on our electronic alert list: Click here

—————  Below Here From 1st September 2015 —————

Frustratingly due to recent disabling health issues, the Bulletin Bus Adventure is currently on the back-burner. However the determination is still there. Just need to sort out a change in logistics. Even though it is possible to adapt a bus of this sort and fulfil the DVLA requirements, as a former professional police driver, the founder of the Bulletin is not entirely comfortable at taking such a large vehicle on the open roads. So we now need a driver interested in a unique adventure to join the crew!

—————  Below Here From 7th June 2014 —————

The most recent update is substantial. It moves the Bulletin Bus project forward leaps and bounds

Rather than over-burdening the summary part of this mini-blog section with 2,300+ words and detail, we cover the events of May 2014 in an additional section:-

Bulletin Bus Extra – Click Here

Bulletin Bus Driving Assessment MAIN

Bus Driving Assessment Bus (c) 2014 Unique Property Bulletin

It is strange to think that a year forwards from floating this idea in June 2013 – casually in our online property Bulletin, it is becoming a tantalisingly real prospect.

Click Here For Driving Assessment & More

As for the actual bus that was used in the driving assessment – pictured above. We love it. Also the vehicle was in extremely good trim for an 18 year old machine of a 1997 vintage. We have our eyes on this beauty. If Sir Brian at  Stagecoach Group decides it is one of the 9,000 to eventually go onto the sale list, this may very well be the one for us.

————–  Below Here From 7th April 2014 ————— 

Knight In Shining Livery

Stagecoach Assessment Help Photo David Dixon

Sir Brian Souter Arranging To Assess Disability Capability (c) 2014 David Dixon

The Unique Property Bulletin Bus adventure is making real progress. Our aim is to purchase this style of vehicle – though the livery will be in Unique Property Bulletin colours. Fortunately a knight in shining armour has come to the rescue in helping establish whether one of our Bulletin writers is able enough to physically and safely drive one of these vehicle types. Many thanks to Stagecoach for helping with this assessment.

Update: When we originally contacted Stagecoach Bus Company for a refresher assessment to drive one of these big buses, Sir Brian was really kind. He had his training team get in touch. The Stagecoach Training Dept., have now arranged for a meeting planned at the Arbroath Depot in the next couple of weeks.

The idea is to establish whether a disability [after spinal surgery following an accident in a previous career] that a Unique Property Bulletin contributor/driver has, ensures his driving capability is safe and competent to control a double deck vehicle without disability modifications.

There is a growing list of unique property owners around the UK to visit with. Plus increasing excitement here as this Unique Property Bulletin Bus adventure seems more and more likely to happen. 

A further catalyst has come in the form of a film documentary maker who emailed us. Not the first, so clearly an interest exists in media circles. The theme? A double decker Unique Property Bulletin Bus visiting unusual property and owners around the UK.

So if you would like to be added onto the itinerary and come for tea on a Bulletin Bus, please feel free to email:-

 Unique Property Bulletin Contact Page – Please Click Here

In the meantime we are off to see what suitable buses are available to purchase. A local company has been really kind in offering to sponsor 50% of the price of a bus buy, which gives this project a very welcome boost.

Please keep an eye on this page for further updates and news.

————–  Below Here From 7th October 2013 —————

Update: To establish the viability of one of the Unique Property Bulletin lot driving a double deck bus we need to make sure that safety and capability are professionally assessed. A while back we wrote to one of the country’s premier bus supremos and asked if he might help in this regard. A bit of a long shot. But a very pleasant surprise. The officer and gentleman responded!

Stagecoach Bus Company have very kindly offered to do the honours in this respect. It has caused a little shock here. Especially as one family member is now getting very nervous at the thought of having our double decker Bulletin Bus parked on his drive. He has the only size drive that one of these big red beauties can fit on. David says “you’re not getting a bus”. Aye right, that’s what you think 🙂 . Well David, the old man helped in you acquiring your licence and ultimate beloved job driving that Big Red Fire Engine, so payback time !!! The Big Red Bus is on it’s way in your direction. In all seriousness, if/when a bus of this size is purchased, it will have it’s own appropriately authourised off road yard to be parked in. 

————–  Below Here From 7th July 2013 —————- 

Bus London Bus Preservation Trust Colin Smith

Examples of Adventure – London Bus Preservation Trust (c) 2013 Mr Colin Smith

A bit of a health problem means that the Bulletin Bus adventure is likely to be postponed for a few weeks. A pesky back operation may need to be revisited in hospital. The Unique Property Bulletin online will go on, with fellow eccentrics making sure each edition meets the Sunday night 9pm weekly deadline.

However, certain adjustments in living arrangements are having to be made. One of the results is that a building owned by the family since 2007 and from where the Unique Property Bulletin owes its continued existence, and indeed vastly increased readership numbers is now being placed for sale, with something more disability friendly to be acquired in it’s stead.

So our apologies for any inconvenience. Hopefully no discernible difference (or even a positive improvement) will be evident in the week-to-week Unique Property Bulletin online.

The only change, over time, will be the move away from our old Unique Property Bulletin, Alyth, Perthshire premises, as these are now to be sold ….

Once the sale is processed, and health matters sorted out we should get the Unique Property Bulletin Bus adventure back on the road. Any news and updates regarding the Bulletin Bus will be posted here as soon as developments happen.

—————  Below Here From 1st July 2013 —————- 

It is a pleasant surprise to see how many folk are curious enough about the Bulletin Bus endeavour, that they click onto this page. A very brief update. Ongoing health issues have meant the deferring the bus driving assessment for a short while. The plan is still live, and Stagecoach Bus Group have been marvellous. Just a case of a gap of adequate health where a double deck bus driving assessment can be properly undertaken. More news posted here when this happens.

—————  Below Here From 5th June 2013 —————- 

At this current time we are awaiting the essential driving assessment. The main writer of Unique Property Bulletin has had spinal surgery, and whilst life has been fortunate in giving the ability to helm large objects of 2,000 tons on the high seas in the past, current health issues, in all conscience, not to mention DVLA rules, require that a bus driving assessment has to be made. This is to establish whether the physical demands of driving a large vehicle on public roads is safe and within the abilities/disabilities of our Cliff Richard replacement !

Filming Summer Holiday (c) 1963 Associated British Picture Corporation Ltd 00321978

In an effort to assess current disability levels, and the ability (or not) of driving a double decker bus, we received a very nice surprise after asking Sir Brian Souter if his company Stagecoach Group plc, and it’s bus operating subsidiary Stagecoach Bus Company might assist in an off road assessment? A very nice “yes” came back. Thankyou Stagecoach.

So to help establish whether we could look at a UK wide visit of unique properties and unique people in such a marvellous double deck vehicle a driving assessment awaits.

As soon this is arranged, details will be posted on this mini-blog. Fingers crossed all goes well as there are many of our readers we would like to visit with, and share experiences, with more than a few unusual properties being featured on these pages as a result.

Very best regards.

Unique Property Bulletin Team 

—————  Below Here From 2nd June 2013 —————- 

Hit The Road Jack

Number 28 To High Wycombe (c) 2013 Russ McLean & Evans Collection

Regular readers may recall we ran an odd abode in the 5th May Bulletin

It is the last listing on that page. We ended by asking if anyone went ahead and bought a double decker bus – emulating knight driver Sir Cliff Richard and the old film: Summer Holiday brigade to let us know how they get on.

Then after a long think, the idea crystallised – TIME FOR AN ADVENTURE HERE.

Rather than endure the economic misery and austerity – life is too short. So we decided to follow Sir Cliff’s example – we wrote to another knight of the realm – a bus supremo. There appeared a lottery sized chance of a reply. Or so we thought.

In all seriousness, parking such a large vehicle isn’t a worry. There is a place to put the bus sorted out (and your house driveway and reputation with the neighbours safe Beakster). Besides the whole purpose of this small adventure is to hit the road. Meet eccentric people. We sure have a backlog of invitations. For example come up for coffee, from the wonderful Mr Taylor at Tarbat Ness Lighthouse….

Tarbat Ness Lighthouse (c) 2013 Kirsty Jarman

All the way to readers at Lands End and John O’Groats. A Busy Bulletin Bus

Possibly Something Like This Might Fit The Bill

So after hearing from one of the country’s premier bus owners, the eccentric writer of this edition tapping away at the keyboard is now looking forward to a double decker driving assessment courtesy of a very nice knight.

A dedicated page/blog on the Unique Property Bulletin Bus project to let folk know how this endeavour goes will soon be added to the website. Hopefully a very nice, unmistakable Number 28 to High Wycombe may be headed to your place. Though so we won’t be asked to actually go to High Wycombe by fare paying passengers the Unique Property Bulletin Bus will be freshly painted and signwritten appropriately.

We are already looking forward to inviting folk to come aboard the Unique Property Bulletin Bus and have a coffee and a yarn.

That is what this website is all about. Also it is about time we stopped poking readers to go on an adventure, and start making an effort in that direction ourselves.

That leads us onto the secondary purpose of a bus adventure:

The Final Frontier

To go on a 5 week mission; to explore strange new buildings; to seek out new life and eccentrics; to boldly go where no bus has gone before.

Apologies to the late great Gene Roddenberry and all his supporters. Once our bus adventure is completed – in fact during it – we hope to list LOTS more interesting and unique property for you, our wonderful band of unusual readers!

More news soon. Please watch this space.

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