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For Sale Advertising Photo Boxes




If you would like to acquire one of the limited number of photo-advertising-box-slots to help sell your property – just…

TEXT US AT: 0757 2768 795.

Or email us for details via our contact page: click here

£99 For 99 Days

(£50 page origination work costs + £45 towards 99 days)

 Thereafter 45p per day

These photo-box-adverts appear on EVERY one of our website pages.

(excepting some smaller mobile phones and smaller tablet devices – where the adverts are via the full page access elements and coverage is enhanced with our free editorial in the main website editions).

Example of The “Photo-Box-Advert” Location – Outlined in Red 



We also include free editorial as appropriate on whichever one of our main websites is most appropriate(or all three if the building suits)…

Unique Property Bulletin


Lighthouses For Sale & Rent


Grand Designs For Sale

The page reach can be phenomenal, though we cannot guarantee the ability to go “viral”, but when this happens. We have seen 186,399 page reaches on social media plus the proportionately high number of enquiries…


A bit of viral on social media can go a long way. Not least, but this £85,000 SOLD FOR £99,500.


186,399 Facebook “reaches” = 31,000+ pagviews = Over 2,800 emails/telephone calls during a 5 week period & 18 viewings. Plus one sale! (not guaranteed).

Please Note: Facebook charge £12 for a basic “boost” and you can spend £50 or more depending on your preference. This is in ADDITION to our own £99 fee. In the short time we have been “boosting” our adverts on Facebook, it has proven very good value for money. We pay the Facebook account as it is via our own Facebook page and there are a significant number of friends, readers and colleagues who “share” the Facebook” post, which in turn helps it go a little bit viral. We then invoice you for the Facebook fee once we have paid it.

We cannot guarantee viral results. It depends on what kind of property you are selling/renting.

Each photo-box-advert has a “Click-Photo-Link” facility direct to your estate agent’s webpage – or your own webpage if you are selling the building yourself. We are a not-for-profit website so need to levy a gentle fee for this service to help us pay broadband/IT/webhosting costs – the volunteers here contribute articles, research and time for free.

To enquire about placing a photo-box-advert on either UNIQUE PROPERTY BULLETIN or LIGHTHOUSES FOR SALE & RENT, or GRAND DESIGNS FOR SALE…

TEXT US AT: 0757 2768 795.

Our general Unique Property Bulletin readership numbers range between 28,800 and 70,000+ (maximum month since between 1992 and 2019). Whilst Lighthouses For Sale & Rent ranges at 23,757 and 40,000+ (maximum since going online). We also pro-actively email our group of 4,118 readers who have joined the special subscriber alert list for regular update notifications.

The social media features are still in the embryonic stage, but the momentum is gathering and already properties listed this way have succeeded in being sold.

Click Here For Facebook Newsfeed


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Media Features

Just One of Our Website Interviews: BBC Radio 2

Every now and then we provide a radio interview or help with a newspaper/magazine request. These tend to boost the number of folk browsing our various websites. In the past, we have had an extra 10,000 site visits following a media article.

We cannot guarantee your property will feature in external publications, but we do have our share of journalists and media professionals visit the site and get in touch…

TEXT US AT: 0757 2768 795.


Dedicated Webpage Hosting Service

Rattray Head MAIN

If you are selling your property yourself and would like us to host a dedicated website for your property, we are more than happy to assist.

We make NO charge for webhosting, nor upload/download charges. We include those with our own Unique Property Bulletin VPS package.

The only cost is for time taken to put a dedicated webpage together for you.

We need you to supply some nice photographs and also a piece of text to cover the main bases describing your property. It MUST be fair and accurate.

There will be a small fee to cover time at this end which is generally between one and four hours to create the dedicated webpage.

This is capped at £10 per hour.

If it looks like the cost would exceed 5 hours (£50) we will let you know before continuing. All proceeds for this go to our not-for-profit website. Some examples of dedicated webpages that we have, or are hosting can be seen…


Earlier Feature Photo-Ad-Box Links For Reference

A selection of these dedicated pages can give you an idea of the format and how we might be able to help secure a sale for you.

Please remember, our websites are run on a not-for-profit basis by four volunteers. These modest adverts help pay the webhosting and IT fees.

Chapel Photo-Box-Advert – Click Here

Ingleborough Windmill Photo-Box-Advert – Click Here

Chatteris Chapel Photo-Box-Advert – Click Here

Holbeach Chapel Photo-Box-Advert – Click Here

UKWMO Ashwell Bunker Ashwell Photo-Box-Advert – Click Here



For further information, please …..

TEXT US AT: 0757 2768 795.



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