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For Sale UKWMO ROC Station Ticehurst

 UKWMO Nuclear Bunker at

ROC Ticehurst

Now Sold:

Via Unique Property Bulletin

More Wanted Please


UKWMO/ROC Bunker, Ticehurst, East Sussex (c) 2014 Owner’s Collection





Following the amazing levels of interest AND SALES at the former UKWMO Nuclear Bunker at ROC Ticehurst, plus the sale of UKWMO ROC Ashwell, we have a growing list of readers keen to buy one of these subterranean wonders. If you have one of these that you would like to sell, please feel free to get in touch ….

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We shall to our best to help make an introduction to a buyer. There are a LOT of folk here sharing useful information with each other on these sort of unusual buildings. Please consider joining in. Best regards, Unique Property Bulletin.


———- Earlier Description – Ticehurst Nuclear Bunker For Sale ———- 

Ticehurst Nuclear Bunker – For Sale


UKWMO/ROC Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

SORRY NOW SOLD – As of 11th January 2014 we have been advised by the owner of this UKWMO Bunker that it has been successfully sold to the point of Completion

Sold exclusively via the Unique Property Bulletin.

——— Earlier Text & Photos Below For Reference ——–

Nuclear Bunker For Sale – Guide: Bunker: £14,995.

Additional Land: £9,800. BOTH LOTS:  Offers at “Twenty” something.

This UKWMO – United Kingdom Warning & Monitoring Organisation – Underground Nuclear Bunker is for sale as ONE lot – illustrated by the red line title drawing immediately below:-

UKWMO Ticehurst One Lot Sale

UKWMO Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) Licence 100052015

Alternatively, the Seller is happy to consider offers for the UKWMO Underground Bunker part of his land as marked “Plot A” in the next illustrative plan – below. Offers for the second plot will also be considered. Though the preference of the Seller is to sell the relatively large plot as ONE lot. The reason the TWO lot option has been given is in case local farmers or local folk are looking for a plot of ground/amenity land for under £10,000, whilst leaving the Nuclear Bunker aficionados to purchase their very own UKWMO Nuclear Bunker in a smaller lot at a lower price.

UKWMO Ticehurst Two Lot Sale

 UKWMO Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) Licence 100052015

The two plot option gives prospective buyers a choice of whether to buy the larger plot as ONE lot – at a modestly higher price, or if they choose, to offer on one of the two plots to suit their preference.

“Plot A” the UKWMO Bunker, or

“Plot B” useful field/amenity land.

This UKWMO Bunker is exclusively for sale via the Unique Property Bulletin at this time, and if an offer acceptable to the owner of the Bunker is forwarded, then it will be sold.

Alternatively, if this UKWMO Bunker remains for sale and is still on the market by the end of December 2013, the owner has indicated his preference to simultaneously place the Bunker for sale on Ebay, and advertise that Ebay sale exclusively via the Unique Property Bulletin.

UKWMO Wadhurst 2 RSZ Down The Long Ladder To The Underground Accommodation (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

There are just over 1,000 of these iconic underground bunkers left, and it is genuinely a rare thing nowadays for them to come up for sale.


Background to UKWMO/ROC Bunkers. Since the inception of ROC in 1925 as an integral part of the UK air defence system, the primary role of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was the recognition and identification of hostile aircraft. With the start of the cold war and the increasing threat of nuclear attack in the 1950’s, the ROC was given the added responsibility of reporting nuclear bursts and monitoring fall-out which necessitated the construction of 1563 underground monitoring posts throughout Great Britain & Northern Ireland. In 1991 it was decided by the Home Office & MOD that the ROC would cease active training and the remaining underground posts were closed at the end of September that year. Most of the posts closed in 1968 reverted back to the original landowners while those closed in 1992 were put out to public tender.

Montage Of UWWMO Example Photographs

UKWMO Wadhurst 3

View Of Ladder & Shower Vestibule (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

UKWMO Wadhurst 4 RSZ

UKWMO ROC Bunker – Standard Design & Layout (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

This UWWMO Bunker at Wadhurst has the benefit of vehicular road access. Currently the underground nuclear bunker needs a good tidy up and some tender loving care. That is part of the fun of these subterranean buildings. An adventure of making them useful and usable. We understand from other UKWMO owners that they can be stayed in for up to 28 days a year. The very mention of “28 Days” has it’s own impact and connotations, especially if you like to watch a certain genre of films. There is, indeed an irony in the mere mention of 28 days for such an underground bunker.

As for this particular example: The all important access hatch is sound, in good condition and very secure. Importantly, there is also direct road access for the owner. Plus off street parking as can be seen here …

UKWMO Wadhurst 5 RSZ

UKWMO/ROC Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection.

Location: UKWMO/ROC Ticehurst Bunker, Stonegate, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 7DT.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: Best Offer Above  £14,995 – For ROC Bunker & Plot of Land

Plus Spare Piece of Land £9,800. Total: £24,795. 

If you have any difficulty making contact with the owner, please feel free to utilise our spam reducing Unique Property – Contact Page. Thankyou.

After the sale of this Ticehurst UWWMO Bunker concludes, we will be placing a “UWWMO Bunker WANTED” advertisement on the Unique Property Bulletin website, as these seem very popular structures. So if you would like to be notified by email if any of these UKWMO Stations come up for sale in the future, please email us and ask to be placed on the UWKMO Bunker For Sale Notification List:-

UKWMO Bunker For Sale Notification List

 …. and we shall be pleased to let you know if and when future UKWMO Bunkers come up for sale.