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Facebook locked us out of our Unique Property Bulletin page and for the life of us (here) we cannot get back in.

So here is our EDITOR’S page which WILL feature UNIQUE PROPERTY as frequently as he is able.  But PLEASE remember, we are in the middle of renovating the new offices for this website and preparing to employ staff for Unique Property Bulletin (first time the volunteers here will have paid support in 34 years). So between August 2021 to whenever Covid settles down, there may be disruptions.

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Feel free to send a “friend” request to Russ McLean so you can access the more selective unique property we feature. He has enough friends ~ it’s just whilst Facebook do what they do best (screw things up: click here), the “friends” button is the nearest thing we have to keeping in touch with you until the mess on our main page is sorted out. Apologies for this. Social media is great: when it works!


For Unique Property On:-


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…we will do the rest and ensure you are kept up to date with new editions.

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