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Unique Property Bulletin 13 April 2014

Fully Working Water Mill & Home

Ash Mill 1 UPB

Ash Mill, South Molton, Devon, EX36 4QD

Charming period home with a fully operational water mill and turning mill stones. This fully restored Grade II Listed Mill also includes a private museum of artefacts and a charming 4/5 bed Millers Cottage plus Mill Ponds. Plenty of character and history located at the bottom of a private lane in a small hamlet. All set within an acre of delightful gardens fronting the river. Also includes a selection of useful outbuildings and a detached barn. 

Ash Mill 2 UPB

Ash Mill – Character Filled Home (c) 2014 Mark Devitt Agencies

Ash Mill 3 UPB

Ash Mill – Plenty of History (c) 2014 Mark Devitt Agencies

Price Guide £695,000.

Online Details:

Tel – Mark Devitt Agencies: 01237 420899. 


Church Conversion Apartment

Church Windmill Place UPB Plot 2 Windmill Place, Vivian Street, Bristol, BS3 4LW

Plot 2 forms part of a beautiful conversion of a former church into four, 3 bedroomed houses. Each will offer unique features and a slightly different layout.

GUIDE PRICE £285,000 – £295,000.

Further Enquiries:


New Format Unique Property Bulletin

A Photograph of Each Property;

An Address;

A Price;

A Weblink;

A Telephone Number.

Gone will be the long agency description included within each Bulletin. This is redundant, as the weblinks will have it. We did include descriptions in case weblinks and destination webpages became broken or were taken offline by the forward linked estate agency website. However, the wonderful:

Way Back When Machine

…an internet archive facility cures that worry of lost information.

This will free up the limited volunteer research time to locate more unusual properties, and especially add a new feature every week …

Unique Property Bulletin Editorial

With news, views and key ways to help readers find that very special unique home.


Ex BT Bargain

BT TRS Walton Bank

Chebsey TRS, Walton Bank, Eccleshall, Stafford, ST21 6JT

Lot 9 due for auction 24 April 2014. Remember FTSAA. This is a former Telephone Repeater Station. Previously owned by BT. Offered with vacant possession on a site of approximately 163 sq m (195 sq yds).

Guide: £5,000.

Online Details:

Tel – Pugh Auctioneers: 0844 2 722444.


Stables & Ménage

Stables Ashworth Lane

Stables and Menage, Ashworth Lane, Bolton, BL1 8RY

An interesting lot – number 28 to be precise. Due for auction 24 April 2014. Remember FTSAA. From the same stables as the preceding listing above. For now, we have a wooded stable blocks and ménageThe property is situated in a scenic unique location in a wooded valley, adjacent to Eagley Brook. Sharples lies approximately 1.75 miles north of Bolton Centre, with access to Ashworth Lane from Blackburn Road (A666).

Guide: £20,000 to £30,000.

Online Details:

Tel – Pugh Auctioneers: 0844 2 722444.


Special Article – 12 Churches List

Church St Georges Carlisle Bill Henderson UPB

St. Georges United Reformed Church & House (c) 2014 Bill Henderson

A Unique Property & A Home – Guide: £150,000.

Just one of 12 churches for sale.

This week we have a Special Article Feature listing 12 churches for sale. This is an added extra for those readers who like this genre of unusual building. There is a modest £1.56 donation to access this extra list of 12 churches for sale. The modest donation significantly helps towards our fundraising, and pays for this website’s hosting and IT fees. These donations also keeps the main Sunday night, 9pm Unique Property Bulletin FREE to access for everyone. To access this spiritual abode list, please click the following Donate Button – with our thanks and appreciation ….



It is important to note, the Donate/Paypal system doesn’t let you back into the 12 Churches Special Article webpage for a second look – or as many visits as you wish for the currency of the article [two months]. The good news is you can revisit this webpage by clicking here [please remember the password your Donate/Paypal reply gave]:

Special Article Feature: Return Visit Page – Click Here

Please remember the PASSWORD that your Donation Reply gives you.


Farr Play – Artist In Residence

Farr II

The Artist’s Cottage Farr Inverness-Shire IV2 6XB

The Artist’s Cottage represents a rare and unique opportunity to acquire a stunning home set in a charming woodland location on the outskirts of the village of Farr. The property which was built in 1992 has been completed to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design (copyright owned by the Hunterian Art Gallery Glasgow) both externally and internally. Located in an unspoilt setting. Garage, car port and BBQ Bothy. Ground source heat pump and solar panels. Beautiful hill and moorland views. Easy access to Inverness and the A9.

Offers Over £595,000

Online Details:

Tel – CKD Galbraith: 01463 224343


Bank: Plans To Deposit

Bank Cheshire

Old NatWest Bank, 2 Hightown, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9AW

Guide: £95,000.00

Tel: 0161 235 7631. David Legat – DTZ Agencies.


Unique Property Competition

For this month, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a lucky

Nostalgic Prize

Crisp Nostalgic & Lucky £1 Note – Unique Property Bulletin Prize

This is a very modest prize – for fun. Here is the

Competition Hint

On every Bulletin page you can see the first name starting D****** . This month’s competition is what is the surname of the 20th century American president with this first name?

Free to enter. Just let us know your guess of who you think the above Competition Hint refers to? Please email your entry to us by 30th April 2014. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Big Mill – You Like?

Mill Walkleys Alexander Kapp RSZ

Walkleys Canal Side Mill, Burnley Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8NH

Planning Permission For Conversion To 32 Apartment Dwelling.

Chimney Tree Garden Optional !

Guide £1,000,000.

Mill Details: Click Here – Or Call Agent For A Brochure

Tel: 01422 430029. Walker Singleton – Mr Robin Hanson.


Architecturally Unique …

Living In A Glass House

Andre Jaques Glass House RSZ

This Week ‘s Candidate Firm …

Andrés Jaque Architects
MADRID office
Calle Pedro Heredia, 8 · 2ºIzda. · 28028 Madrid

Tel +34 91 0143602


Try Before You Buy …..

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our aim is to provide a sample, an actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering this week is:

Mind Your Head At

Millstream Round House

Millstream Roundhouse RSZ

Millstream, St Nectan’s Glen near Tintagel, Cornwall, PL34 0BB

A week here from £352 as at April/May 2014 via Sykes Cottages.

Tel: Sykes Holiday Cottages: 01244 356666.


Unique Property Bulletin …

Editorial – Unique Edge

Well, here we are. A new feature [though technically this online editorial part started in last week’s fundraiser edition]. Prior to this new editorial part restarting now, we have to go back to the 1980s and 1990s to the old paper format of the Unique Property Bulletin to catch even a small piece of editorial. In effect our overhauled online version if the Bulletin is going back to the future on this.


UPB Paper Format Ser3 Ed9

Unique Property Bulletin: Paper Version (c) 2014 Unique Property Bulletin

Looking through the back catalogue of old paper Bulletins it is clear that there was much more editorial content directed to helping unique people find unique property, than our past 112 online editions. Even though our page header tagline is Unique Property For Unique People! So here we start. The old online fulsome text descriptions for each property have been completely thinned down, to fit in with the received wisdom of internet reading: fast scan, then hovering over paragraphs of interest, then take action. The old paper version had more editorial within the pages and elements of help in finding, funding and having fun with unique property [where have we heard that before]. This overhaul is long overdue for the online Bulletin.


UPB RSZ Paper Copy S3 Issue 9 Scotland Edition Page 2

Bulletin: Editorial & Real Life Adventures (c) 2014 Unique Property Bulletin

Moving from examples of our paper format Bulletin, and old online version – the new look online Bulletin contains around 8 unique properties each week. All now have a weblink that already features the full property description on the destination website. So why repeat everything by adding it to our site? The worry of losing useful information by including on the Bulletin website if any forward links go offline is remedied by the …

Way Back When Machine

Now we can have a simple listing format: Photo; Address; Price; Weblink; Telephone Number.

This means we save a significant amount of the finite volunteer time to dedicate in other areas. Hence this added editorial section. Each week we will have a narrative featuring something in the news, or a unique interest matter flagged up, or a way to help your ability to find that unique home. Other than acquiring a copy of the Unique Property Manual – which, by the way, just helped a reader secure a £300,000 breathtakingly unique home. All for £6.85 plus P&P!

Unique Property Manual Resized

Unique Property Manual (c) 2014 Unique Property Bulletin

The essence of Editorial – Unique Edge is to be interesting and useful. As is our mantra: to help readers find, fund and have fun with unique property.

Unique Editorial Contains Unique Adventures

As the editorial in our old fashioned paper version of the Bulletin illustrates, within this section could be found adventures. The one from Series 3 Issue 9 was real. Here is a sample of what that adventure actually looked like …

Ailsa Craig Lighthouses RSZ Stephen Clark

Landing At The New Light Houses – Bliss (c) 2014 Stephen Clark


For a perspective of the land and building acquisition layout…

Ailsa Craig James Towill

Perspective View of Compound Layout (c) 2014 James Towill

Not just several lighthouse keepers’ dwellings, but unbeknown to many, the island has it’s own railway. Now who wouldn’t like one of these? Okay the rolling stock needs a little spit and polish ….

Ailsa Craig Railway Phill Caterall RSZ

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Railway: Rough Rolling Stock (c) 2014 Phill Caterall

This small railway also had it’s own unique building to operate the system – a Winch House. Note the nice sea view…

Ailsa Craig Winch House James T M Towill

Ailsa Craig Island: Railway Winch House (c) 2014 James Towill

This is just one relevant example of progressing the interest of our readers with a new editorial section, and how this might be of assistance to you being able to live in your choice of unusual property.

How so? This Unique Property Bulletin isn’t Shakespeare, but it must have some small merit given the numbers visiting have registered at our webhost provider with over 25,000,000 individual photograph equivalent downloads since we transferred the Unique Property Bulletin online in November 2011.

Water Softening Plant Unique MAIN

One of The Best Unique Property Photos Water Plant (c) 2014 Savills

So where are we going with this piece of editorial? For starters, a brobdingnagian sized thank you to all of the readers who contributed £2 to our fundraiser last week – there is still time to help if you haven’t already managed to get around to it. By helping this not-for-profit website and the eccentric volunteers, please consider a £2 donation. The webhosting service bill needs paying – we need you 🙂


Asides from the primary reason for the fundraiser, the result was interesting on an unexpected level.

First, it is incredibly important for the volunteers at this end of the Unique Property Bulletin to express a heartfelt, and humbling gratitude to the volume of donations which we had not anticipated. Our webhosting fees are certainly looking a lot healthier for all the kind donations in so far.

But what hit home is how the internet may transform the lives of our readers.

Unique Livelihood

Twenty five years ago I can recall a big problem after people found a unique home, but were unble to earn a living due to remoteness. So their plans were sadly thwarted. Now with broadband and the internet, this can cure that problem. The example of Unique Property Bulletin isn’t a perfect one. We are running a not-for-profit website with volunteers. But the analytics show something meaningful. The download statistics are a fact we can rely on. It forms part of the invoice we fundraised last week for, and you just helped dent with some style! Asides from last week’s Bulletin fundraiser, please take a moment to reflect on your own potential livelihood online. If we can manage 25,000,000 downloads for a small obscure website, perhaps your idea – a business idea as opposed to non-profit model, can stand a chance at becoming your livelihood? Thereby helping you and your family being able to live in a remote, unique home. Though you might not even want to have anything to do with computers. There are television programmes devoted to moving folk from this ….

Traffic Jam Albert Bridge UPB 17

 Traffic Jam Fun (c) 2014 Mr Albert Bridge Esq.

To this ….


Slightly Less Traffic: Mostly Four Legged (c) 2014 Oliver Dixon

To this ….

Traffic Jamless Lynne Kirton

Traffic Jamless: Calm and Carefree Quality of Life (c) 2014 Lynn Kirton

After such a move, anything motorised, electronic, or to do with the high stress of city living may just be a turn off. For all that, it could also be a technical turn on. If it gives you the key to a livelihood as well as that truly unusual home you have been searching for.

If you like the thought of living a unique lifestyle – and it happens to be remote – unless you have a super annuity, mega-pension or lottery win, then a earning a living can be an issue.

Whatever your view of computers, and we have complete technophobes here, we cannot argue with the ability of the Web to help people. So how do you know if you have a viable livelihood online?

The best advice is learn how to operate a suitable internet system – if we can do it, you will be able to.

Then take your idea for a test drive. At the most basic level, to register a brand new domain name costs as little as £6 [some special packages even go for one penny]. Though please be very cautious. Rule 1: Never ever register your domain name with the same company that hosts your website. If a problem with either your domain registrar or your hosting company arises, by splitting the risk between two providers – the Domain Registrar and separately the Domain Webhost Service – you can recover your position if either goes pear shaped. Avoid putting all your eggs in the one basket is important advice.

This leads us onto the webhost element that you will need. Please study the webhost fees for future increases in visitor numbers. Especially for example whether your regular 30,000 readership service host can cope with a surge of an additional 10,000 to 20,000 visitors following a [very welcome] spike if your website ends up receiving media coverage on the BBC or a national newspaper.

Without turning article into a full thesis or treatise, the current Unique Edge Editorial is about as much as we can include in this part for now. But we will return to this important subject – and many others in a bid to assist our readers.

If your web business idea is a good, one with a decent level of confidence that you can make it with an internet business, then the internet and web-living may be the cure that evaded us and Bulletin readers during editorial featured 20 years ago in the old paper version of the Bulletin. Escaping to the Country, especially a unique home in the rural beauty of Britain had problems way back then in the lack of jobs and ways to make a living. Now with online business and the internet, there is a remedy.

Hopefully, this new Unique Edge Editorial will make a meaningful and positive difference for our readers. This means a lot to us. Please remember you can always email us us with ways to improve this online facility

All the very best,


Russ McLean


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