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Unique Property Bulletin 20 July 2014

Manx Railway Station Home

Picture Postcard Living By The Old Line

AAA Port Soderick 1

Port Soderick Railway Station, Santon Road, Braddan, IM2 4FK.

AAA Port Soderick 2

Just Imagine This Picturesque Wee Train As Your Sublime Railway View

AAA Port Soderick Interior Features

The Interior Has Been Sensitively Converted Respecting The Railway History

The Station Even has It’s Own Wikipedia Page For Interesting Information:

AAA Port Soderick Headline

Port Soderick Railway Station, Santon Road, Braddan, Isle of Man

We know from our statistics click-through page, and the daily emails to Unique Property Bulletin that there are a significant number of folk looking to buy a railway station style home.

Well this one just blew us away. Or should that be tooted us to temptation! It is picture postcard beautiful, and has been converted and restored keeping many original features. Whilst paying homage to the primary function, the exterior has a charming little steam train gracing the tracks. Sublime.

Guide: £699,000

Or Email: Click Here For Further Information/Viewings


A Picture Tells A 1,000 Words

 AAA National Picture Theatre

Former National Picture Theatre, 146 Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1SW

A thousand words aren’t needed as this picture ironically tells it all for the former picture house in Hull.

This is a sad sight. But as one of our two favourite television architects – George Clarke is fond of asking: Are there any property renovation warriors out there? This former place of great entertainment needs a large does of TLC given back to ensure a dramatic award winning return.

Please Note: The property is a Grade II listed historic ruin building and lies within a conservation area. A repair notice was served on 13 December 2013 with a 2 month compliance period. Hull City Council are considering a compulsory purchase order.

Failed To Sell At Auction – Guide: Reserve £66,000

Call Eddisons Auctioneers For More Information: 0845 505 1200.


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Unique Home & Unique Lifestyle

AAA Unique Lifestyle and Home  Urban Loft Living – Rural Somerset: The Best of Both Worlds (c) 2014 Owner’s Collection

Warehouse Big House

What a wonderful place to live and work. A huge warehouse with splendid areas to be inspired. Also it now has permission to use part as a home. Literally and artist in residence. Certainly plenty of space to hold gallery open days. By the looks of this photograph these can be very enjoyable and interesting days.

Also, for some reason we are in Frome again, and at least one enquirer for this big Warehouse home in Frome has asked us if the iconic presenter and National Treasure…

Kevin McCloud: Unique Property Bulletin Feature

…lives nearby. We understand this is, in fact the case. So you might have a Grand Designs visitor for your own style of Grand Design.

Further Details of the…

Unique Frome Home & Warehouse Studios: Click Here

Guide: £995,000

Also Contact: Via Clicking Here For Plan Drawings Etc.


Big Old Mill

AAA Big Old Mill RSZ Black Carr Mill, Skipton Road, Trawden, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8QU

An old mill, but not so much the picture postcard watermill as the other variety. Still there is a huge area to utilise with much scope and potential.

Guide: £225,000

Tel – Pugh Auctioneers: 0844 2 722444


Churches For Sale List

Church St Columba Stanley Howe MAIN

St. Columba Church (c) 2014 Stanley Howe

Guide: £85,000

Just one of several churches for sale.

This week we have a Special Article Feature listing several churches for sale. This is an added extra for those readers who like this genre of unusual building. There is a modest £1.56 donation to access this extra list of several churches for sale. The modest donation significantly helps towards our fundraising, and pays for this website’s hosting and IT fees. These donations also keeps the main Sunday night, 9pm Unique Property Bulletin FREE to access for everyone. To access this spiritual abode list, please click the following Donate Button – with our thanks and appreciation ….

It is important to note, the Donate/Paypal system doesn’t let you back into the Several Churches Special Article webpage for a second look – or as many visits as you wish for the currency of the article [three months]. The good news is you can revisit this webpage by clicking here:

Special Article Feature: Return Visit Page – Click Here

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Old Barn With Plans

AAA Old Barn Old Hall Farm, East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2AH Old Hall Farm, East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2AH

This old barn has had plans for conversion since 2007. They have been renewed and may need further official refreshing. Though having been granted in the first place and renewed on re-application this looks a reasonable proposition

Guide: £350,000

Contact – Wilbys Tel: 01226 299221



Thanks to a very good friend of Unique Property Bulletin, is now LIVE on Facebook…

A BIG thank you to Louise for all of her help and efforts


CalMac Church View

AAA Christs Church David Dixon RSZ MAIN

Christ’s Church (c) David Dixon

Christ’s Church, Corran Esplanade, Oban, Argyll PA34 5AA

Ferry views galore with five CalMac ferry routes and lots of sea to look over: Click Here. 

 AAA Corran Esplanade Ferry View Rob Newman MAIN

A Lovely Sea View With Plenty To See (c) Rob Newman

This former church is for now for sale. Dating from the 1950s and sits on landscaped grounds incorporating an access roadway leading to a turning circle. The front of the church faces south-west with spectacular views of the sea and passing ferries to the Hebrides.

Guide: Offers Over £125,000

Contact – The Church of Scotland – Tel: 0131 225 5722



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This should yield your password and reveal the address, weblink and contact telephone number for each property on this page. Please note these properties CHANGE as this is a dynamic webpage is regularly updated remember to use your “F5” Button to refresh what appears on your screen and flush your old cache! We don’t want you missing any of the good stuff.

Click Here – Evergreen FULL TEXT Page

Also we endeavour to keep this selection very much up to date; if you notice a sold set of details, please can you let us know so that we can replace the old stale listing with an evergreen fresh one. Many thanks.


Unique Property Competition

For this month, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a unique model...

AAA Miniature Windmill Prize Unique Property Bulletin July 2014Miniature Windmill Prize (c) 2010 Enesco Ltd

Model Based On The Real Thing ….

AAA Competition Neil Hanson

What is The Name Of This Windmill (c) 2014 Neil Hanson

The miniature model [NOT the REAL Windmill] is a very modest prize – for fun. Here is the

Competition Hint

We know what the name of the miniature is, but what is the name of the actual windmill upon which the model is based?

Free to enter. Just let us know your guess of who you think the above Competition Hint refers to? Please email your entry to us by 31st July 2014. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Architecturally Unique

Unique Architecture

AAA Unique Architecture Competition

A Competition

Each week we feature a unique piece of architecture to live in and direct readers to the designer. During our rummage of the various candidates for this week we came across the structure pictured above. The trouble is we couldn’t find out the name and contact address of who designed it. The person who brought such an interesting place to live to life. In fact if we ever persuade Britta and Kent Lindvall to open a British version of their Swedish holiday destination Click Here for amazing details we gave to Amazing Spaces – the above structure will make it into the U.K.,  holiday forest list we are compiling.

So without the name and place to contact the architect to hand, we are going off script a little this week. A quick competition. The first person picked out of the hat that emails in the name and serviceable address of the architect who designed this wins either a:

Competition Prize - Unique Property Bulletin Or runners-up also get a prize. More modest but the first 25 correct entries after the fifty squid note has been won will recieve a copy of the:

Unique Property Manual Resized

Competition: Identify The Unique Design’s Unique Architect

Unique Architect Identity Competition: Entires Click Here


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering this week is:

The House of Correction

AAA House of Correction Unique Property Bulletin Listing

 House of Correction, Billingborough Road Folkingham, Lincolnshire NG34 0SG

Sounds like something “exotic” from Soho in London. Alongside Helga’s House of Pain! Not quite. Much more respectable, even though it will have had a colourful history in its original guise as a correctional facility. The windows of this former prison entrance look out over the earthworks and former moat of a lost medieval castle. Should make quite a holiday adventure and provide some imaginative experiences should you be looking to buy an old jail, prison, or police station for renovation and conversion. 

Sleeps 4 = 4 nights from £289.00 

Equivalent to £18.06 per person per night

Tel – The Landmark Trust: 01628 825925


Unique Property Bulletin Editorial


Alternate Name Suggestions Please

AAA GLA1 Blue Forest

An Earlier Bulletin Glamping Style Structure (c) Blue Forest

This week we are featuring the growing glamping movement. Sounds a bit like a medical condition, but please be patient. Sorry no pun meant. Glamping is a growing thing: a form of glamourous camping.

So what set us off on this week’s odyssey? We had an interesting communication from a third UKWMO Nuclear Bunker owner looking to sell their underground space on our website [more of that in a future Bulletin]. The communication from our bunker owning reader brought up the 28 day on-site residency rules. That UK planning laws appear to indicate you can stay in these styles of structure for up to 28 days in any calendar year. Primarily for weekend holiday use. We are looking at that rule closely and will cover it – with a little more certainty and definitive legislative and planning guarantees in a later Unique Property Bulletin. Many professional glamping camp operators have the Full Monty of planning permissions and can lawfully operate all year round, or 11 out of 12 months depending upon local authority planning conditionality

For this week and as a result of the dialogue with our UKWMO ROC Bunker owner, things evolved into a word that has recently entered the Oxford English Dictionary:-

Glamping – Noun: A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping: glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature; without foregoing any of life’s luxuries. Source. Here’s the thing. We really don’t like this word. Yes it might is accurate, but surely there is another word that doesn’t grate so much against the language of these isles? PLEASE let us know if you can think of an alternate to the awful “Glamping” word: Contact Us.

Our suggestion is Adventure-camping or “Amping”. Notwithstanding the issue about a noun, we are featuring some tidy places where you might like to venture for a short break and get away from it all.

Either to rent or to buy. Or even to buy a piece of land and build your own small sanctuary – a place away from home.

AAA UKWMO ASHWELL Unique Property Bulletin Plan Drawings

UKWMO Ashwell: Currently For Sale Via Unique Property Bulletin

The dialogue with our UKWMO seller reminisced on how he had spent many a family weekend camping in tents above his own nuclear bunker. On thinking about this, it looks like a brilliant family adventure for a weekend. Above ground with the traditional tent and also underground with a hint of something extra special to explore. Especially the strange vertical tunnel down to the depths ….

UKWMO ROC Ashwell 3RSZ Unique Property Bulletin

… of the inner earth! The kids can have a wonderful time in a recycled, repurposed former underground bunker. Atomic Glamping. Now that must be a first…


Bob Marshall – Click Here For UKWMO


This meets another of the 28 day [possible] rules. We have been looking at buying an old Lighthouse Garage Compound:-

 AAA Old Lighthouse Garage

Old Lighthouse Workshop: A Possible 28 Day Property (c) DTZ

Especially if there were three separate owners of the three parking spaces and split the building into three parts. A Glamping Motorhome Sanctuary! For three separate owners of this modestly priced site. Sorry digressing from Glamping and Amping! Though if you are a motorhome owner wanting to buy your own site in say England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland for around:-

£9,000 FREEHOLD [No more site fees!]

Please get in touch for an adventure:- Contact Page.

The problem with these unusual buildings and many similar small pieces of land is if you are declined planning permission to convert into a residential dwelling, what useful purpose can you make of such a building? It is sad for perfectly good structures like these to go to waste. For example the lighthouse workshop above looks mundane, but to get some perspective of a beautiful location:-

Lighthouse Workshop Lower Left In Picture Anne Burgess

Lighthouse Garage/Workshop Lower Left In Picture (c) Anne Burgess

This road then leads to a sublime beach…

AAA Rattray Head Lighthouse Colin Smith

Golden Beaches & Lighthouse NearYour Glamping Workshop (c) Colin Smith

A fabulous beach and truly unique lighthouse which is accessible at low tide.

So part of this week’s Bulletin has been to actually write to a planning authority and ask if say three parking plots were each sold to individual buyers then would the 28 day rule apply to each separate title split. The idea? Glamping for motorhome owners. Well there are apparently over 100,000* motorhomes in the UK and a lot more visit Britain from abroad. On a micro scale, it may be just an idea – and we have mentioned this in earlier Bulletins. But there are hundreds of small glamping type structures that stand a very low chance of getting planning permission for residential conversion. Yet to use “as-is” for a garage workshop to have a low impact three plot motorhome base from which to explore surrounding beauty – and know you own the land you are parked up on. For as little as £9,000 – for a lump of useful motorhome parking land,  plus a chunk of building, with mains electricity, telephone landline etc in – is something to consider: Click Here for further details. A mainstream of such small, and apparently useless buildings come in the form of redundant BT Repeater Stations:-


  Standard BT Repeater Station: Can Be Bought For Buttons. Motorhome Glamping Idea?

BT Repeater Stations: Similar To The Lighthouse Workshop – Needing A Useful New Purpose.

These old BT buildings are unique and diminutive. They exist in the hundreds and are much less rare than a lighthouse workshops. At the Bulletin we have a keen interest in establishing a small network built up of old BT Repeater Stations where folk could park up their own motorhome on their own piece of land and the building would supply a decent shower, a washing machine, a BT line for broadband [these places surely have BT lines installed!]. Plus your motorhome would have access to a mains electricity outlet. The building would or should not need a change of use as it is not being slept in. In fact it is being used substantially as a BT Exchange as you are hooking your laptop/computer up to a BT line there! All of this is just maximising the current legislation of 28 days use each years. Take your own Glamp-mobile in the form of a motorhome to a nicely located former BT station a few times each year. We will return to possible BT Repeater Station projects in a later edition. Though if you would like to buy a parking bay and have use of your own private part of a neat little building for less than the cost of a half decent motorhome, please Contact Us.

Sorry again. Digressing a bit this week. Back to the glamping scene. Here we can present a diverse selection for your delectation

Glamping Up A Tree.

AAA Sky Den Calvert Trust

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (c) The Calvert Trust

and also …


Loch Ness Glamping

AAA GLA 4 Loch Ness

Quasi Boat Design Glamp House

AAA GLA Loch Ness 2

True Glamping Comfort Inside These Boat Like Structures


Island Glamping


Lovely inside. The outside view here is sublime. Though if you were to buy one you might like to Hobbit-ify it a little to fit in with the surroundings a little more sympathetically


Glamping Like A Hobbit


Something like this would do. Semi- subterranean is frequently a top ten popular place to stay over. A proper Amping destination.


Quarry Pods

AAA GLA Quarry Pod Main


Unique Glamping

This week has been a combination. True glamping examples, and a little discourse of the motorhome glamping idea – to have your own piece of land where you can call it a sanctuary and spend time in a beautiful environment exploring local sand beaches or mountains, or even unique buildings.

The mention of which leaves us with a request: if you come across any glamping buildings yourself, please can you let us know via this link so we can then share them with other readers. Many thanks.


* How many motorhomes are there in the UK?





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