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Unique Property Bulletin 4 May 2014

Poldark Possessed

Poldark 3 RSZ

Historic Poldark Tin Mine, Wendron, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0ER

“Britain is in the grip of a chilling recession… falling wages, rising prices, civil unrest – only the bankers are smiling. It’s 1783 and Ross Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to his beloved Cornwall to find his world in ruins”.

Different century, same story!

This remake of a classic story is heading our way from the BBC in the new carnation of Poldark

Meanwhile recession is hitting very close to the Poldarkian home. This fabulous, and might we genuinely say, unique lifestyle has recently gone into administration. It has been possessed [repossession being an improperly used word as the bank never possessed it in the first place]:

Poldark Tin Mine Visitors

Seems Well Visited – Poldark Tin Mine, Cornwall.

The receivers have now placed this property for sale.

Our small bugbear, Christies agency wrong headedly insist upon obstructing any viewing of property details without forced registration of prospective buyers. Their directors really should look at this requirement. Such an estate agency that data harvests like this is ill considered in their methods. All very well to offer a voluntary sign up, but mandatory. Nope.

Unlike the poor souls at this Poldark visitor centre.

Our question is:

Do we have a Unique Property Bulletin reader interested in this lifestyle?

Historic Heritage Site including visitor centre, tin mine, cafe, bar, restaurant, car park and crucially a substantial owner’s 3 bedroom dwelling. All for:

Guide: £350,000.

Initial Contact:-

Unique Property Bulletin Contact Page: Click Here

To review the property, the dedicated website can be found at…

Poldark Tin Mine Visitor Centre & Home

We shall let the Administrative Receiver know of interest and requests for postal brochures to be sent out WITHOUT data harvest by the estate agency shall be submitted. The Administrative Receiver is legally charged to do this in their requirement to obtain the best price possible for the person who has been left without their assets. We are not keen on providing free publicity of 32,000 readers to an estate agency inclined to data harvest on a property in possession.


Bodmin Bargain By Jamaica Inn ?

Bodmin Bargain

Land & Buildings at Colliford Lake, St Neot, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 6PZ

A big thankyou to one of our readers for sharing this property. At the moment being topical – due to the BBC television drama – of a mumblefest, but nonetheless enthralling Jamaica Inn.

An incredibly rare opportunity to acquire a substantial and historic piece of Bodmin Moor that is particularly steeped in legend, by virtue of having Daphne du Maurier’s smugglers haunt, Jamaica Inn at Bolventor a short distance to the East and the hamlet of Temple even nearer to the West, where the existing church built in the 1880s is a resurrection of that which served the Knights Templar community in the 1200s.

Bodmin 3

Land & Buildings at Colliford Lake, St Neot, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 6PZ

This essentially grazing land extends to approximately 116 acres (47 hectares) with signs of centuries past farming use including the remains of a long abandoned ancient settlement known as Black Tor reputed to have comprised dozens of huts and enclosures of various sizes with numerous upright stones still visible.

Lot 146 – Guide: £20,000 – £35,000

Tel – Clive Emson Auctioneers: 0845 601 3633


Mr G. Marshall

Would you like to get in touch please?


Special Article – 12 Churches List

Church St Georges Carlisle Bill Henderson UPB

St. Georges United Reformed Church & House (c) 2014 Bill Henderson

A Unique Property & A Home – Guide: £150,000.

Just one of 12 churches for sale.

This week we have a Special Article Feature listing 12 churches for sale. This is an added extra for those readers who like this genre of unusual building. There is a modest £1.56 donation to access this extra list of 12 churches for sale. The modest donation significantly helps towards our fundraising, and pays for this website’s hosting and IT fees. These donations also keeps the main Sunday night, 9pm Unique Property Bulletin FREE to access for everyone. To access this spiritual abode list, please click the following Donate Button – with our thanks and appreciation ….


It is important to note, the Donate/Paypal system doesn’t let you back into the 12 Churches Special Article webpage for a second look – or as many visits as you wish for the currency of the article [two months]. The good news is you can revisit this webpage by clicking here:

Special Article Feature: Return Visit Page – Click Here

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Possessed Hangar

Airfield Hanger FIRST

Hanger L6, Wroughton Airfield, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 0QZ

Guide £275,000.

So vast it can swallow up many, many big haulage trailers.

Sadly, this huge aircraft hangar is another bank takeback.

May appeal to our solid base of fixed and rotary wing home seekers.

Remember FTSAA.

Tel – Eddisons Auctioneers: 0113 243 0101


Huge Space To Play & Plane With


Hanger L7, Wroughton Airfield, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 0QZ

Guide £325,000.

Remember FTSAA

The imagination could have fun with this vast inside space. This is a SECOND Hangar on this airfield site, that is being sold for the bank via the auction.

Tel – Eddisons Auctioneers: 0113 243 0101


Unique Property Competition

For this month, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a unique model...

Competition May 2014 Unique Property Bulletin Lifeboat Station

Lifeboat Station (c) 2010 Enesco Ltd

Model of an Old Lifeboat Station – Unique Property Bulletin Prize

This is a very modest prize – for fun. Here is the

Competition Hint

In the first edition from Series 2 of this publication we featured an old LIFEBOAT STATION which we predicted would come up for sale. It did in fact come up for sale a year or so after we gave our readers the heads-up.

The competition question is: what was the name of the town where that old lifeboat station was located?

Free to enter. Mostly for fun, with a very modest prize. Just let us know your guess of who you think the above Competition Hint refers to? Please email your entry to us by 31st May 2014. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Nursery In Need

Nursery Unique Property Bulletin

Glynhafod Nursery, Glynhafod Street, Cwmamon, Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan, CF44 6LD

This former nursery is in need of TLC. Fortunately this is reflected in the price. It is currently being looked after by the Joint LPA Receiver.

Guide £50,000. Lot 111

Tel – Eddisons: 0113 243 0101. Remember FTSAA.


Carrfield Castle

Castle Carrfield

Carrfield Castle, Hadham Road, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 2QG

A splendid castle home. We understand the price has been recently reducted from £2,500,000 to the current:


Strutt and Parker Carrfield Castle – Brochure: Click Here

Tel: Strutt & Parker: 01223 459501 – Cameron Ewer


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Former Art Centre FTSAA

Art Centre Pilgrim St 1

Former Art Centre, Pilgrim Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5EH

This former Art Centre recently Failed To Sell At Auction. The guide was very enticing. It may be even more so with a bargain to be struck for a post-auction sale. Especially as it has a stonking 10,000 square feet of building to play with.

Guide – £90,000 – Remember FTSAA

Tel – Roy Pugh & Co: 0844 2 722444


Architecturally Unique …

This week we feature the Guz Architectural Practice unique offering …

Meera House Guz Architects

Meera House With Sky Garden & Sublime Views

Tel: (65) 6476 6110

We emphsasise that with broadband, Skype and the modern telecomms revolution, it matters not so much nowadays where your architect may be based. There are concepts from all over the world that might just fit exceptionally well in that building plot you are looking to acquire. Especially if you are keen for something that is special for your own taste and desire.


Try Before You Buy …..

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering this week is:

Lifeboat Station Holiday

Lifeboat Station Hawkers Cove Owners Collection

The Old Lifeboat Station, Hawkers Cove, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8HW

A Spectacular Destination To Experience A Unique Holiday

Please Check Website Link Below For Seasonal Tariff:

Tel: 01841 533402


Unique Property Bulletin …

Editorial – Unique Edge

Old Ordnance Survey Treasures

This article was inspired by a treasure of a find. It is possible to replicate this. More so nowadays with many libraries closing down. These documents may be bought at a better price than we originally managed.

Just pick a grid, any grid? Well one in an area that you fancy.


OS Grid Plan RSZ

The OS Grid Map – Ordnance Survey Licence: 100052015. HMSO (c) Crown Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

In an obscure corner of our local library lurked lots of Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps. Not for loan but for sale. The section where old “retired” books are placed for sale in a large dusty box. But this day it wasn’t old books for sale, but upon closer inspection and some decent ferreting were a whole set of Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 Cased Edition Maps. The sale price was £2 each. A tidy sum way back then. However, the kindly librarian gave a modest discount to dispose of the entire set of 204 Maps in one go. Especially as they were old and now somewhat inaccurate.

For you, me and any astute unique property sleuther, the “somewhat inaccurate” is what we like. A thing to look for. Why? Think about it! Okay we will digress a little and come back to that thought a little later.

For now, the aim of this week’s editorial content is to gift readers with a useful tool to explore the United Kingdom and locate the unexpected unique property. We have found many life changing treasures this way. You too should be able to increase your chances of finding your unique home with the help of the Ordnance Survey.  

As a random choice to illustrate the wonder of Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps we have a look at this random edition that almost fell off of the shelf in the study …


OS Landranger Tiree RSZ

The Ordnance Survey Map Excerpt. Ordnance Survey Licence: 100052015. HMSO (c) Crown Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Anything jump off of the page that this excerpt map above has to offer for you yet?

One thing to look out for are …

The Icons, The Icons.

These can be very important.

Ordnance Survey Key

The Ordnance Survey Icon Key. Ordnance Survey Licence: 100052015. HMSO (c) Crown Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 


Just think about it. Here we have icons of a ..

Windmill, Church, Historic Site, Glasshouse, Police Station, Fire Station, Ambulance Station, Library, Castle, Youth Hostels Railway Station Underground Station etc., etc. Older Landranger series even have lighthouses and more exotic unique property marked. Newer maps have such things as Radar Stations. Just recall the £19,000 bargain we listed a while back at Saxa Vord.

This is almost a list of unique properties, rather than a key of icons for a map series. Within these documents, we have a wonderful and rich source of information. Also worthwhile earmarking/enquiring of the owning authority if any interesting property will be for sale.

So how about an example showing the way this can work for you? Having selected a map grid as illustrated, we can home in on some interesting element. Anything on this small piece of the vast Ordnance Survey Goody Box catch your eye? Well we were drawn to a “Stone Circles & Cairn” on the above map. The reason for “Standing Stones” is personal – just like the eye journey your own mind will take you on with these maps. The Standing Stones for us is due to a very good friend: the late, great Professor Archie Roy and his marvellous book Deadlight

OS Archie Roy Novel Deadlight RSZ

Archie Roy’s Novel: Deadlight (c) 1983 Kilbrannan Publishing

Hence the interest in Standing Stones. This particular novel is like an Alistair_MacLean book-derived-movie combined with a John Buchan thriller. But Archie Roy sets his novel on our beloved Isle of Arran. A little bias from here. This digression is the serendipitous reason we alight on Standing Stones. So where does this land us with unusual property. This Tiree Ordnance Survey map, helped by a quick Google came up with these two unique property finds within a short distance of our map-centred spot…

 Steading Tiree

The Old Steading, Isle of Tiree

Guide: £395,000

Closeby on this map location we have another unusual property for sale…

OS Black House RSZ

Unique Cottage on the Isle of Tiree

This unusual style of house has a lot of history. The particular example here has been completely renovated. Available at offers over £190,000 it also benefits from a rental income for holiday lets, if that is what you are looking for. Whilst this cottage is for sale, it also has a holiday rental element…

We can return to the mainland and continue our Ordnance Survey Landranger sleuthing for more unique property. Here is another quick example. A sliver of this map holds an interesting lead …

OS Castle

The Ordnance Survey Map Segment. Ordnance Survey Licence: 100052015. HMSO (c) Crown Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

The property we focus on in the above Ordnance Survey edition sort of jumps off of the map. Landranger note the presence of a “castle”. More particularly described as Craigend Castle. Following this heads-up we find this…

OS Castle Craigend David Robertson RSZ

Craigend Castle (c) 2014 David Robertson

Further enquiry reveals this splendid structure appears to be for sale. How much? Well we need to leave something for our fellow property slueths to do. Please let us know if you buy this though? We have a television production company on the cusp of wanting to film your efforts if you are so minded.

Notwithstanding media exposure, back to this castle. Here is a little more information…

Craigend Castle Sale Information

and …

The key point is that whatever map you examine, there is an almost definitive supply of unique property candidates for you to search, find, and possibly buy.

Let’s try another to show this is not just a fluke. Reaching for the shelf we pick a fresh sturdy hardbacked Landranger Map. A couple of pounds for a mine of information. Is the investment in a map or two from this archive of 204 old library maps worth it? What does this elemental cartography contain?

OS 3670509838 Approx CC

The Ordnance Survey Map Segment. Ordnance Survey Licence: 100052015. HMSO (c) Crown Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

More map-scraps you might think. But time after time we have found these wonderful documents like something from Indiana Jones.

A little closer examination reveals another “castle”. This time Clytha Castle. So what does this give us? Not a bargain wreck, but this time round a lovely holiday destination in a fine restored proper looking castle ..

Castle Clytha Peter Barr

Clytha Castle (c) 2014 Peter Barr

Further research from this initial source brings us to an old friend. We recommend a weekend here for many of our castle orientated friends and readers ..

Hopefully, the above illustrations show the value and use that can be found within these finely detailed documents. Our preference is for the hardback, cased style, older maps in paper laminated format.

Though, on the horizon the Ordnance Survey and it’s licensees are moving forward into the digital internet age…

Ordnance Survey 3

So whether you choose brand new digital, or Old Ordnance Survey Treasures, this may very well be what you find. Your own unique home that is a genuine treasure for you and your family. We wish you all the best in your Ordnance Survey Landranger detective work. Within the dusty old library bargain section could lay the Landranger Map for you. Within that map? Well we have given a taste of what each page contains. 

We have only brushed the surface. The real essence here is for you to select the map or area that suits you, along with the preferred genre of unusual building to consider for a home. Whatever that may be, we believe the Ordnance Survey can be of real assistance.

Please let us know if this editorial helps you find that long sought after home?

Best regards,


The Unique Property Bulletin Team

P.S. Nearly forgot: “somewhat inaccurate” is actually a good thing for property sleuths. Generally older maps contain references and icons for buildings that newer maps often omit. This is due to older, ruinous or derelict buildings being considered as without value or merit and stricken from the documented record. Anyone with a heart for old and unusual buildings needing a lot of TLC will see this “somewhat inaccurate” description with a different, and possibly life-changing perspective. So older maps do have their uses.

P.P.S. Just in case there are any serious Ordnance Survey Map Slueths out there who are really keen to study a set of 200 + Cased Landranger Maps published by the Ordnance Survey, we have a spare set. They are substantial in volume – and valuable in content. If you would like to buy this large set, we are comfortable to let this Unique Property Bulletin Heirloom of a huge amount of Ordnance Survey Maps go for £199. This will give you a great advantage in searching for that unusual home and researching many unique properties. Just Click Here and contact us for details of how to buy this set of Cased Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps.


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