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Unique Property Bulletin 6 September 2015

This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

Our ‘Grand Designs For Sale’ Website: Rebooted

Starting With A Massive £750,000 Price Reduction

Kemeys Folly, Coed Y Caerau Lane, Newport, Gwent

Grand Designs: Kemeys Folly, Coed Y Caerau Lane, Newport, Gwent

For this edition of the Unique Property Bulletin our feature article is about property for sale (or sold) that has been part of the Grand Designs television series. More particularly our rebooted sister website Grand Designs For Sale.

To read more about this very popular television series and the sales of genuinely unique property that result, please check out...

Feature details at the foot of this page.



======= Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow =======

Spoiled For Choice –

Former Lighthouse Keeper’s Home For Sale

 Holborn Head Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage, Scrabster

Keepers Cottage, Holborn Head Lighthouse, Scrabster

Photograph Courtesy of Mr Terry Robinson

For many years we have regularly worried if there would be enough unusual property to fill the next Unique Property Bulletin. Whether we could avoid disappointing those many friends, readers and unique property dwellers who email us looking for their ideal project to turn into a dream home. In hindsight this has been a lot of worry wasted. We should know by now that there are plenty of unusual properties to go around. This edition is one such example where we thought the content may be sparse, but during the research and assembly process are now practically spoiled for choice. Not only do we have Grand Design property coming back onto the for sale market, in this same edition, another favourite genre, lighthouse buildings, with this detached former lighthouse keeper’s cottage has just popped up for sale. Located at Scrabster it has lovely sea views, lots of interesting ships passing by to watch, and a gateway to the Shetland and Orcadian archipelagos. An amazing wee house, and not a lotof money either. It is also pretty much ready to move into. The major items like a new kitchen, new bathroom and double glazing etc., having been sorted out.

Location: Keepers Cottage, Holborn Head Lighthouse, Scrabster, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7UJ

Guide: Offers over £190,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here 


Quickie With Dr Who

BEFORE DR WHO STYLE REGENERATION - 999 Coffee Box (former Police Box), Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN

‘Before’ Dr Who Style Regeneration

The Old Police Box, Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN

We promised faithfully to cover any Dr Who Tardis sales. Not quite sure what unique lifestyle this little cousin of the London Tardis might afford. Looks like Dr Who now has a serious taste for coffee. Though when the Unique Property Bulletin’s sister company Scotslion bought a coffee shop we were shocked (in a good way) to see £40,000 worth of coffee sold in the first three months – that was just the cups of coffee, not including meals or other beverages.

So with cups of coffee selling in the tens of thousands of pounds, this diminutive Tardis coffee and snack outlet would appear good value for the money. Perhaps if you live close to this Dr Who abode, you might end up buying a new job and unique lifestyle if your bid for this small piece of time travel style real estate is successful? Just a thought. Anyway we did promise to let the many dozens of our dedicated Dr Who readers know when the next one of these iconic boxes comes up for sale.

 AFTER DR WHO STYLE REGENERATION - 999 Coffee Box (former Police Box), Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN

‘After’ Dr Who Style Regeneration

999 Coffee, The Old Police Box, Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN

Useful note – this lot failed to sell at auction on 25th August 2015 when guided at £25,000: Click Here. So there may be some wriggle room on price.

Location: 999 Coffee Box (former Police Box), Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN

Guide: £20,000 to £30,000 For Auction 8th October 2015 Unless Sold Prior. Also if you read this after the auction and the current police box listed here has been sold, worry not – there are dozens of other Tardi out there that will likely materialise on the sale list..

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: 0141 339 4466


Rare Air Control Tower – Devon

Back On The FOR SALE List

The Air Traffic Control Tower Winkleigh North Devon - Ant Basterfield

Air Traffic Control Tower & Land, Winkleigh Airfield, Devon
Photograph Courtesy of Ant Basterfield

In late May 2015 we listed this former WWII Air Control Tower (plus 9 acres of land) that was being offered from sale via auction. However, for some reason the property was withdrawn. We promised to let Bulletin readers know if and when this interesting little piece of aviation history came back up for sale. Thanks to an alert reader who spotted this property being relisted, we can keep that promise. The former Winkleigh Air Traffic Control Tower is now being auctioned on 22nd September 2015 with a guide between £35,000 and £50,000.

Regular readers of Unique Property Bulletin will know how rare these old, iconic World War II buildings are. This one has come up for sale via unfortunate circumstances of a previous owner – a receivership – and the auctioneer has now priced it to sell.

Description: A two storey detached former RAF Air Control Tower and land extending to approximately 9.5 acres, along with a further range of disused outbuildings and shelters.

Historical Note: The control tower is a former RAF watch tower that was part of a night fighter station during the Second World War and we understand that this building is listed by English Heritage as a Scheduled Monument. External viewing only. Any internal viewing is at VISITORS RISK.

Some research, insight and plenty of interesting photographs…

Guide: £35,000.

Location: Air Control Tower, Winkleigh Airfield, Winkleigh, Devon. EX19 8EZ.

Further Details: Click Here

Contact – Emson Auctions Tel: 01392 366555 – Scott Gray or Katie Semmens.

Winkleigh Air Control Tower - TLC Needed ASAP

Winkleigh, Devon, Air Traffic Control Tower Interior: TLC Needed ASAP


This Is What The Owner’s Of  Another Air Control Tower Had Planned

An Interesting Visualisation Of Air Tower Potential…

Please Click On The Picture Above To Watch The Video



Private Island Bargain

Plus Former Lighthouse Keepers’ Homes To Renovate

Island & Buildings Just £85,000

Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland, ZE2 MAIN 2

Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland

Many years ago in the 1980s I was lucky enough to land on Sanda Island during a lifeboat exercise. The properties on the place were in a pretty poor state. A few years further on and the new owner, Dick Gannon then spent several years and a lot of work refurbishing the old buildings. The island even became popular with the likes of HRH Princess Anne during private visits to the small refreshment facility that Dick Gannon had built.

The point? Dick Gannon bought Sanda Island for a relatively low amount of money (you will need to buy a copy of the Unique Property Manual to find that out). When Dick Gannon was ready to sell, he achieved in the region of £2,500,000 for Sanda Island: Click Here.

This Bulletin’s listing of Grunay Island may hold a similar prospect. There are two former lighthouse keepers’ dwellings in a poor state of repair just ripe for renovation on Grunay. Also, the island off of Shetland might be as far east, and almost as far north as you can get and folk think it will always be cold, but from experience, the writer of this Bulletin listing got sunstroke up here. So please take care when out in the sun – especially if you end up buying Grunay Island and the lighthouse buildings. Plus you have wonderful, dramatic night time displays like the ones shown in this first class visual feast of a video...

Click On The Picture Above To View Video of The Aurora Borealis

That is a secret of the north – it can get very warm and sunny during summer such is the relatively close proximity to the Arctic Circle – plenty of long summer days. Contrast beautifully with the winter wonder that is the amazing Aurora Borealis.

Isle Of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland, ZE2 c

Old Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses, Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland

Agency Narrative: The Isle of Grunay is the eastern most island of the Out Skerries group and is therefore the most easterly part of Shetland and consequently Scotland and the UK.

The Isle of Grunay forms part of the Shetland Islands, which consist of over 100 islands in total, approximately only 17 of which are inhabited.

Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland, ZE2 MAIN

Small Beaches To The Lower Left: Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland

The island itself amounts to approximately 55.58 acres in all. It is mostly grass and rock on the coast. There are two beaches. The other two mainland islands within the Out Skerries are those of Bruray and Housey, which are connected by a bridge and have two shops, a post office, church, school and a roll on/off car ferry. As well as an airstrip, Grunay itself has its own deep water pier and is accessible to Bruray via a short boat trip. The Out Skerries has a population of about 70 inhabitants.

Isle Of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland, ZE2 e

Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland

Situated in the centre of the island are two dilapidated, semi-detached former Lighthouse Keeper’s houses, built of brick and faced with harling with a flat roof. The larger of the two houses had a sitting room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom, workroom and two storage rooms. The smaller house had a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There is also an old walled garden and sundial.

There is a large ruined structure on the north shore of Grunay, known locally as ‘The Broch’. Although it is not known whether it dates from the Iron Age, such structures were built during this time throughout the far north of Scotland.

Location: Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland, ZE2

Guide: £85,000

Further Details: Click Here

Original Details: Click Here

Contact Knight Frank Agencies Tel: 0131 516 7570 – Ran Morgan. Please can you mention that you came across this property via Unique Property Bulletin when chatting to the estate agent? Thank you. 


Don’t Be A Prisoner To The Workhouse

The Old Workhouse, 3 Bythynnod Yr Aram Bala, LL23 7SW

The Old Workhouse, 3 Bythynnod Yr Aram Bala, LL23 7SW

Worry not about ending up in the workhouse as a prisoner! We are just playing with words. The old workhouse building in Bala that is pictured above has been converted, modernised and is very comfortable for either living in or utilising as holiday accommodation. Also a reasonable price for a modernised dwelling of this style.

For ourselves when studying this, the curious thing is that this old workhouse is just over an hour’s drive from the amazing village of Portmeirion. The latter having been used extensively in the 1960s hit television series

“The Prisoner” – 1960’s Hit Television Series Location – Click Here

Directions between the two…

Map Showing The Old Workhouse & The Prisoner’s Portmeirion Location – Click Here

Annual fans' convention for The Prisoner TV series in Portmeirion

Portmeirion Village, Minffordd, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, LL48 6ER

Portmeirion village is now a fully fledged tourist destination. Not just because of a cult television series filmed 48 years ago, but the place is in, and of itself very unique in design, construction and vernacular. Further details…

Portmeirion Village Click Here

So the little workhouse house has an unusual connection to a place which is very unique!

Click On The Picture Above To Watch A Piece Of Television Nostalgia.

To those of a certain age, the theme tune will probably stick in your head for a week!

Back to the property for sale – The Old Workhouse, which is around an hour’s drive from this television series location. More information of the converted workhouse can be found as follows:-

Location: The Old Workhouse, 3 Bythynnod Yr Aram Bala, LL23 7SW

Guide: £115,000

Further Details: Click Here

Brochure: Click Here

Contact – Tom Parry Agencies Tel: 01678 521025



Torquay Church With Indoor Racing!

Former Church Of The Holy Trinity Torquay Derek Harper
Former Church Of The Holy Trinity, Torquay, Devon

Photo Courtesy of Derek Harper

This is an unusual project. A former church that currently has a useful function: as a children’s indoor play centre – including a go-kart track for speed demon toddlers! Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into refurbishing this church for the general purpose of a parent and child activity centre place to visit…

Trinity Church – Rainbow Fun House Montage: Click Here

The location is at the heart of this fine coastal town as the aerial picture illustrates…

Trinity Church Location Photo: Click Here

Rainbow Fun House Torquay

Former Church Of The Holy Trinity / Rainbow Fun House Interior

The current layout is as follows:-

Ground Floor: A range of party rooms, games rooms, toddler and children’s soft play apparatus, indoor go-kart track, cafeteria with plentiful seating and male, female and disabled cloakrooms.

First Floor: A multitude of children’s soft play apparatus including seating area.

Outside: Good sized gardens and grounds which are predominantly formalised as off road parking. The building sits in a site of approximately half an acre. So there may be the possibility, subject to planning permission, to build a new owner’s house in the grounds. Thereby making this a unique lifestyle place to live and work.

Location: Former Church Of The Holy Trinity, Torwood Gardens Road, Torquay, Devon. TQ1 1EQ

Guide: £210,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact Clive Emson Auctioneers: 0345 8500333


Advance Notice of Unique Properties

To Be Featured In The Next Bulletin…

For those who are really keen to truffle out an interesting project, we give a little advance notice of some of the content to be featured in the next edition of Unique Property Bulletin. To keep an eye on what might just end up being you next home…

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Detached In Durham


St John The Evangelist Church & Glebe Fields, Rookhope, County Durham

Photograph Courtesy of Mike Quinn

We started the week trying to find a church in Berkshire for one of our readers. Sadly (for buyers) the one we listed in the last Bulletin sold quite quickly. It soon became apparent why. Berkshire property is handsomely priced and bargains sell promptly. Still our search for churches did bring about a couple of interesting candidates, albeit in other areas of the UK.

St John The Evangelist Church in Durham popped onto our radar during the rummage around the unique property box. It is being sold in three lots. The main detached building being…

Lot 1. Built in 1905 in coursed sandstone beneath a Westmorland slate roof, the church stands in a spacious site of 0.80 acres (0.325 hectares) or thereabouts and enjoys dramatic views from an elevated position over Rookhope and surrounding meadow and pasture land to moorland beyond. The land contains no burials or internments. The church is Grade II Listed. It has a simple design that allows the building to blend in well with the landscape.

The net internal floor area is 120 square metres/1290 square feet. A small store is situated in the grounds.

Lot 2. Approximately 2.55 acres (1.030 ha) of land. Edged blue on the Sale Plan. A single enclosure of permanent pasture land with a steep southerly orientation and with road frontage on 2 sides.

Lot 3 Around 0.31 acres (0.125 ha) of land. Edged purple on the Sale Plan

Location: St John The Evangelist Church & Glebe Fields, Rookhope, Weardale, County Durham, DL13 2AE

Guide: £TBA

Further Details: Click Here

Contact – Savills-SmithsGore Tel: 01325 370500



The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey
The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey

An inspiring conversion from an unusual property into a splendid and unique home. The Rotunda was originally built in 1879 as a school adjoining the Congregational Church on the northern edge of Godalming town centre. The River Wey is situated to the north of the property about 0.1 miles with scenic areas of open countryside to the west.

Accommodation Summary:

3 bedrooms
2 reception rooms
3 bathrooms
Off Street Parking

The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey 3

The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey

The ancient market and coaching town of Godalming offers a wide range of individual shops, restaurants, supermarkets and general amenities. Godalming hass many wonderful locations which include Winkworth Arboretum, famed for its bluebell carpet in the spring.

The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HY 2

The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey

The miles of beautiful surrounding countryside is ideal for walking, cycling and riding. Nearby leisure facilities include Milford, Charterhouse and Hurtmore Golf Clubs along with Godalming Leisure Centre and The Charterhouse Club (sports leisure facility within the renowned Charterhouse School).

The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey 4

Guide Plan Drawings: The Rotunda

Location: The Rotunda 1, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HY

Guide: £895,000

Further Details: Click Here

Original Details: Click Here

Contact: Strutt & Parker Tel: 01483 306565 – Colin Sharp


Déjà vu

Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ b

Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ

This picture bothers us a little. We are having a debate whether we have seen this property on a television programme. Possibly Grand Designs, Perhaps one of the other mainstream media coverage of interesting property projects. Déjà vu? It is just something about the atrium and the glazed area giving a glimpse to the floor below.

The rest of the house is an absolute pleasure to view – just check out the estate agents weblink below.

For now, if anyone can accurately guess what television programme this property might have featured in, we have a small, but possibly helpful prize – the winner receiving a free copy of the Unique Property Manual.

All you need do is put us out of our misery and advise where we will have seen this building on television – just Click Here to let us know the answer?

Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ a

Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ

Estate Agency Narrative: Enjoying a discreet position, and located opposite the vast open spaces of Hampstead Heath, a unique three bedroom, three bathroom detached contemporary house comprising 320 sq m/3,451 sq ft arranged over two floors only which has been built and finished to an exacting standard, offering a striking sun soaked interior.

Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ c

Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ

Approached via its own two/three car parking area and set behind a gated patio garden, the low profile of the front elevation does belie the generous internal accommodation. The architect has cleverly created large open plan living spaces with a 25′ ceiling height in the main reception area, a comprehensively fitted Poggenpohl kitchen/breakfast area which enjoys direct access onto a central core sunken deck, a television family room, gym, cinema, wine cellar and plant room. The principal bedroom suite, which comprises bedroom dressing area and en-suite bathroom, leads on to the patio garden and the two other bright bedroom suites enjoy dedicated outside access too.

Location: Langtry House, East Heath Road, London, NW3 1AJ

Guide: £4,500,000

Further Details: Click Here for a very impressive and comprehensive range of photographs to study.

Original Details: Click Here

Contact Aston Chase Tel: 020 7724 4724



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Holiday Barn or Home?

Devon Delight

Swallow Barn, Lydford, Okehampton, Devon EX20 4BP
Swallow Barn, Lydford, Okehampton, Devon

This detached barn, set in approximately 2 acres of land is currently utilised as a holiday investment property, but could (subject of course to planning permission change of use) also be enjoyed as your own home.

Possibly even a midway between a home and a holiday letting property? Used primarily as an investment for holidaymakers with yourself as owner, popping across for enjoyable days, weekends, or even weeks away from mainstream life to relax at your very own holiday bolt hole.

Swallow Barn, Lydford, Okehampton, Devon EX20 4BP MAIN

Set In Pastureland – Swallow Barn, Lydford, Okehampton, Devon

The oak beamed and granite barn is beautifully presented throughout and tastefully restored with modern day living in mind but still retaining many original features.

Location: Swallow Barn, Lydford, Okehampton, Devon EX20 4BP

Guide: £345,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact Chartsedge Properties Tel: 01392 832446


Unique Property Competition

Last Competition Answer…

July & August 2015 Competition

Scarlett Point Coastguard Tower, Isle of Man

Photograph Courtesy of Mr Jon Wornham

Click Here For News & Video Article About Scarlett Point Tower

Alert readers will note that the rent on Scarlett Point Coastguard Tower is just ONE POUND per year. We know that this sort of economically beguiling adventure is possible as the Unique Property Bulletin started out in an old derelict coastguard tower. Just like Scarlett Tower, we were offered an old ruin of a building. Our rent was 20p per annum! The catch – and it was more of a pleasure than a chore – was the lease required us to modestly renovate the property to usable condition. It was a long term lease and suited ourselves and the owner. The odd thing is, were we NOT to have leased the old coastguard tower on Davaar Island, then you wouldn’t be reading this. It was at the Davaar Island coastguard lookout station, and because of the unique buildings and fantastic island location that the Unique Property Bulletin was born!


New Competition…

For September + October 2015, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a modest £20 of jingle coins:-

Unique Property Bulletin December Competition Jingle Coins

Please Give The Name & Location of This Unique Building…


The winner is the first drawn from our Competition Box at close of competition on 31st October 2015.

Competition Hint

“Squamata Style Station Location”

We are hoping to encourage the property sleuthing abilities each and every reader has with this edition’s competition. Best wishes and good luck from the Unique Property Bulletin Team

Email free entries to Unique Property Bulletin:-

Click Here For Competition Entry Contact Page


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering for this edition:-

Castle Estate

Belvoir Castle Estate, 1 New Row, Woolsthorpe, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Grantham, NG32 1NE Julian Dowse

Belvoir Castle, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Grantham

Photograph Courtesy of Julian Dowse

We have receive a regular and gentle flow of emails asking if it would be possible to feature longer-term rental properties in this section to complement the brief encounter few-days holiday variety that usually feature at this point of the Bulletin.

To fulfil these requests we have an example of longer term rentals at the Belvoir Castle Estate…

A variety of high quality properties in a beautiful location are available to rent – the choice changes over time with a nice range of cottages to chose from: large farmhouses with land, stables and outbuildings to pleasant little houses that were originally utilised for castle estate staff.

Belvoir Castle is an incredibly handsome building, and to live on the castle estate in this part of the country is very affordable given the location.

Belvoir Castle, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Grantham

Belvoir Castle Estate, 1 New Row, Woolsthorpe, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Grantham, NG32 1NE Sandra White

Photograph Courtesy of Sandra White

People of all ages, backgrounds and professions enjoy life on the Belvoir Estate. The ability to escape the stresses of urban life, retain a city home and an easy commute to London are just some of the benefits enjoyed by today’s tenants.

The properties are situated within delightful Leicestershire and Lincolnshire villages in the heart of the unspoilt and very beautiful Vale of Belvoir.

The area can easily be accessed by road from Grantham (8 miles), Melton Mowbray (12 miles), Nottingham (18 miles) and Leicester (30 miles). With Nottingham East Midlands airport less than 35 miles away and a high-speed rail link from Grantham arriving at Kings Cross station in little over an hour, it is an ideal location for commuters.

Location: Belvoir Castle Estate, 1 New Row, Woolsthorpe, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Grantham, NG32 1NE

Guide: Ballpark – From £575 to £1,995 Monthly Rental (6 Month Assured Shorthold Tenancy)

EARLIER EXAMPLES (Historic & Now Archived)…

Click Here

& Click Here

& Click Here

We have listed earlier rental properties for the Belvoir Castle Estate as it is entirely possible one or more of these WILL come up for lease again. This gives you a flavour of some of the castle estate buildings that are rented.
There are even small workshop units that occasionally come up for lease as well – an interesting proposition if you are looking for a complete change of lifestyle – both on the home front and workplace…

Contact: 01476 542100.

Belvoir Castle Video

Click The Photo Above To Watch The Video


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Architecturally Unique

Please note, each edition we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are usually NOT currently for sale, but are included to help inspire readers as to the talent that abounds when a good architect’s mind meets the imagination of a unique property person, and something that little bit special is created by the synergy.

So Our Top & Commended Architects/Designer For This Unique Property Bulletin Is:-

Jono Williams 

Jono 1

The Skysphere By Jono Williams

This is one of those wonderful things that just jumps off of the page. Jono Williams is a New Zealand engineer who came up with this amazing idea for what the Kiwis call a man-cave. Here in Old Blighty more likely to be a reserved name such as a garden-room. We like man-cave better. Kind of suits the whole idea.

What Jono has designed is a remarkable place to stay. He has also executed the idea with precision engineering…

Jono 5

The Skysphere Being Engineered (c) Jono Williams

…plus a great deal of effort. Approximately 3,000 man-hours and GBP£30,000. On a personal basis, when the budget allows, Jono will be getting an all-expenses paid invite over to Britain to supervise the construction of one of his designs here in the UK. It is just such a brilliant concept, and so very well made. Not least because of the solar panels linked in with a lot of IT. Then there are, of course, the 360 degree views.

Jono 3

The Skysphere Interior & Views (c) Jono Williams

Probably the best suggestion is to visit Jono’s own website and have a review of the photographs and narration of his Skysphere project from concept to completion…


Unique Property Bulletin Top Architect and/or Designer For This Edition:-

Jono Williams
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Click Here To See Photo Gallery


A Short Presentation For The Skysphere… 

Please Click On The Picture Above To Watch A Video Presentation

We Really Love The Kiwi Priorities For Engineering Wonders…

Please Click On The Picture Above To Watch A Video Presentation



This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

Our ‘Grand Designs For Sale’ Website Rebooted

Starting With A £750,000 Price Reduction

Grand Design Kemey 1 RSZ

Kemey’s Folly, Coed Y Caerau Lane, Newport, Gwent

This edition of the Bulletin is fairly short as most of the effort is being invested in our sister website…

Grand Designs For Sale Website: Click Here

The last major Grand Design’s feature that we covered was in Bulletin was the Dome House and can be seen about a third of the way into that edition – 3 May 2015 Click HereSince then we have overhauled our Grand Designs For Sale website so it is more intuitive. The front page has the current crop of Kevin McCloud specials that have come onto the open market. Plus a way to see if earlier ones can be coaxed back for sale (Kennington Water Tower).

To cover the freshest update, we have Grand Design’s property Kemey’s Folly…

Grand Design Kemey HEADLINE

Kemeys Folly, Coed Y Caerau Lane, Newport, Gwent
Click Here For Kemey’s Folley Details

A materially important change since Kemey’s Folly was last placed on the sale market is the fact that £750,000 has been shaved off of the price. Nice.

Current Price Details £1,899,950Click Here

Original Price Details £2,750,000Click Here

Photographs: Click Here

Here is a 3D artists impression of the proposed Grand Design project. Very well put together – the presentation and the house…

Click On The Photograph Above This Caption To Watch The Video

Whilst the owner’s have commissioned an updated short video to show folk around the house with a virtual tour prior to deciding whether to arrange a visit or not…

Click On The Photograph Above This Caption To Watch The Video

Three quarters of a million pound in price reduction is an interesting event. For Bulletin readers who like the Grand Designs television series, we are delighted to no have a dedicated website which has been rebooted to a more logical format, whilst still retaining older Grand Designs property that has been on the sale market, but subsequently sold. This information can be very important to those researching what properties from the series have been for sale along with details.

In some cases, such as Kennington Tower, it may well be possible to see if the owners would consider putting the property back up for sale. After all, Kemey’s Folly was up for sale, then taken off of the market and after a period placed back up for sale. So it is well worthwhile looking at other similar cases. Kennington Water Tower being one such example with what looks to be a similar on-off-of sale progression.

For more information on Grand Designs For Sale, please take a look at our website…

Grand Designs For Sale Website – Click Here

Last but not least, we are steadily adding to the Grand Designs website, so it may well be worth while keeping an eye on it for new additions.


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Marius Ciocanel Unique Property Manual

Unique Property Manual

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