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As most readers will be aware, Unique Property Bulletin is run by volunteers and firmly on a not-for-profit basis.

95% of this website is FREE for all to read.

But to help this, donations are vital.

(these contributions are voluntary – not compulsory)

Our current bills to keep the Bulletin going average £228 per month.

So we are seeking a modest…

£3.65 donation

…for the full year from readers who are kind enough to assist. The £3.65 may seem an odd figure, but it is arrived at by simple virtue that this number equates to 1p per day for:-

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updates, plus

12 Full Unique Property Bulletin Editions

Though larger donations are also very welcome

With substantially increasing readership numbers (for which we are very grateful) we also have a mirror increase in broadband costs, webhosting, computer hardware and IT fees. The various costs have become more chunky, especially since our IP unique visitor count went past the 40,000 for Unique Property Bulletin readership mark.

So help with any donations, no matter how modest or major are VERY much appreciated

Thank you

Please check out how to obtain site PASSWORDS which are made available to DONORS as illustrated below…



As a modest thank you, we have provided an extra feature article with some very potent statutory tools to help you find dozens upon dozens of unique properties in the geographic area of your choice:-

Click Here To Read Access The Extra Feature Article

You WILL need a PASSWORD for this – please read on…

After you have donated to the Unique Property Bulletin, we have made a special feature article dedicated to your thoughtfulness, and which we trust will be of interest. You will need site PASSWORDS and these can be obtained by clicking the “Return to Unique Property Bulletin Ltd” web-page link from the Paypal page.. 

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This link is in orange relief text at the lower left hand side of the Paypal page. Please take care to remember the PASSWORD that you are then given after clicking the Return to Unique Property Bulletin Ltd” hyperlink takes you to that “Thank You” and password page.