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Unique Property Bulletin 10 August 2014

Millers Delight & More

AAA Mill Chris

Can You Spot It? This Week’s Headline Unique Property (c) 2014 Chris

Rhoades Mill, Main Road, Sibsey, Boston, PE22 0TW

This week we start off with Millers Delight. Sounds a little like a brand of bread. But it just so happens we have a medley of mills for sale. Starting with this fine looking specimen in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Previously £595,000. Now Guide: £550,000

Rural & Equestrian Agencies – Tel: 01553 618834.

AAA Sibsey Mill Headline

Rhoades Mill. Pretty Unique (c) 2014 Rural & Equestrian



Unique Property Bulletin Future Direction

Fortnightly, Or Sell? Or Another Option?

We Are Seeking Advice From Our Bulletin Reading Friends; Visitors; Colleagues; Unique Property Buyers & Sellers.

If you have enjoyed the Unique Property Bulletin over the past few weeks, or been with us for the full 25 years, we are looking to either:-

1] Sell the Unique Property Bulletin as premature retiral of the founder looms, or:-

2] Go to a fortnightly Bulletin edition, or – our preferred option to:-

3] Keep the weekly 9pm Sunday night version with the help of new Guest Contributor/s to be paid a modest regular honorarium to assist producing one or two editions each month in parallel to our own voluntary endeavours.

More information at the Editorial section below.


Mill II

AAA Mill 2

Water Mill, Mill Road, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 5DR 

Exciting Residential Opportunity – Former Watermill – Overlooking River Bain – Planning Consent For 10 Dwellings.

We know at least a dozen readers that this unusual waterside development may appeal to. Delighted to feature it in this week’s Bulletin. Please let us know how you get on if you buy this former watermill.

Guide: £395,000

Tel – Mundys Agency: 01522 556088


Mill III 

AAA Mill Street Louth

The Mill, Bridge Street, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 0DP

The third in a series of mills. Much admired by many, this one has lots of character, but in a more understated way than several of the mills we have featured in the past. Though for what it is, the price is also, in our humble opinion, understated too. A nice house for the money. Should make a good home for one of our readers.

Guide: £365,000.  For more information and lots of photographs:-

Tel – Savills: 01522 508 900 – Mr Rick Westmore


Mill IV – Super Mill

Bacheldre Watermill Martin Bodman

Bacheldre Watermill, Church Stoke, Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6TE

A unique home, unique lifestyle and unique business. All in one.

We just love the thought of this. All three uniques under one roof!

Own Brand & Own Website – Further reading:-

Guide: £1,400,000

Or if the weblink above doesn’t load, perhaps try the alternate:-

AAA Mill Pond Philip Halling

Bacheldre Watermill, Montgomery (c) 2014 Philip Halling

Contact – Halls Estate Agency Tel: 01743 450700


Unique Property Bulletin

Now On Facebook

Thanks to a very good friend of Unique Property Bulletin, is now LIVE on Facebook:-


A BIG thank you to Louise for all of her help and efforts.



Check The Forthcoming Bulletins For New & Interesting Action

AAA TRS Godmanchester

Telephone Repeater Station – On Safari – In There Somewhere!

Godmanchester TRS, Cambridge Road, Godmanchester, PE29 2EL

Guide: £15,000. Tel – Pugh Auctions: 0844 2 722444

You might ask: What on earth are they on about in this week’s Bulletin with the acronym UPS SUBS RSVP? This relates to a long overdue new adventure that we intend to commence very soon. In the old paper format Bulletin one of the delights were the Unique Property Syndicates and related adventures that went alongside this publication.

So this week we are listing one of thousands of little buildings that come up for sale and may be suitable as a candidate property for a Small Unique Building Syndicate. These diminutive unique structures come in all shapes: old generator sations; old coastguard stations; nuclear bunkers; railway signal boxes; etc. The above genre that we are actively looking at buying is a Telephone Repeater Station.

To be specific, the Godmanchester Telephone Repeater Station, and is for auction on 9th September 2014 – though don’t worry if this one is missed. There are lots of these Small Unique Buildings that come up for sale. It is difficult to see the building amongst all of the foliage in the photograph above. So here is what they can look like after some TLC:-

 AAA Telehone Repeater Station Potential With Planning Permission Jackie Bowman

A New Life In A Fabulous Location TRS Holidays (c) Jackie Bowman

What Can Happen To These Small Unique Buildings?

This is an old Telephone Repeater Station – TRS – with a marvellous makeover into a very attractive lodge for travellers, walkers cyclists and so on. It is close to a particularly spectacular section of the Roman Wall which is between Walltown Crags and Sewingshields Crags and not far from Housesteads Roman Fort. As for our listing and the UPS SUBS?

UPS SUBS RSVP? It stands for:

Unique Property Syndicate

Small Unique Building Syndicate

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît ?

In other words here at the Unique Property Bulletin we WILL be embarking upon a Small Unique Building Syndicate. Something, perhaps, along the lines of the above transformation. A very gentle introduction for new members who fancy joining in with something solid. Also a modest reunion for older syndicate members who have already been part of previous REAL syndicates.


We will have more details and coverage of this endeavour. As an example of what can also happen on top of a unique property adventure, below are the actual purchase and sale details as confirmed by our solicitors. Food for thought once you look at the arithmetic on a seemingly plain piece of paper:-

AAA Solicitors Statement of Account 1998

With Unique Property Syndicates please don’t worry where the candidate buildings are located. We have covered most areas of the United Kingdom. The key is the level of uniqueness, the value for money, and a decent amount of lateral thought in maximising: Plan A; Plan B; Plan C; etc. Ironically the oft quoted imporance of: location, location, location, is important, but not always in the manner you might first think.


The Toll By Industrial Buildings

The Toll House (c) 2014 M. Evison

The Toll House, 47 Temeside, Shropshire, SY8 1JN

For sale here is a curious little toll house, but with some hefty industrial buildings nearby. This may be part of the reason for the relatively low guide price, and the fact this is a failed to sell at auction property. It does have a half decent view of the garden. Also if you are into industry as neighbours, you may well bag a bargain. Last but not least, thank you to one of our readers for spotting this one and emailing it in. Very much appreciated.

Formerly Lot 142. Originally Priced at £100,000 with McCartneys

Guide: £83,000 – Failed To Sell At Auction. Time To Bargain?

Tel – Allsops Auction: 020 7494 3686

You may need to click twice [& back] on the above link for it to work!



If you would like to help the Unique Property Bulletin, and have the ability to write a FULL edition [with a little technical guidance if needed] please get in touch via our:-

Contact Page: Please Click Here

Typewriter Underwood Classic

It would be VERY helpful if any potential contributors had a working knowledge of the internet WORDPRESS operating system.

Also, there is a modest “honorarium” that will be paid for new contributions. It isn’t a huge amount. Yet! Though our intention will be to grow this “honorarium” as the readership of Unique Property Bulletin grows.

More detail on this appears below in this week’s editorial.

[Please note if you have been in touch with us about this before, we haven’t forgotten you. We have a precious list of emails to write in the next few days to folk who have already corresponded on this subject. Though if you don’t hear from us one way or another in the next few days, by all means drop a reminder message in our direction. Thank you].


A Lot Of Hot Stuff ?

AAA Cramlington Fire Station Kevin Hale RSZ

Shankhouse Fire Station (c) 2014 Kevin Hale

Former Shankhouse Fire Station, Albion Terrace, Cramlington, NE23 9JN

Purchase of the freehold interest is by sealed offer and tender document and envelope will be provided upon request. Offers are to be received no later than 12 Noon on Friday 5 September 2014. Always remember FTSAA – or even failed to sell at tender.

Guide: Undisclosed – What Price Do You Reckon?

This is a little modern looking for many tastes, but we do have a fair tranche of readers who prefer newer structures.

This particular building reminds us of our ongoing Telecommuter Homes project.

Telecommuter Homes – Click Here For Background

Were Shankhouse Fire Station a little nearer to our own base we would be taking a closer look to see if this could be converted to a work/home building. With the very comfortable 30 second commute that goes with such a lifestyle!,-CRAMLINGT/

Contact – Sanderson Weatherall: 0191 269 0154 – Richard Scott



Summary Page – Click Here

To purchase a FULL copy of the EVERGREEN page, with narrative, telephone numbers, and weblinks, just pop a modest donation across. Thank you.

This should yield your password and reveal the address, weblink and contact telephone number for each property on this page. Please note these properties CHANGE as this is a dynamic webpage is regularly updated remember to use your “F5” Button to refresh what appears on your screen and flush your old cache! We don’t want you missing any of the good stuff.

Click Here – Evergreen FULL TEXT Page


Unique Property Competition

For this month, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize reverts to one of our more regular type of notes:-

Twenty Pound Note Prize

August Unique Property Bulletin Prize

Competition Hint

Can You Name This Unique Property ?

Name This Unique Property Competition

This genuinely unique building is also on the cover of our forthcoming new and revised E-Book version of the Unique Property Manual. On 31st August 2014 the first correct entry for the name of this tower – out of the hat wins the prize.

PLEASE NOTE: The prize is NOT the building, just the £20 note. Sorry we haven’t reached that level of prize value yet!

Free to enter. Just let us know have your competition answer by 31st August 2014. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Architecturally Unique

Sliding House

AAA Sliding House Enclosed Ross Russell

 The Sliding House “Enclosed”

Photography (c) Alex de Rijke, Ross Russell


AAA Sliding House Halfway Ross Russell

The Sliding House “On The Move”

Photography (c) Alex de Rijke, Ross Russell

This week we have the exceptional “Sliding House”. A wonderful concept. Best seen on the move…


For once we are almost speechless here at Unique Property Bulletin at such an amazing place to live.

Owner Ross Russell and dRMM Architects have conjured up one of the most unique houses we have ever witnessed. In fact any house that comes with a remote control switch to operate it’s outer shell has the hallmark of being a bit special.

Further details:-



dRMM Architects

81 Weston Street
London SE1 3RS
020 7803 0777


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering this week is:-

Lynch Lodge

 AAA Lynch Lodge

Lynch Lodge, Water End, Alwalton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 3UY

A little background to this interesting building:-

Sleeps 4 = 4 nights from £247.00

Equivalent to £30.88 per person per night 

Tel – The Landmark Trust: 01628 825925


Unique Property Bulletin Editorial

Unique Property Bulletin

From Weekly Edition To Fortnightly?

Or Sell? Or Other Option?

Readers’ Advice Sought Please.


AAA UPB Birthplace M and A Hogg

Birthplace of the Unique Property Bulletin 1987 (c) M & A Hogg

Here at the Unique Property Bulletin we have been wrestling with a chronic problem. Our volunteers moved from a monthly frequency with the old fashioned paper version of the Bulletin, to a frequency of an edition every week when we transferred from newsprint paper to the internet and went online two and a half years ago.

AAA Unique Property Bulletin Home View

Birthplace of the Unique Property Bulletin 1987 (c) Russ McLean

This is the view that inspired the birth of the Unique Property Bulletin. Sublime, even on an overcast day.

There can be no complaint about the vast increase in readership numbers; visitors; buyers; sellers; and especially new friends that have come about. Tens of thousands. Way beyond our wildest dreams. A huge amount of delight at the orbital increase in reader levels since going online.

However, we have to confess: It is becoming difficult at this time to keep up the weekly frequency for an edition of the Unique Property Bulletin every Sunday night. Partly other work commitments by volunteers; helpers and those who visit. Partly the editor has a season ticket for hospital holidays following a lifetime of spine crushing bodily abuse in previous careers – firstly with a blue light job around the time of Dixon of Dock Green. Then pulling ship ropes and heavy maritime objects etc., along a later career path.

All the time with the Unique Property Bulletin as a wonderful friend along the path of life.

So what to do about the Unique Property Bulletin?

 Unique Property Bulletin Original Format

An Original Paper Format Unique Property Bulletin

We very briefly thought about closing. But after 25 years on the go, and especially with such memorable adventures and friends along the way, plus a marvellous readership now numbering tens of thousands, the closure thought was quickly dismissed.

How about selling the Unique Property Bulletin? Well we run on the principle as a not-for-profit enterprise. It helps give depth of content for readers because of the richness that creative-commons photography amongst other reasons brings via the not-for-profit model. Goodness knows we worked out that were this an estate agency the last year would have produced at least £36,500 in sales commission and that could be doubled were there a positive push in such a commercial direction. But we run on donations – and our readers are a thoroughly decent bunch. They do the Bulletin proud. For example we were all taken aback in April this year at the sheer volume of donations when such a request was made for the first time.

So what is the answer to the current predicament of volunteers needing to be rested? Should we go to a fortnightly frequency with one edition every two weeks? Should we consider selling the Unique Property Bulletin? Since going online there have even been two decent offers from respected estate agencies to buy the Bulletin. It is difficult for us to imagine this happening. Would you buy the Unique Property Bulletin? It has potential and folk do seem to be curious about buying the Bulletin.

 Ailsa Craig Beautiful

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Compound (c) Savills

One Of Many Unique Buildings Bought As Unique Property Bulletin/Syndicate Projects

After some debate at this end of the keyboards, the most viable direction we have, appears to ease off for a few months, and temporarily go to a fortnightly edition frequency. At least until volunteers; helpers and supporters are all a bit rested. One contributor in particular needs to be away from Winston Churchill’s favourite appendicitis and spine repair factory for more than a few weeks!

However, BEFORE doing anything precipitous, it would be the height of bad manners just to announce the weekly frequency will soon go to a fortnightly Bulletin – even if only for 3 or 4 months to the year’s end.

So we have decided to ask friends; visitors; readers and unique home buyers/sellers what they reckon?

1] Sale: The least preferred, but still on the table is the option to sell the Unique Property Bulletin.

2] Fortnightly: We can temporarily go to a fortnightly frequency so as to rest our volunteers a little, and let Victor & Jack’s old relative become a little healthier! At least until the end of the year and resume weekly editions in January 2015.

 Russ McLean Unique Property Bulletin

  Russ McLean – Founder of Unique Property Bulletin

Not just grain producing mill buildings pictured this week, but a very grainy photos of 25 years vintage! Little was it realised that the very day this photograph was taken, a drive in the old Land Rover led to a chance discovery of a set of MoD WWII octaganol defences that sparked the embers which would help result in the birth of the Bulletin!

Going fortnightly would still have a decent level of content. Many readers have a habit of dipping in fortnightly or some even just monthly – reading a few back issues with the “Previously on Unique Property Bulletin” link at the bottom of each page (roughly 50% of readers use this button).

Or perhaps we have missed a third or fourth option? Recently one of our readers took a huge weight off of our collective shoulders and has established – indeed is taking care of our new Facebook presence. That has been very much appreciated. It gives the grace of a possible answer to the strain that is currently upon us with the mainline Bulletin editions.

3] Guest Presenters – Allowing volunteers some respite, and keeping the Bulletin at the full weekly frequency.

This option is to invite suitably adept reader/s who have the ability and especially the skillset in managing the internet “WordPress” operating system to Guest Present one or two editions each month? A modest “honorarium” can be paid to freelance out this work if you would like to take on such a task? Just Contact Us.

Do you have the “WordPress” internet operating experience needed and could put together an edition of the Unique Property Bulletin? Please don’t hesitate in letting us know. The Bulletin is a lot of fun to assemble – otherwise we wouldn’t have been keeping the thing going for 25 years. We even have the embryonic click-link hosting domain/pages ready for our guest presenters:-

Unique Property Bulletin: Guest Presenter Site Ready & Waiting

This third option would sure be appreciated by the current Bulletin volunteers at this time. It would also ensure we can keep the regular weekly Sunday night 9pm slot EVERY week, rather than look at going fortnightly. There would be relief also in this route staving off the slightly premature retiral of some contributors and/or selling the Unique Property Bulletin.

 UPB Sample Cover

Early Version – Online Format Unique Property Bulletin

Any reader with a view on what way we should go, please email us? We don’t want to take a decision in any direction without consulting the most important constituent of the Unique Property Bulletin. That is you, our friends; readers; visitors; unique buyers and unique property sellers.

We would really appreciate your input….

Please Cick Here: To Give Your Views

Thank you.

All the very best,

The Unique Property Bulletin Team


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