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Unique Property Bulletin 29 March 2015

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Mirror House 2 (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Now You See It [Above]. Then It Is Almost Invisible [Below]….

AAA Mirror House Amazing Spaces - Unique Property Bulletin

The “Mirror House” Initiative. Photograph (c) 2015 Treehotel AB.

Mirror House 3 Interior RSZ

Mirror Treehouse Interior: Remarkably Luxurious (c) Treehotel AB

UK Import Versions & More For Sale Via Unique Property Syndicate

Around 3 years ago we included the wonderful “Mirror House” on the pages of our Unique Property Bulletin website.

This edition we have a feature that includes the “Mirror House” as pictured above, plus various other unique tree hotel architectural wonders from this inspitational cadre of holiday pods. However, our aim now is to look and see if we can marry building a modest selection of these architect designed properties with the significant number of folk interested in a 19th Unique Property Syndicate. Importing these fabulous buildings from Sweden to Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Plus an open invitation for some UK flavoured architect designs within a suitable place – or places – around Britain. There is a summary below for our speed-readers, with a more detailed account that follows for those who seek additional information. Along with informative weblinks to help those of a forensic disposition look into whether this is a syndicate project that might just be something to consider becoming part of.

Feature details at the foot of this page.

========= Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow =========


Former Goole Magistrates Court, Estcourt Terrace, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 5AF

Former Goole Magistrates Court, Estcourt Terrace, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 5AF

These odd lots of old magistrate courts seem to have a following. There are certain genres of unusual property that have a popularity we cannot quite figure out. For all that, this is a handsome building and the guide is not a lot of money. So for the edification and contemplation of our eclectic readership, here we go a courting again. Just in case you ever wondered what the view is like from the judge’s seat, here goes…

Bench View - Former Goole Magistrates Court, Estcourt Terrace, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 5AF

The View From The Judgement Seat

Curiously there is a lift included: the up-and-down variety, not the lift by Old Bill.

This property consists of a two storey mid terrace former magistrates court, with a mixture of meeting rooms, offices, facilities and two court rooms. As mentioned, there is the lift to first floor level.

Cells not included. Beneath the building there are cells which fall within the adjacent Police Station’s demise.

Guide £50,000 – Note, this is a long leasehold of 125 years [at a peppercorn rent]

Location: Former Goole Magistrates Court, Estcourt Terrace, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 5AF

Further Details: Click Here For Online Brochure

Contact – Pugh Auctioneers Tel: 0844 2 722444


Converted Lighthouse Engine Rooms

For Sale

 Strathy Engine Room Sea Facing Aspect Red Line Title RSZ

Strathy Lighthouse Engine Room House Conversion

Parts For Sale Outlined In Red

Above Aspect Facing Out To Seaview

A year or so ago we thought this one had gone and sold. Sadly bad news for the owners – but possibly good luck for lighthouse building buyers, this spectacularly located lighthouse building has returned to the for sale list. If you are one of our earlier readers who emailed in, wishing to view/buy this property and were advised by the owner they had shaken hands with an earlier buyer – we have to advise that deal has gone off the rails as the buyer couldn’t complete. The owner has been highly principled throughout the earlier prospective sale and given the old buyer a good period of grace and exclusivity to sort out their position. That buyer’s loss. But hey ho, these things happen.

So if you fancy one of the best spots at the Strathy Lighthouse Compound [front corner with first class sea views] then don’t delay. The owner is likely to shake hands again with the first serious buyer, so you may need to get a move on in order to avoid being locked out of what is a beautiful property deal.

PLEASE NOTE, This is NOT the smaller Bothy building to the south for sale, but the larger one bedroom totally refurbished former Engine Room that has returned to the sale list. You are recommended to check out the very thorough refurbishment plans available via the online link below.

Location: The Old Lighthouse Engine Room House, Strathy Point Lighthouse, By Thurso, Caithness & Sutherland, KW14 7RY.

Guide: £90,000

Further Details: Click Here For The Online Brochure

Contact: Click Here For Introduction To The Seller


Apologies: Due To Unforseen Matters We Need To Put The Next Issue Back One Week.

Regular readers will know how we very much dislike missing an edition or any slippage. In four years it has only happened twice. However, we are currently 2 volunteers down and a third has had a bit of an emergency. So we have to put the 12th April edition back a week and it will now go online:-

9pm on 19th April 2015.

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Rossall Point Observation Tower (c) Phil Platt

Rossall Point Observation Tower (c) Phil Platt

Just one example. Our sort of unique! Completed in 2013, and open to the public.

The above coastguard building is a wonderful piece of eccentric style and inspiration that might, just might have some readers looking up the architect of this amazing seaview design to help them with their project. Just wanted to start this thankyou with a picture. However we digress.

The volunteers here at the Unique Property Bulletin would like to say thankyou to all of our readers. Not least for helping us share news about unusual property that all like minded friends, colleagues and readers here can consider as a new and genuinely unique home.

Over 25 years ago when we started an obscure paper format Unique Property Bulletin we were over the moon when the thing hit 1,000 copies. Bulletin paper collating parties, envelope filling and stamp sticking were a mixed chore between banter and effort. But the spirit of kinship was growing. We managed at the Bulletin’s paper peak to print 3,500. Heady days indeed. Or so we thought. Then kicking and fighting against modern IT we got dragged into the internet age.

Now we just got news from our IT Bod, that in January 2015 after just four years online we have over…


… regular readers. That is more than some major mainstream regional newspapers’ report – statistics at the bottom of this link page. Esteemed company indeed. On par with titles such as The Bristol Evening Post, The Yorkshire Post and the Edinburgh Evening News.

What is often not realised is that with such a large demographic of readers in all parts of Britain, this is how we have 40 to 50 interesting properties each week, scoped out by many of our 40,000 property sleuths. This shared selection is then distilled into 10 or so featured properties in each fortnightly Bulletin.

In fact when this was discussed further, we have found out from our IT person that adding our sister websites together: Lighthouses For Sale and: Grand Designs For Sale plus: Bulletin Reader Research Archives, etc.

The total readership has just tipped over the…


…mark. That is more than the Financial Times! Brain boggling. So with all of this in mind, there is just one thing to say from us to you: a heartfelt,



Beautiful Old Chapel

Sepia Style: & With Full Planning Permission

The Old Chapel, New Road, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6BJ. Days Gone By

Olden Times: The Old Chapel, New Road, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6BJ.

Exclusively for Unique Property Bulletin readers we have this substantial Methodist Chapel which has planning consent to be converted into a large, luxury 3 to 4 bedroom home.

Approximately £100,000 has already been spent so far in refurbishment. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the owners are now having to pass the baton to a new owner and sell up. So we are helping them find someone who can see the potential in the old Sepia photograph above and what it can become.

Guide: £290,000 “as is”.

Tenure: Freehold.

Further Details: Click Here For Online Brochure

Contact Via Unique Property Bulletin: Click Here.


Barn With Plans

Leswidden Courtyard Barn, Leswidden, St. Just,  Penzance TR19 7RU

Leswidden Courtyard Barn, Leswidden, St. Just, Penzance, TR19 7RU

This is a fairly diminutive lot, but sited on a decent sized plot. It failed to sell at auction, so there may be a bargain to be had here. The auctioneers/owners have been a wee bit shy about how much this piece of Penzance is being sold for.

But it has plans – conditional – for a reverse level dwelling house. Set in a third of an acre with an adjacent paddock.

Guide: Contact Auctioneers. Remember this is a failed to sell at auction property so you may have a bargain on your radar.

Further Details: Click Here.

Contact – Countrywide Property Auctions Tel: 0870 240 1140.


Primary Residence

Hirst Courtney & Temple Hirst Primary School, Hirst Courtney, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8QT

Hirst Courtney & Temple Hirst Primary School, Hirst Courtney, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8QT

This is an unusual looking building. Maybe not everyone’s choice, but it has potential, and we know some of our readers like this style. Especially the light flooding in through all of those windows – we just counted 168 panes of glass on this side alone! Also there is a nice big lump of land included – over 2 acres – which is very popular with many website members. As always with commercial property, the key advice is to check with the local planning authority that your proposals would stand a very good chance of getting through the planning permission change of use maze! Though given there are private residences on either side of this property, it should be a good case to present if you wished to make this your new home.

Guide: £125,000

Further Details: Click Here For Online Brochure

Contact – Pugh Auctions Tel: 0844 2 722444


Former Fishing Station

Beautiful View But A With Dark Secret!

 The Old Fishing Station, St Cyrus, By Montrose, DD10 0DQ

The Old Fishing Station, St Cyrus, By Montrose, DD10 0DQ

Plus Ice House Ruin. Plus Engine House and a spare House!

Also Included: The Kaim of Mathers Castle Ruin

This interesting property caught our eye, not least but it is fairly nearby and we had no idea of the dark munchity history that lay close by. Just that this is a very beautiful place. Ironic.

Before we go on, perhaps it is worth letting readers know some background to the tail: At the instructions of the King, the sheriff-chomping laird spent the rest of his life at Kaim of Mathers “poised between the land and sea on a cliff top near St Cyrus”. Fascinating history …

Click Here For The Gory Story!

However, the former fishing station seems to be a different building and sufficiently removed in this extensive 9 acre homestead, from the old history as to be just a property with it’s own more reputable history as a fishing station, now converted into an unusual home, and with fabulous views…

 Beach The Old Fishing Station, St Cyrus, By Montrose, DD10 0DQ

Sublime Private Beach: The Old Fishing Station, St Cyrus.

Is Sir Anthony Hopkin’s invitation for the beach barbeque in the post?

Guide: Offers Over £725,000 [possible 2 lot sub-division availability]

Further Details: Click Here For Online Brochure

Contact – Strutt & Parker Tel: 01463 723595 – Kevin Maley


Dual Website Backup:

Unique Property Bulletin

Webdown Directions Inc

Website Down? Internet Outages? (c) Directions Inc 

EVERY internet website from the largest to the smallest will likely have outages and go offline. A £56,000,000 fine and severe reputational damage was inflicted upon RBS because of a website outage: Ouch! So if you have a website, we recommend dualling it on SEPARATE webservers. That way you should help your readers avoid not being able to access your website. It is a truly horrible feeling when your website goes offline for whatever reason.

We experienced a very poor and unreliable webhosting firm [long since sacked] 4 years ago. It may seem odd, but one of our lot is ex-navy and they double-up for safety on everything. So transferring the belts-and-braces back up system thought process from the nautical to the digital seems to have helped. The suggestion was made to have TWO websites for Unique Property Bulletin. Slightly different domain names with one ending .ORG and the other .CO.UK

By hosting each on very separate webhosting systems the likelihood of BOTH our Bulletin websites going offline in a manner similar to the RBS internet crash is very remote. It is reasonable insulation to protect our readers from outages.

What does all this mean?

If ever you find one of our websites goes offline – even just for 10 minutes – you can always nip across to the near identical sister website:- Our two main Bulletin websites are at:

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PLEASE, if you too have a website of your own, then consider taking a backup precaution to avoid what can be untold misery that website crashes can cause. Though for the internet savvy there are several other ways to protect your readers and your website: Click Here.


Fire Station Sale?


Rochdale fire station, Maclure Road Photo By David Dixon

Rochdale Fire Station, Maclure Road, Lancashire, OL11 1DN

Photo Courtesy of David Dixon

A Mancunian reader emailed the Bulletin asking about local fire stations for sale with a 50 mile radius of his current home. We checked utilising some property sleuthing techniques that have been successfully applied to lighthouse and similar purchases and utilsed these for our potential former-fire-station dweller. As a result we have something that looks like it may come up for sale and fit the bill. A magnificent structure with great potential – subject of course to planning permission. Ideal for a home and work combination project.

For sure the local authority have now published that this former fire station WILL be put on the open market in due course….

Fire Station Future? For Research Article Click Here

We are unsure whether our Manchester based reader’s second request to have a fire pole to slide down is within the candidate building.

However we can provide the heads-up to all those who love this style of building and the honourable life and service given in a previous architectural carnation. Hopefully the new owners can do justice to the building’s next stage.

As for price, contact details and way to bid on this magnificent fire station building, we will leave that to readers for a little practice in honing their own unique property detection skills. Though you could do a lot worse than reading a copy of the Unique Property Manual: Click Here.


Unique Property Manual

NOT Just For Locating Lighthouses For Sale…



Ivy Tower Rescued

The Old Tower, Whempstead Road, Benington, Stevenage, SG2 7BX RSZ

The Old Tower, Whempstead Road, Benington, Stevenage, SG2 7BX

Normally it is the damsel in distress aloft the tower needing rescued. Well maybe in medieval times. Nowadays we have the tower itself having been rescued. In fine style.

The Old Tower is an impressive conversion and renovation. Originally a water tower, the property has been transformed into a bright and unique home. Victorian in origin, the house retains the character and architecture of its day. With the four story tower rising up from in majestic, ivy-clad splendour.

Accommodation includes: 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 3 Receptions, Garage, Private Parking. Title is Freehold.

Guide: £1,350,000

Further Details: Click Here For Online Brochure

Contact – Humberts Property Tel: 020 7594 4746.


Unique Property Competition

For March + April 2015, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is:-

Competition Prize - Unique Property Bulletin

A Nice Note From The Bulletin To One Of Our Readers

This Is Our Modest Prize. Unless Requested, Payment Will Be Made By Cheque.

Competition Hint

Ye Love What Sam Saw”

Unique Property Bulletin Competition (c) Russ McLean March and April 2015

Unique Property Competition: Please Identify This Island (c) 2005 Russ McLean

Can You Name This Unique Island ?

The first correct entry for the name of unique property – out of the hat – wins the prize.

PLEASE NOTE: The prize is NOT the island, just the £50. Sorry we haven’t reached the level of prize value that enables real homes to be awarded to winners. Yet!

Best wishes and good luck from the Unique Property Bulletin Team

Free to enter. Just let us know have your competition answer by 30th April 2015. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Architecturally Unique

Please note, each week we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are NOT currently for sale, but are included to help inspire readers as to the talent that abounds when a good architect’s mind meets the imagination of a unique property person, and something that little bit special is created by the synergy.  

Off Piste ?

Normally we have a full set of details for a unique architect’s project at this section of the Bulletin. But this edition we are going off piste and having a mini-competition…

 Twenty Pound Note Prize

Mini Competition Prize – Free To Enter

Prize Draw Will Be Made On 30th April 2015

House In The Woods - Architect Competition

 The Client’s Wish Realised:

Small, Sharp & A Neat Contrast With Wooded Setting.

Topical Design, But Which Architect?

First you need to find out where it is? Hint – this amazing space is featured in one of the WEBLINKS that appear on this page. Then it is just a case of finding the name of the architect who designed this diminutive habitat and emailing the name of that architect to us for entry into the competition.

Click Here To Enter Architect Competition


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering for this edition is:-

American Airstream Caravan

Holiday Experience

 Airstream Caravan, Mill House, Haugh Road, Banham, NR16 2DE

Airstream Caravan, Mill House, Haugh Road, Banham, NR16 2DE

There are one or two of these Amazing Spaces style places to holiday at, around the Britain. They represent a unique part of American style and history. Some of the current owners of these UK based restoration projects are making them available for holiday use. Anyone seeking to restore such an American road-trip icon would surely enjoy a few days stay at an actual restored American Airstream. This particular 1955 Safari Airstream Caravan near Banham in Norfolk, is available for the an unique retro self-catering experience. Newly refurbished and ideally placed for exploring this beautiful part of East Anglia.

Another can be found at the Amazing Spaces television version in Somerset:-

Alternatively: The Amazing Spaces Version In Somerset

Back at the one in Banham, Norfolk, this is ready to go and visit. Not too much for a weekend away, plus a nice welcome hamper awaits. Secluded, stylish self-catering. Situated in a woodland area of a large private garden, with alfresco picnic bench. Our Airstream is fully equipped with hot and cold water and heating/airconditioning.

Guide: Banham Airstream Prices start at £50 for one night.

Banham Bookings & Other Rates: Click Here SCROLL DOWN THE WEBLINKED PAGE


Banham Contact Tel: 01953 860681



Unique Property Bulletin Main Article

This Edition’s Feature

Next Unique Adventure Candidates?

 Mirror House (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Mirror Tree House Hotel Room: Just One of Several Unique Structures!

Copyright 2015 Treehotel AB.


A few months ago, our most recent proposed Unique Property Syndicate candidate property was at the Dunnet Head Lighthouse Compound [Click Here]. With considerable work, and all round effort, a number of Bulletin readers joined in. We were able to submit a formal offer for this amazing set of properties. Unfortunately, we were outbid. C’est la vie. Notwithstanding this miss, we say onwards and upwards. That is how we have managed to complete 18 Unique Property Syndicates to date. Just don’t give up. So our next candidate is something altogether different. The Mirror House as pictured above, plus the newbuild of several other unique structures at an inaugural holiday compound [one of four to be cited around the Britain]. We illustrate a selection of the style of these holiday pods:-

  Treehouse Hotel Room Variety (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Another of Individual Designed Unique Swedish Tree Hotel Rooms!

Copyright 2015 Treehotel AB.

This time around our main candidate property objective is to buy the several acres of holiday compound that mirrors – an appropriate pun – the actual, and original Treehotel in Sweden. We are keen to follow the Swedish example here, via syndicate, in the UK. In essence, a selection of wonderful architectural delights that inhabit the woods adjacent to the Swedish Tree Hotel Complex. But we intend to do this in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We also look towards asking our inspirational Swedish Tree Hotel owners, Kent and Britte Lindvall, if/when they seek to sell their Treehotel Compound in Sweden, that we can buy it from them and join the Swedish Tree Hotel Compound within a core group of 4 British, and perhaps 2 European such tree hotel destinations.

The way we intend to accomplish this particular syndicate is initially buy a suitable holiday compound in Britain and then add some of the wonderful architect designed holiday pods to that existing complex.

The entry levels for this 19th syndicate will be by our readers/members buying individual properties within the UK candidate property. Ownership of the separate buildings will ALL be on the basis of 100% of the legal title of each individual property within the complex of EIGHT existing properties plus EIGHT land sites for NEW UK Treehotel structures to be built upon. Each syndicate member will choose their preferred building and/or holiday pod building-site within the candidate compound group of properties.

The syndicate solicitors will handle all the deeds, title demarcation and funds.

Exit route – if desired – will be via a public share issue once we have sufficient of what may well become “must visit” destination UK based Swedish style sites around the UK to make the legal and accountancy costs of a full plc share issue economically effective. Syndicate members can, of course keep ownership of their individual parts for personal enjoyment and/or income stream from holiday lettings. But do have the option of savouring the property for a while and then selling on if that is an attractive option.

In the past, syndicate members have enjoyed a decent financial surplus as reflected in the syndicate solicitors statement of accounts: Click Here.

If you would like further detail, please read the rest of this feature and/or feel free to contact us with specific questions via:-

Click Here To Enquire


Further Details

Proposed Unique Property Syndicate Number 19

 Log Cabins Snowy Ardgarry Farm, Faichem, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG

Back In The UK: Proposed Acquisition – Ardgarry Farm Holiday Compound: Snow Season

So what have we come up with? Well to start our UK wide search of four sites [England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland] there is a very suitable candidate holiday compound with 8 lovely acres for sale. The price tag may seem to some like a modest mountain to climb. But we have managed this level before. It is a good idea to recognise that there are 8 existing holiday pod sites which we intend to distil into separate 100% individual title ownerships. This means that the entry level of a quarter acre plot of ground [for a Treehotel style room to be built upon] will be around £20,000 [plus holiday pod build costs]. Moving up to circa £75,000 for one of the detached log cabins as pictured above. Other buildings on site available at whatever a valuation on these more substantial properties lead to.

 Log Cabins Summer Ardgarry Farm, Faichem, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG

Ardgarry Farm Holiday Compound: Log Cabin Area – Summer

Fancy One of These At Around £75,000?

A slight digression. We have in the past had couples who join together and buy one unit between them. So for example the log cabins in this candidate site that would be valued at a ballpark of £75,000, would effectively be owned by two friends/couples with for example: Joint Owner 1 paying £37,500 [half of the £75,000] for 1st January to 30th June and Joint Owner 2 utilising the property between 1 July to 31st December. Variations by mutual agreement of course. Added to which is a useful income from holidaymaker letting income [if desired]. There will be an onsite management company available if needed to assist letting out the log cabin [and other buildings]. A very nice holiday hideaway to own, and at a modest entry level for this Unique Property Syndicate.

For those wishing to buy a quarter acre plot of ground, and there is an amount of speculation here we are looking at £20,000 per building plot. You will need to add the architect fees, planning application, and unique holiday pod build costs to this. The aim is to achieve something along these lines…

 Treehouse Hotel Room Variety 2 (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Another Genre of Individual Unique Tree Hotel Rooms!

Copyright 2015 Treehotel AB.

It is not a requirement that we mirror the exact Treehotel style under license from the originators [though this is a very good route available to the newly adventurous syndicate member]. The beauty of this principle – the whole point of the Treehotel idea is for architects to be gifted their imagination, with guidance from each client, and come up with something amazing. The Swedish creations pictured in this Bulletin provide visual testimony as to how wondrous the designs such imagination can deliver. Also it must be mentioned that the individual detached holiday pods be built do NOT have to be up in the trees. They should aim to be unique. Whether above ground, on ground, or even underground!

It is also very IMPORTANT to understand that this syndicate is taking a measured risk. There is NO guarantee that additional planning permission will be given. However, our view and experience, is that with recent changes in planning law, coupled especially with the Scots planning protocols, there is a desire to help create jobs and boost tourism. Such a concept that has captured the imagination of the likes of ourselves, and in turn our recommendation to researchers at George Clarke’s television programme that they cover the Swedish style means a reasonable chance that planning permission would be given for such a unique project. Our friend George Clarke certainly managed to obtain such a style of planning permission…

 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Tree House Building

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Treehouse (c) United National Photographers

It is also worth mentioning that television presenter and architect George Clarke’s experience in Sweden enabled him to persuade UK planners to allow him to build a treehouse in a particularly sensitive area of natural beauty:

Click Here For George Clarke’s Tree House Details

Our planning applications for the additional unique forest holiday pods in an existing holiday compound should be helped by this precedent.


We now come to our candidate property. It is an 8 acre site with 8 existing buildings…

 House 2 Ardgarry Farm, Faichem, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG

Ardgarry Farm Holiday Compound: One of 8 Buildings

We are awaiting Land Registry Title Plans so as to work out how to instruct the syndicate lawyers to best distil separate titles for each Unique Property Syndicate member in relation to the various onsite properties and plots of land.

In essence, there are the existing 8 buildings that the syndicate lawyers will sort out individual separate ownership title for. Plus there will be 8 building plots, estimated at about a quarter of an acre each for the proposed unique property designs to be placed. Some ideas that already exist on this planet seem to be from somewhere else… Treehouse Hotel Room UFO (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Just Landed: The Swedish Treehotel UFO Holiday Rooms!

Copyright 2015 Treehotel AB.

The Swedish Treehotel link below leads to more wondrous examples, but we do have our own favourite, which is the Mirror Tree House. Though the Nest Treehouse is also pretty unique, and a very inviting and exciting place to consider holidaying at, let alone owning…

Treehouse Hotel Room Birds Nest (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

All Of A Twitter: Nesting On Holiday With The Birds

Copyright 2015 Treehotel AB.

The insides that the Swedish unique property holiday pods have are very comfortable with awesome views from atop…

Treehouse Hotel Room Interior (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Treehotel Interior & Views: Copyright 2015 Treehotel AB.

What would you need to do to progress some interest? Well in the past we have managed a lot of the process, but with this project there would be a good measure of co-operation and co-ordination. Not least because some folk will want just an investment that requires to be managed. So there would be an on-site holiday compound manager to handle the day to day running of the place.

There is also the level at which you would wish involvement in a syndicate such as this one. For example the log cabins are pretty much ready to go – to holiday in by the new owners, and also to be let to other holiday makers and have that income stream on tap. Either two friends at £37,500 each, or one buyer per log cabin at £75,000 for a detached building in a beautiful location.

Then there are the 8 new unique holiday structures to be designed and built on the 8 quarter acre plots. Each one of those will be an adventure in and of itself.

Finally for now, we have the prospect of further holiday complex purchases elsewhere in the UK. priority will be given to existing syndicate members.

There is of course a lot more to be considered, but for now we leave readers to review the estate agency brochure for Ardgarry Farm Holiday Compound:-

 Ardgarry Farm, Faichem, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG

Ardgarry Farm Holiday Compound: Site Entrance & Main Buildings

Location: Ardgarry Farm, Faichem, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG

Owners’ Website: Click Here

Selling Price For ALL of the Compound: Offers Over £725,000

Selling Agent Brochure: Click Here


Click Here

Unique Property Syndicate 19 entry level circa £20,000.

All funds and title deeds handled by the syndicate solicitors. Further narrative: Click Here For Syndicate Information


Further Reading:-

Click Here For The Mirror Cube House Details



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