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Converted Water Plant House

Water Softening Plant Unique 2 RSZ

An Inspirational Conversion (c) 2013 Savills

Click Here For Converted Water Plant – House Sale Details


Lighthouse Tower At Last  

Tod Head Lighthouse Tower For Sale (c) 2012 Russ McLean.

Tod Head Lighthouse Tower – Bulletin


Try Before You Buy

Water Tower Lymm Rental 5500pcm Lymm Water Tower, Cheshire – For Rent (c) 2013 Watersons/Owner’s Collection

As a tonic for something that really bothers us. The readers who write in and say “if only” or “maybe some day”. The thought that our readers could or would miss out on a wonderfull and unique lifestyle is genuinely upsetting to us. From summer 2013, the last listing of each Unique Property Bulletin we have a Try Before You Buy sample in each ediition. These really work. How? Why? Well our first Try Before You Buy was a small private island at £1 per year. Unbelievable you may think. We have the paperwork that such miracles – whilst VERY RARE – do happen. For details of that £1 island adventure you will need to buy a copy of

Unique Property Manual – Secrets

You have every right to be sceptical about that adventure. However the undeniable FACT is that you are reading this Unique Property Bulletin ! This website exists. Yes? Indeed it started over 25 years on that very island. However we digress. For now, if you fancy tying out a short weekend holiday, or even a year long lease of something unusual to Try Before You Buy, please keep an eye on the very last listing in each weekly Unique Property Bulletin

Listed At The Foot Of This Weblink – Click Here


Dr Where

From As Little As £2,600 – For Sale – A Real Tardis (c) 2012 Thomas Nugent.

For further details of this property and more, please click onto our Archive ….

Tardis Living

Also keep an eye on our weekly Unique Property Bulletin published at 9pm every Sunday night. There WILL be more Tardis Police Boxes for sale 😉


Please note – this page is under construction. Also it will change over time, as readers nominate their own favourites from the Unique Property Bulletin archives. Plus unusual properties that readers propose via the contact page.


Rare Isles – Time For A Shave?

An Affordable Island Paradise ? (c) 2012 Mr David Dixon.

This is an ideal idyll for many folk. Balnagowan Island has been for sale for well over a year now….

Balnagowan Island For Sale – Click Here

Maybe time to buy a copy of a book that can help shave hundreds of thousands of pounds off of the price of an island – by reading and research …

Unique Property Manual – Helps With Island Buying & Selling 


What Lays Beneath

UKWMO Royal Observer Corps Nuclear Bunker

Sold On Ebay £17,401 – But MIGHT Come Back Up For Sale.

Even if this ROC UKWMO doesn’t come back up for sale there are dozens upon dozens around the United Kingdom. When another comes up for sale we will do our absolute best to let you know..

Click Here For Nuclear Bunker Photos & Details 


Eco Perch – Philosophy of Enough

Eco Perch MAIN

Eco-Perch: Truly Unique Living (c) 2012 Blue Forest

The philosophy of “enough” – modest living. Unique Building. Unique Lifestyle

Eco Perch Design, Details & Contact – Please Click Here 


Grand Designs – Before

Grand Designs Kennington Water Tower 2 Stephen RichardsKennington Water Tower – Before Grand Designs (c) 2008 Stephen Richard 

This London Water Tower doesn’t look too promising before Kevin McCloud and the owners set to an exhausting renovation, but the “After” result was one of the all time top endeavours featured on the Grand Designs television programme. At Unique Property Bulletin we have been lucky enough to feature several properties from this first class series that have come up for sale.

This Grand Designs Water Tower is also now for sale ….

Kennington Water Tower Details – Please Click Here


UPB Top 10 – Number 9

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