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Unique Property Bulletin 13 July 2014

A Big ROTOR Nuclear Bunker

AAA Hope Cove ROTOR R6 Nuclear Bunker on Unique Property Bulletin

Hope Cove ROTOR R6 Bunker, Malborough, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 3BW

Regional Government In Case Of The Bad Big Bang

Have you seen it on the old sky photo from our front page? Can you see it from way up there? Well what you are looking for is camouflaged – as much as can be for something of this magnitude.

For some still unknown reason our Unique Property Bulletin statistics page goes kind off off the chart – like an ironic Geiger_Counter in some sort of synergy thing when it comes to radiation protective nuclear bunkers for sale. Our statistics boom shows great numbers of folk interested in underground ROC UKWMO Nuclear Bunkers. Our emails also reflect this. We still don’t know why. Suggestions on a postcard please.

Very occasionally we receive news of a big brother to the “Ordinary UKWMO” Bob Marshall illustration style of UKWMO bunker, to a bigger base up the chain of command comming up for sale. This time a much larger R6 Bunker is on the auction list.

Guide: £300,000

Our friends over at Subterranean History narrate a little of the background best…

Hope Cove ROTOR R6 Rotor Bunker, Plymouth

This site at Hope Cove, near Plymouth in Devon, was first used as a WW2 RAF station. Like many others of its type, it was later reused as the site for a Rotor bunker. The Rotor early warning Radar project began in the early 1950s as a result of the perceived threat of nuclear war. A series of Radar stations were constructed, which covered different sectors of the country. Standard types of bunker were built on these sites, named R1 to R11, some being surface bunkers, others being semi-sunken or completely underground. The bunker at Hope Cove is a R6 type, and therefore consists of a concrete structure above ground, with steps down to a semi-sunken level. In the late 1950s, the bunker was converted into a RSG (Regional Seat of Government), intended to be utilised if an attack had been made on the capital. Today, the interior of the bunker remains in excellent condition, and the filtration plant, generator and other items remain. It was sold to a private buyer in around 2003, and it is unknown what the intentions are for its future use.

This week we now know a little about the future. Hope Cove R6 Rotor Bunker will be sold. A lovely set of photographs – important visual detail for any prospective new owners can be found at:

 AAA Hope Cove ROTOR R6 A

Hope Cove ROTOR R6 Bunker, Malborough, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 3BW

Plus some other helpful information to share…

The sale is being conducted by Clive Emsons – By the way remember the FTSAA principle and keep an eye on what happens before, during and after this auction.

A further selection of very helpful photographs are also available from another set of friends we have at Subterranea Britannica:

A postscript for comparison. In June 2011 it was reported that Hope Cove ROTOR R6 was being marketed by Carter Jonas for £750,000.

The up to date online brochure at the £300,000 starting guide can be found here:

Bunker Bargain Time ???

Current agency can be contacted at …

Tel – Clive Emson: 01392 366555 – Scott Gray or Katie Semmens

Last but not least, all the comforts you might want in an armageddon-outta-here nuclear mole hole via here…


Can You See It Yet?

AAA Can You See It

This Week’s Top Unique Property Is, Or Was An Official Secret


Remember Buzby ?

AAA BT Mells

British Telecom, Telephone Exchange, Vobster Cross, Mells, Frome, Somerset, BA11 3RH

Guide: £50,000

Ever popular with Bulletin readers, we have another BT Telephone Repeater Exchange. Part of the former GPO Post Office empire made surplus when the need to amplify analogue telephone signals every few miles became redundant with new technology. Thereby releasing swathes of these interesting and often beautifully placed diminutive buildings.

For anyone curious about who BT Buzby was – from way back in 1976 – there is a cartoon on the following page that kind of summed him up…

BT – GPO History & A Bit of Buzby

Meanwhile the estate agents have the bulk of their website based on Rightmove and further details of this Frome property can be found here..

If you buy this particular BT Repeater Station, not only will Buzby become a distant relation of yours but Grand Designs iconic presenter and National Treasure Kevin_McCloud also lives nearby. Though we believe there is an unwritten rule you leave the chap alone. We certainly give the same respect to Sir Paul McCartney when he is in the area of this Bulletin birthplace. Though it is an immensely surreal thing to be in a queue at the local shop with one of the world’s most famous musicians politely standing his turn in front of you for the groceries. As we often say, that is a whole other story.

Further Details For This BT Station – Tel: McAllisters Estate Agents: 01373 453592


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A Bit of Boating Lake

AAA Bit of Boating Lake

Land & Part Boating Lake, Culver Parade, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8QA

Over 13 acres plus lots of water, which is a favourite feature for lots of Bulletin readers. Also how often can you say to your friends “we live next door to the dinosaurs” !  Even, and although this weekly website is written by dinosaurs – of the computer variety.

Guide £180,000. Remember FTSAA

Tel – Clive Emson: 01498 564606 – Rob Marchant or Mike Marchant


Water Tower Waiting

AAA Water Tower Rump

The Former Water Tower, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3XR

With sincere thanks to one of our Bulletin readers for flagging this interesting proposal up. Maybe Tiger Aspect Television would like to add this to the “candidate” list for the next series.

The site is relatively level with two redundant circular water tanks and the remaining part of the water tower. In total the plot extends to approximately 1.05 acres (0.43 hectares).

From the phoenix of this old water tower something marvellous, and genuinely unique may well arise…

 AAA Water Tower Potential

Architect’s Impression: The Former Water Tower, Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Guide: £300,000

Contact – Savills: 01392 455 700 – Katie Walker



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Over the next week or two we will have the appropriate buttons and widgets connecting this website to the social media facility. But it is well worth a look just now. A BIG thank you to Louise for all of her help and efforts


Wet, Wet, Wet.

AAA Wet 1 Farm Buildings and Lake, Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 2AE

This is the third water feature property included in this week’s Bulletin. Ever popular is the old H2O that we never tire of adding something unusual with an element of water about it.

This is parcel of land approximately 1.31 hectares (3.26 acres) which is separated into a lake with car-park plus a separately accessed site containing agricultural buildings with approximately 1,345 sq m (14,472 sq ft) of accommodation.

AAA Wet 2

Farm Buildings and Lake, Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, Preston.

Guide: £175,000

Contact – Pugh Auctioneers: Tel: 0844 2 722444



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This should yield your password and reveal the address, weblink and contact telephone number for each property on this page. Please note these properties CHANGE as this is a dynamic webpage is regularly updated remember to use your “F5” Button to refresh what appears on your screen and flush your old cache! We don’t want you missing any of the good stuff.

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Unique Property Competition

For this month, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a unique model...

AAA Miniature Windmill Prize Unique Property Bulletin July 2014Miniature Windmill Prize (c) 2010 Enesco Ltd

Model Based On The Real Thing ….

AAA Competition Neil Hanson

What is The Name Of This Windmill (c) 2014 Neil Hanson

The miniature model [NOT the REAL Windmill] is a very modest prize – for fun. Here is the

Competition Hint

We know what the name of the miniature is, but what is the name of the actual windmill upon which the model is based?

Free to enter. Just let us know your guess of who you think the above Competition Hint refers to? Please email your entry to us by 31st July 2014. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page



AAA F and C

Lenham Road, Harrietsham, Kent, ME17 1NA

More water features. This time at the high end of the market. A building created from a former water works.

Agent Summary: This unique home was primarily constructed in 2009 within the western shell of a disused reservoir that formerly served the needs of nearby villages. Retaining much of the structural integrity of the reservoir this high specification property offers enormous luxury and refinement throughout.

Guide: £2,500,000

Tel – Fine & Country: 01580 715000


Architecturally Unique

The Phinney Residence

AAA Chris Pardo Phinney Resdence Unique Property Bulletin Architect of the Week

Crisp, Smart & Unique (c) Chris Pardo Architects

Chris Pardo Design, Elemental Architecture

1520 11th Ave, Seattle, WA, USA.

Tel: 206.329.1654

Contact Chris Pardo Architects For Inspirational Design


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering this week is:

Beach Tower

AAA Luttrell

Luttrell’s Tower, Eaglehurst, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 1AA

It is reported the tower was built around 1780 for Temple Simon Luttrell by Thomas Sandby, who was a founder member and first Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy. Temple Luttrell was a Member of Parliament. Documentation in the tower suggests there may have been tunnels from the base of the tower into the cellars of Eaglehurst House; if so they are now blocked up.

Sleeps 4 = 4 nights from from £623.00

Equivalent to £38.94 per person per night


Tel – The Landmark Trust: 01628 825925


Unique Property Bulletin Editorial

Unique Diminutive Detective

AAA Enesco Pocket Guide As featured on Unique Property Bulletin

Lilliput Lane Pocket Guide (c) 1998 Viv Marston & Don Gibson

This week is a gentler pace. A very economic way to locate unusual property – though not as economic as checking in with Unique Property Bulletin online each week for free.

This small book with several hundred miniature buildings pictured and listed will cost around £1.99 from a well known internet site. Or better still from the authors direct with a fair price going to them for a lot of research and work: Viv Marston, 3 Netherend Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8PF.

So what does modest few pounds acquire for us?

AAA Enesco Pocket Guide Interior As featured on Unique Property Bulletin

Lilliput Lane Pocket Guide (c) 1998 Viv Marston & Don Gibson

Seriously, this diminutive little book is a real heavyweight in your and our endeavours. Each of the 220+ pages has four miniature models listed.

Below we can vividly and factually show why this is such a useful source of information. Regular Bulletin friends and readers may recall we featured the Turner landscape painted Rossett Mill for sale a while back. That was at the end of a wander around a small book as featured above. Starting from Dunster Mill. It is from within the pages of such a useful pocket guide we can go from a fine sculpted miniature to the real thing upon which the model is based:

 AAA Dunster Mill Miniature 2 RSZ

Miniature Model of Dunster Mill (c) Enesco

Leading to the location of a real version …

AAA Dunster Watermill MAIN RSZ

The Real Working Dunster Water Mill

Mill Lane, Dunster Near Minehead, Somerset, TA24 6SW


This working watermill at Dunster set us on an internet meander which resulted in another miniature watermill being found. This time the Rossett Mill – which fortunately for Bulletin readers was discovered to be for sale at that time.

AAA Rossett Watermill Miniature

Rossett Mill Miniature (c) Enesco.

This little gem of a model led to a wonderful real life find …

AAA Rossett Watermill Roger May

Rossett Watermill For Sale (c) 2012 Roger May

Who would imagine that a small book listing, albeit several hundred miniature models of unusual buildings, could lead to such a magnificent find of a truly unique building for sale? It just goes to show that there are a myriad of ways to detect unusual buildings for inclusion in each Bulletin.

Originally we featured Rossett Watermill for sale in the Unique Property Bulletin of 1st April 2012. Even then the starting price of £1,250,000 had been reduced to £1,100,000. But over time, some very lucky unique property enthusiast negotiated a final purchase price of £641,500. That is over half a million pounds saved off of the original advertised price.

We know not whether it was one of our Bulletin reader that bought this marvellous watermill. But we do know that Bulletin readers end up buying what has been featured – whether on the old paper format or the newer online version of our publication.

Today we give just an example or two to show how fishing around for interesting places to live and call home can be accomplished. All for a few pounds on a small reference book and an interest in what are actually exquisitely created miniature designs.

A few more examples – all based on real buildings:-

Our favourite is the octagonal sky sighted structural construction – architecturally very interesting – named “The Great Equatorial”. What a job it would be to get such a newbuild design version of this through the rigours of planning permission nowadays:-

 AAA Great Equitorial Observatory RSZ

Miniature Version “The Great Equatorial” (c) Enesco

This miniature, like many of the hundreds of unique properties featured in the little book pictured above is based upon the real building: the famous observatory:-

AAA Great Equatorial

A delight for those interested in the stars above.

A couple more favourite real life unique properties from these amazing miniatures, then it is over to you, the reader to sleuth out that unique property of your own particular taste. We wish you well, and please consider letting  us know how you get on? Next The Hermitage:-

AAA Hermitage

The Hermitage (c) Enesco. Originates from Dorney Court…

Click Here To See Photograps of the Actual Building

Also Click Here For Dorney Court Website

Following The Hermitage, we end this editorial with a sculpture named Pretty As A Picture

AAA Pretty As A Picture Mentmore Lodge

Mentmore Lodge Sculpture Titled “Pretty As A Picture” (c) Enesco


This weblink …

…brings us to the actual building. Whilst not for sale at this time, it does still indicate that a small pocket book, featured as the theme of this week’s editorial, can yield some amazing unique properties. Every now then we can strike gold dust from this sort of lateral thought property sleuthing, when something of the calibre of Rossett Watermill does come up for sale.

AAA Pretty As A Picture Mentmore Lodge Rob Farrow

Mentmore Lodge As It Is In Real Life (c) Rob Farrow

For this edition of the Bulletin we will just about leave it at that. With the solid recommendation that you consider acquiring a copy of Viv Marston and Don Gibson’s reference book. It can give you many interesting building leads to follow up. Also if you do end up buying a real life version, what better memento to mark the true uniqueness of your new home than to have it immortalised in miniature!

Whilst preparing the above editorial for this week’s Bulletin, we discovered this excellent website which does a first class job of illustrating our point with real examples, and is well worth having a look around:-


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