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Unique Property Bulletin 28 June 2015

This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

The Dream Home: Making It Happen

Back To The Future

Littlequoy & Hunda 3

Hunda Island, Burray

How Small Syndicates Can Grow Into Making Big Dreams Come True

Seventeen years ago the Unique Property Bulletin featured an old wreck of a building which we fell in love with. Three friends from the Bulletin then joined together. Two sent £6,000 to our solicitor and one sent £12,000. The resultant £24,000 was destined to the owner of a spectacular Art Deco structure on the renowned Mull of Kintyre. Long story short (covered in the Feature Article below) the £24,000 building ended up not being kept, but was resold by us via our backup “Plan B”. This accidentally resulted in over £102,500 resale proceeds coming back into our solicitors. A nice accident! When the enhanced solicitor’s property resale cheques arrived through the letterboxes belonging to each of the friends, there were very big smiles all round. The pot grew and grew with many unusual property adventures along the way.

This process has enabled our growing group of unique property syndicate members to go from a very modest £6,000 “entrée” to a collegiate dream of buying what was ostensibly an island…

Ailsa Craig Ian 747 Woody

Our Beloved Ailsa Craig Island (c) 747-Woody

A Unique Property Adventure Made Real

Helicopter not included. Though oddly enough, the island helipad was included in the ownership.

Bringing all this up to the present time – 31st May 2015 – in that Bulletin edition, we featured a new syndicate, with our lucky number £6,000 being the entry level for parts of an old Tower at Kinfauns. The resultant number of emails we received showing interest was a (very pleasant) surprise. Several emails were from folk who were “definite” about joining. It was also really nice that folk got it – understood the fun these asset backed unique property adventures have within them.

Like the film Back To The Future, and just for a bit of enjoyment of it, we want to show a similar style of end result to the 1998 start of all this. From a few folk back then with a £6,000 stake in a small and relatively obscure unusual property, we ended up with a unique set of former lighthouse keepers’ homes on Ailsa Craig Island (click here). This time round, just to show where our syndicate members could end up, we illustrate the unique Hunda Island as pictured above – having come onto the sale market recently. Also there is a very interesting syndicate proposition over on the West Coast at Tanera Mòr Island with a wonderful proposition that has many acres of land and 10 houses. Such an island with individual dwellings would lend itself to being distilled into bite sized chunks with a house and several acres for each syndicate member at very affordable prices. Rather than the relatively indigestible £1,950,000 price tag for the whole island at Tanera Mòr. Single houses, if bought via unique property syndicate would average at around £195,000 per detached house, and that £195,000 can be grown from a seedcorn of £6,000. 17 years of practical experience has shown this to be eminently possible. We are happy to share the experiences.


For Sale: Isle Of Tanera Mòr, Achiltibuie, Ullapool, Ross-Shire, IV26 2YN – Photo (c) Chris S.

Well worth looking at the various houses via the lovely photographs…

Click Here For Tanera Mòr Agency Details

Please Note: If you are interested in buying just ONE of the 10 houses on Tanera Mòr Island, – ranging from £50,000 to £240,000 per house and around 4 acres of land – please note this option is only available via coordinated effort via Unique Property Bulletin: click here to ask for more details.

Back to Ailsa Craig Island – this is just one example of where small beginnings of a £6,000-per-member syndicate adventures can end up. It worked well in the past with much experience gained over 18 previous unique property syndicates, Maybe we can go Back To The Future and have another journey of interest with unique places to buy, sell, buy and then live in?

Feature details at the foot of this page.


======= Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow =======

Yorkshire Nuclear Bunker Makes Your Heartbeat?

UKWMO Goathland 1c

UKWMO Goathland, North Yorkshire – Photo T-Totaled

We like to cover all price ranges and all areas of the UK. From ten million pound London Underground Stations, to this more modest, but popular genre of UKWMO underground nuclear bunkers, like the current one we have for sale guided at £19,500. This example was sent to us directly from the owner who has, after many years, decided to sell.

UKWMO Goathland 1b

UKWMO Goathland (c) Courtesy of Mr Jack Hanlon

Click Here To View Bob Marshall’s Excellent Drawing: UKWMO Accommodation Below Ground

We understand that Goathland is where the television series Heartbeat (photo montage click here) (and here) was filmed. Not too sure if they ever had an episode with an underground bunker in it, but looks like a very nice place to visit and tour around.

Location: ROC UKWMO Goathland Bunker, Goathland, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO22 5LX / YO22 5LY

Guide: £19,500

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here


Affordable Unique…

Making £500,000 Price More Digestible At £79,000 Per House

Lighthouse Cottages, Rattray Head, Rattray, Peterhead.

Lighthouse Cottages, Rattray Head, Rattray, Peterhead.

Whether you are looking to buy a unique property for investment and holiday rental return (plus nice holidays yourself when the former lighthouse keepers’ houses aren’t rented and have a vacant spell), or you are looking to escape the rat-race and live permanently in a splendid location with, for example 11 miles of beaches and divine sea views, then this may just be for you.

We have 2 places left from the 5 on the proposed Rattray Head Lighthouse Station syndicate. Please note the lighthouse TOWER is NOT for sale – it is the shore-side station close to the lighthouse that is being sold off.

Location: Lighthouse Cottages, Rattray Head, Rattray, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. AB42 3HA.

Guide – Starting From £79,000 per Former Lighthouse Keeper’s House. Ideal for investment/buy-to-let, or as a beautiful home location.

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here


Little Bank, Small Withdrawal

Cumbrian Cash Goes A Long Way


Old Bank, 15 Main Street, Milnthorpe, Cumbria

The Lake District is an exceptionally beautiful part of the country. The property prices reflect the popularity of this area. So we are keen to feature this diminutive little detached building, which is just a few miles from the wonderful Lake Windermere and Coniston Water. The guide price is just pennies compared to many properties in the location. In fact it is more than likely this little bank has usually had more than £40,000 within it’s walls at any given time (in the past). An odd thought given that the real and physical building has a value less than the paper notes it once housed.

We also have a keen interest in old banks given our own adventures buying one – as narrated on one of our sister websites here.

For anyone who has had the difficulty trying to persuade an obdurate bank manager that a unique building is real and worthy of mortgage assistance, the actuality of buying the old place of work of that stubborn mortgage naysayer carries a huge amount of satisfaction, and a fair dose or irony. Though that is another story for another day. If you do buy this little bank in Cumbria, maybe let us know how you get on? Thanks.

Location: Old Bank, 15 Main Street, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7TZ

Guide: £40,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Roy Pugh Auctions – Tel 0844 2 722444


Air Control Tower – Flight Delayed

The Auction of This WWII Air Icon Is Postponed

Air Control Tower, Winkleigh Airfield
Air Control Tower, Winkleigh Airfield, Winkleigh, Devon.

We know at least one Bulletin reader who went up to look at this former Air Control Tower in Devon. Though from our understanding the notice period between becoming aware of the sale and the auction date was too short to sort out due-diligence etc. For some reason this property entry into auction is now marked as “postponed”. Maybe it’s the old memory, but shortly after the auction it seemed to be listed as “sold”. Not too sure what the story is, though for those who like old WWII Air Control Towers, this is one worth keeping an eye on.

If you would like a little inspiration on what can be managed with an old control tower, perhaps take a look at a completed renovation…

There is an amazing “fly-through” artists impression to watch too…

Click On The Picture Above To Watch The Video
For Inspiration – Clathymore Air Control Tower

With regard to the Devonian Air Control Tower for sale at a guide of £35,000 – the former RAF watch tower was part of a night fighter station during the Second World War and we understand that this building is listed by English Heritage as a Scheduled Monument. External viewing only. Any internal viewing is at VISITORS RISK.

Some research, insight and plenty of interesting photographs…

Guide: Previously Listed At – £35,000. SET IN 9 ACRES OF LAND

Location: Air Control Tower, Winkleigh Airfield, Winkleigh, Devon. EX19 8EZ.

Further Details: Click Here (Currently marked as “postponed” but worth keeping an eye on).

Contact – Clive Emson Auctions Tel: 01392 366555 – Scott Gray or Katie Semmens.


Price Reduction

Chapel With Plans

The Old Chapel Chatteris

The Old Chapel, New Road, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6BJ.

The owners have just advised us that the price for this impressive building at Cambridgeshire has been reduced from £265,000 to £249,995.

It is a partially restored, former Methodist Chapel which has planning consent granted for conversion to a large, luxury 3-4 bedroom home. Included therein are a with a master suite consisting of large bedroom, en-suite and dressing room on a mezzanine level (to be installed). Formal separate sitting room and a huge open plan main living area, consisting of living/dining area, kitchen, toilet and storage cupboard. Work has been started on the property and approximately £100,000 has been spent so far.

The ground floor area is approximately 2368.1 square feet or 220 square metres.

Location: The Old Chapel, New Road, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6BJ.

Guide: Was £265,000 – Now £249,995.

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here


Baronial Castle Lodge

East Lodge, Castle Grant, Grantown on Spey, Morayshire

East Lodge, Castle Grant, Grantown-on-Spey

Alert reader may recall we featured the former Ranger’s football owner, Craig Whyte was having his castle sold off by the mortgage company (Click Here).

Indeed after that event, it was one of our alert readers who spotted that the Castle Grant East Lodge has also come up for sale separately to the main castle (thankyou to our eagle eyed friend for emailing this one in).

It is a splendid looking lodge. There are several very nice pictures for Bulletin readers to enjoy – just click the ‘Further Details’ weblink below.

Location: East Lodge, Castle Grant, Grantown-on-spey, Morayshire, PH26 3PS.

Guide: £335,000.

Further Details: Click Here

Contact Strutt & Parker: Tel 01463 719171 – Suzanne Moss



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Bulletin Fishing!

Today’s Landing – From Way Back In 2012…

Not Quite Done Asking!

Dunaskin Iron Works, Waterside, Dunaskin, KA6 7JH

Former Dunaskin Iron Works, Waterside, Dunaskin, KA6 7JH

The auctioneer trails this former iron works … “Price Reduction – Previous Guide Price £75,000 + Substantial 4.41 Acre Site”.

Previously featured in the Bulletin on 22nd January 2012…

Unique Property Bulletin Archives – Dunaskin Iron Works

It is a lot of land and property for the money. But what to do with it? What to keep, and what should go?

Questions you might be able to answer. A vision of the future for this interesting site might be brought forward if you stick your paw in the air at the auction and the gavel cracks the oak bench in your favour.

Location: Former Dunaskin Iron Works, Waterside, Dunaskin, KA6 7JH

Guide: Was £75,000. Now: £46,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: 0141-632-6599


Hamish MacBeth’s Village

Private Mooring & House

The Pink House

The Pink House, Cooper Street, Plockton.
A Fairly Rare Feature – Your Own Private Mooring.

Okay, so this house isn’t as unique as many we feature – though it has a lot of charm. What does stand out, and we are bias is Hamish MacBeth’s village location. The place is sublime. Plus you have a lovely back garden and your own private mooring just a short way from the old Hamish MacBeth television series police station.

If you haven’t seen this rural television police series with Robert Carlyle, or the location, here is a clip…

Click The Picture Above To View The Video

One of our favourite features from this series is the location. and can be seen via the Calum video stream…

Calum’s Live Webcam – Click Here

This is really cool as you can direct the webcam from your computer keyboard – whether nearby in Inverness, further afield in London, or even as some of our readers do, via Australia, New Zealand, America or Canada.

The original Hamish MacBeth television series episodes were filmed in Plockton between 26 March 1995 to 4th May 1997, early on in the career of actor Robert Carlyle. Whilst listing the current Plockton/Loch Dubh property, we were thinking – would there be any interest from those Unique Property Bulletin readers who are so minded to ask the production company if Robert Carlyle might reprise his role as the unique policeman, say for a final 3 years/series running up to his retirement from Loch Dubh Police Station? Please email us if you have a view on this: Click Here.

Location: The Pink House, Cooper Street, Plockton, Highland, IV52 8TJ

Guide: £345,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: 01463 224343


Unique Property Competition

Total Prize Fund £220

We have been moved, almost beyond words at the generosity of our annual fundraising effort for the Bulletin’s burgeoning webhosting fees. But recently one of our regular readers has said we need to boost the competition prize from a measly £20. She has taken out a photo-box-ad for a year on the condition we put those funds towards a more handsome prize. So here goes with the new enhanced Unique Property Bulletin competition.

For May + June 2015, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is different than normal. First we have a modest prize of:-

Twenty Pound Note Prize

A £20 Prize For The Winner Who Identifies This Waterside Location...

Unique Property Bulletin May and June Competition ID

Wet Wreck or Waterside Winner?

A second, and additional separate prize draw of £200 To The Winner Who Identifies The Owner of this derelict utilitarian structure -with a lot of potential subject to planning permission and a magician of an architect. C’mon, get your property sleuthing brain into gear. We have two of these £100 notes for the main prize (and £20 for second prize)…

Unique Property Bulletin Prize £100 Note Obverse

First Prize = TWO of These Notes (or a cheque for £200 if you prefer).

The winner of either/both prizes is the first drawn from our Competition Box on 30th June 2015.

Competition Hint

“An Iconic View – But Not Too Far

We are hoping to encourage the property sleuthing abilities each and every reader has with this edition’s competition. Best wishes and good luck from the Unique Property Bulletin Team

Email free entries to Unique Property Bulletin:-

Click Here For Competition Entry Contact Page


Old Radar Station

Radar Station, Ware Road, Dirleton, North Berwick, East Lothian, EH39 5HP C

Lysander House, Ware Road, Dirleton, North Berwick

This former radar station conversion occupies a wonderful, rural location to the north of Dirleton, between the village and Yellowcraig beach. The house, which was formerly a World War 2 radar station, was converted by the current owners into the truly magnificent home that it is today. The extensive accommodation is arranged over ground and first floors and is ideal for family living and entertaining on a grand scale. The architecture is cutting-edge, with clean lines and a fabulous quality of finish throughout.

An amazing transformation from this….

Radar Station at Dirleton

North Dirleton Radar Station

Radar Station at Dirleton OLD Floorplan

OLD Plan Drawings of The North Dirleton Radar Station

To this….

Radar Station, Ware Road, Dirleton, North Berwick, East Lothian, EH39 5HP B

Lysander House, Ware Road, Dirleton, North Berwick

Location: Lysander House, Ware Road, Dirleton, North Berwick, East Lothian, EH39 5HP

Guide: £2,500,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: 0131 226 2500 – Malcolm Leslie


Magnificent Mansion Restoration Project
Isle of Wight

Appuldurcombe Estate, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1

Appuldurcombe Estate, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Okay, so this is at the top end of most readers’ budget. But just click on the estate agency link below and scroll through the photographs.

Appuldurcombe Estate, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight 2

Roofless Ruin – Just Part of Appuldurcombe Estate, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

What an adventure there is to be had with this one. There are lots of buildings to play with that are included in the price.

For example….

Appuldurcombe Estate Cottages – Click Here

Appuldurcombe Estate, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight 3

Many Estate Buildings Are Fully Functional: Appuldurcombe Estate, Isle of Wight

The Estate Includes:-

Grade I Listed mansion (ruined)
Six Grade II Listed holiday cottages
Falconry centre
Indoor soft play area
18th Century four bedroom farmhouse with self-contained two bedroom annexe
5 bedroom barn conversion
EPC Rating = G. The Mansion doesn’t quite have an EPC rating as it is a bit draughty, with no roof and that!

Location: Appuldurcombe Estate, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 3EW

Guide: £6,000,000

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Savills Tel 020 7016 3780 – Alex Lawson


Architecturally Unique

Please note, each edition we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are usually NOT currently for sale, but are included to help inspire readers as to the talent that abounds when a good architect’s mind meets the imagination of a unique property person, and something that little bit special is created by the synergy.

Round House

Water Completes The Circle

Round House Peter Vetch

The Round House By Architect Peter Vetsch

This edition we feature some of the earth-dwelling style work of renowned architect Peter Vetsch. Apart from the visual impact of such amazing places to live…

Vetsch Architecture – Earth Houses – Click Here

…there are sound ecological and economic reasons for going this way. Well worth exploring Peter Vetsch’s website where there are a host of amazing places to live…

Vetsch Architecture – The Vision

So Our Top & Commended Architects For This Unique Property Bulletin Are:-

Vetsch Architektur AG

Further Details:-

Mr Peter Vetsch
Vetsch Architektur AG
Hammerstrasse 43
8008 Zürich

Contact: Click Here

Congratulations on really imaginative architecture that inspires the mind.


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering for this edition are the:-

 Holidays – House in the Clouds

ouse in the Clouds, Uplands Road, Thorpeness, Leiston, Suffolk, IP16 4NQ PHOTO Ian Capper
House in the Clouds, Uplands Road, Thorpeness, Leiston, Suffolk (c) Ian Capper

We first featured this property in the old paper version of Unique Property Bulletin over 20 years ago. So it is really time we let anyone who hasn’t yet come across this wonder know about the possibility of spending a few days on holiday here. Especially if you are thinking of buying your very own tower property and would like to experience what it is like to live on several floors, ultimately headed towards the clouds!

Located on the beautiful Suffolk Heritage Coast. Close to Aldeburgh, Snape Maltings and home of the festival, to Minsmere and other bird and nature reserves there is lots to experience, above and beyond a few days in a room with an ultimate view up in the clouds…

Photo Motage – Click Here

Location: House in the Clouds, Uplands Road, Thorpeness, Leiston, Suffolk, IP16 4NQ

Guide: From £525 – Click Here. There is a considerable amount of holiday accommodation included for the price: Click Here To See. If split between four or more holiday participants, then this magnificent and memorable holiday destination is very good value for money – when compared to the generic motorway lodge motel with every room of a generic nature. Why have a view oevr a motorway car park, when you can stay in the clouds and see for miles.

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here



This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

The Dream Home: Making It Happen

Back To The Future

Littlequoy & Hunda Headline MAIN

One Example of The Eventual Destination Style – The Unique Hunda Island.

Transforming Impossible Dreams Into Reality.


We Illustrate Previous Small Unique Property Syndicates That Have Grown To Big Adventures

This process has enabled our growing group of unique property syndicate members to go from a very modest £6,000 “entrée” to a collegiate dream of buying what was ostensibly an island. Back in the late 1990s our island of choice was Ailsa Craig. But even 17 years later, we can show how it is possible to progress from relatively small property adventures and evolve these in a way to acquire more unique projects in the future – for example Hunda Island (pictured above) or Tanera Mor Island (detailed further down this page). First we begin by describing the actual and factual start to the Bulletin adventures with Unique Property Syndicates

Keil Hotel UPS1 Main

Keil Hotel, Mull of Kintyre – An Oldie But Goody (c) 1998 Unique Property Bulletin

In the old paper version of Unique Property Bulletin during 1998, we succumbed to the urge of buying one of the featured properties. It was un-mortgageable and in a bit of a ruinous state, but a fabulous location with sea-views over the North Channel to Northern Ireland and close to the Mull of Kintyre. Three friends from the Bulletin joined in what were to become known as Unique Property Syndicates (18 so far). The Keil (pictured immediately above and below this paragraph), was our first building. The project start consisted of two of us sending £6,000 to our solicitor and one sent £12,000. The resultant £24,000 was destined to the owner of this spectacular Art Deco structure. We had intended to renovate the property. However, a modest grant from a government regeneration and job creation agency ended up biting the dust when they admitted to having run out of funds after we had committed to buy this unusual property…

Keil Hotel UPB

Keil Hotel – The First Syndicate Building
A lot of building for little money. Just £24,000 and what a sublime seaview location

Following a robust discussion with the government enterprise agency, the three friends opted to sell the property. Well not just sell it, but sell it well. So the old Art Deco building was placed into a major London Auction. What we hadn’t expected was that due to the unusual nature of the building and especially the location (a favourite of Sir Paul McCartney) a lot of national newspaper coverage was given to our old pile of bricks. This fed into the final sale value. We certainly hadn’t anticipated the result either…

An astounding £102,500 coming back into our solicitors for distribution to the three friends.

Actually at the point where the handsome solicitor’s cheques arrived the small syndicate members went from being just friends, to very good friends! It should be emphasised that since then not all syndicates have been so profitable. Approximately 14 have certainly been profitable, 2 broke even and 2 made a modest loss. Though over the long term there is no denying the money side of things has been very good.

So what does this have to do with unique properties? Well within a couple of further syndicates we went from a long term lease of this…


Davaar Island Lighthouse Buildings & Coastguard Station

…to owning this, and the adventures that went with it as illustrated below…

Ailsa Craig Island RSPB

Ailsa Craig Island (c) 2015 RSPB

Ailsa Craig Ian Johnston Lighthouse Compound

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses Were Included As Well (c) 2015 Ian Johnston

Ailsa Craig Ian Johnston Railway

Ailsa Craig Island Railway – An Irresistable Part of The Purchase (c) 2015 Ian Johnston

Ailsa Craig Pier

Along With A Private Pier

Ailsa Craig Helipad

And An Official Helicopter Landing Pad

This Circular Slab of Concrete Doesn’t Look Much, But Is A Very Valuable Aviation Asset

Ailsa Craig Island - Official Helicopter Pad

With A Lifetime Dream, or Rather Treat In A Helicopter At The Helicopter Landing Pad

Ailsa Craig By RIB Visit Arran

Though Most Visits To The Island Were Across The Water (c) 2015 VisitArran at Ailsa Craig

Hopefully, from the above illustrations of how £6,000 seedcorn money can evolve in a lifetime’s dream for a group of friends owning a private island complex of properties, you too can look at growing your own funds in a way that a bank manager can’t? Especially with interest rates at a miserly 1% to 2%. Plus these syndicates are asset backed. Just check out the official solicitor statements of account for just a couple of these Unique Property Syndicates – Click Here.

In 1998 none of the three original syndicate members could have afforded a host of lighthouse keepers’ homes plus the main part (and exclusivity of owning the only pier and helicopter pad) of an island. That is what we mean by The Dream Home: Making It happen.

It was and often has been an accidental success. Always with interesting property, all of which have come from the pages of the Unique Property Bulletin. So if you enjoy what you read in this online publication, you are welcome to join in. The most recent two syndicate examples from the past few months have achieved sufficient interest and commitment from our Unique Property Bulletin readers and friends so as to enable formal offers to be submitted. These include…

Dunnet Head Lighthouse Compound RSPB

Dunnet Head Lighthouse Keepers’ Compound – A Truly Spectacular Location (c) 2015 RSPB
Our Unique Property Syndicate Made A Formal Offer For Dunnet Head
But We Were Outbid.

The same thing just happened with the Binn Hill Tower syndicate….

Bryncir Tower

Binn Hill Tower, Kinfauns
Our Unique Property Syndicate Made A Formal Offer
But We Were Outbid.

Our unique property syndicate group made formal offers on Dunnet Head Lighthouse Compound, and then subsequently Binn Hill Tower at Kinfauns. Both properties had bids that were higher than ours. This is very frustrating. There is a dilemma of not wanting to bid too much, but also complicated a little due to the reach of the Bulletin (now over 40,000 readers) – which seems to be stimulating other interested parties to buy the whole property under consideration. So from this point onward, ALL future candidate properties for Unique Property Syndicates will be OFFSITE and details emailed only to syndicate members….

To join our Unique Property Syndicate Email Alert service, just let us know by popping the word “SYNDICATE” into the subject line of our contact page…

Click Here To Join Our “Syndicate” Email Alert Service

…and we shall do the rest. There is NO obligation, you will just receive an occasional email with candidate properties to consider.


To all those who have emailed in regarding the Binn Hill Tower, we say a big thank you. This last few weeks has been genuinely uplifting for the revival of Unique Property Syndicates (after a cold recession when many of us didn’t want to come out and play). 

Why uplifting? Well these are the numbers for the latest Binn Hill Tower syndicate…

The £6,000 (a lucky number from 1998) from the Tower Syndicate proposal led to a stunning response – in a good way…

61  Initial enquiries about the Tower Syndicate.

25  Detailed exchanges of emails about the Tower Syndicate

11  Folk indicating they were “DEFINITE” in terms of joining the Tower Syndicate.

22  Additional readers wanting to consider buying the Tower outright at £24,000.

Given the gazump, the Binn Hill Tower syndicate didn’t go ahead – but at least we now know for sure sufficient folk are keen to dip their toe into the water with us and the reboot of our Unique Property Syndicates.

So what next? Well it helps to think laterally. If you read this website, the odds are you like unusual property. Our own favourites might not resonate 100% with yours, but the path can be shared for a while – until the dream home funds are grown sufficiently, and each reader’s individual stake is sufficient to achieve that ultimate unique home. In essence we have found from the previous 18 syndicates that all unique property syndicates have been enjoyable and interesting, and have had a long term success rate that has enabled these dreams to be realised.

As mentioned earlier, take a look at a few back-copy editions of the Unique Property Bulletin. If there are any properties like the Tower at Kinfauns that catch your eye, please let us know? For syndicate suitability they need to be structurally divisible so that each member can be capable of owning 100% of part of any given property – if the remarketing and resale option doesn’t result in a 3 to 4 month  resale turnaround. In the rare case when a resale doesn’t happen expeditiously, what has occurred in the past, is one of the members has been generally happy to buy each of the others out so they can progress onto the next project. That way folk don’t get “stuck” with any particular unique property, and can keep rotating their stake money until the fund each participant grows substantially enough to secure that dream home – whatever style sets your pulse racing.

This is the whole point of illustrating just what happens when three folk start a small syndicate and grow their funds (with several other like minded folk joining in, along the way). Much fun can be had with a dream of an island – or whatever floats your boat – home becoming very real. For example maybe another island….

Island Tanera Mor Headline

Tanera Mor Island – From £50,000 To £240,000 For ONE of 10 The Houses (Syndicate Only)

Of course there are several other syndicate adventures to recount, but for this Bulletin edition we don’t want to go on too much.

Hopefully like minded readers have “got it” – the idea of growing funds in an interesting way until the point is reached where each member’s dream home can be realised.

Please remember, if you would like email alerts of future syndicate candidate properties, please email us…

Click Here & Enter “Syndicate” Into The Subject Line

…and we will do the rest for you. Thanks.


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