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Unique Property Bulletin 19 April 2015

This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

Unique Pods Galore

Blue Forest Quiet House

Blue Forest’s “Quiet House” Design : Price On Application

Other Unique Structures From £6,000 & Land From £20,000

Apologies for the hiccup and Bulletin publication date slippage last week. We have a modestly beefed up Bulletin this edition to make up for it. In the age of I-Tunes, I-Phones and I-Pods we have a new contribution to add: the Unique-Pod. This Bulletin we present just a very small number of these for your edification.

Shortly after we transferred the Unique Property Bulletin from paper format to the internet version four years ago, we received a very nice email from one of the researchers at our favourite television architect George Clarke from the Amazing Spaces television series looking for interesting candidate properties. One of our recent “finds” and features way back then – and remains in our top ten ranking properties is the first of our favourite Unique-Pods

Mirror Cube House – Unique-Pod – Click Here

Mirror House 2 (c) Treehotel Brittas Pensionat

Mirror Cube House (c) 2015 Treehotel AB

This was just one of several unique holiday pods that evolved from Kent and Britta Lindvalls’ beautiful imagination and their remarkable holiday destination in Sweden.

In our reply to the researcher, we heartily recommended the Mirror Cube House, along with some other suggested properties to the Amazing Spaces television production company, and then kind of forgot about the email. Quite a while later, and to our absolute delight [and ashamedly a little envy] we were then treated to a proper, real-life tour via the medium of television, of this brilliant tree cited design. Good old George had selected the Treehotel Mirror Cube House as one of the properties featured, and made the long trek to Kent & Brittas place in Sweden to soak up the literal brilliance of the design.

Moving up to present day, in the previous edition of the Bulletin immediatelly prior to this one we suggested progressing that initiative, and hopefully licencing some of Kent & Brittas Treehotel designs at a suitable location or multiple locations here in the UK. To read more about how things have moved forward, including various other suggested unique holiday [and possibly residential] pod style places, please check out...

Feature details at the foot of this page.

======= Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow =======

An Island Church

East Church, 39 Glasgow Street, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, North Ayreshire, KA28 0DJ. GENERAL LOCATION

A Nice Island Location, But…

East Church, 39 Glasgow Street, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, North Ayreshire, KA28 0DJ.

This Church May Seem A Little “Crowded In”

Thanks to one of readers for sharing this interesting find with everyone.

This island parish church has been reduced by a whopping £100,000 with offers now sought around £70,000 mark. The island is Cumbrae and the town Millport – spectacularly beautiful. Though the actual church seems a bit crowded in by adjacent buildings.

The pictures on the weblink below give a clearer idea of what you might be buying. For sure there is a lot of building for the money, and the island location is picturesque, almost beyond words.

Ferry To The Island of Cumbrae Departing Largs Greg Morss

There’s Something Magical About Travelling Home By Ferry

Photo courtesy of Greg Morss

Guide: £70,000 for the church, not the ferry!

Location: East Church, 39 Glasgow Street, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, KA28 0DJ.

Further Details: Click Here

Also Details – Click Here

Contact: Express Estate Agencies: Tel 0800 046 7271


UKWMO – ROC Machynlleth

Underground Nuclear Bunker Returns For Sale

It pays to keep an eye on Unique Property Bulletin updates!

AAA UKWMO Machynlleth 7

Main Room Underground In This Former UKWMO Nuclear Bunker

We’ve just heard from the owner of the former UKWMO Nuclear Bunker at Machynlleth that it is back up for sale.

Guide: £18,000

Location: ROC UKWMO Post, Gasworks Lane Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8BY

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here



Underground Nuclear Bunker Coming Up For Sale

UKWMO Brundall Norfolk General Artist Impression 3D

Following our article about UKWMO nuclear bunkers featured recently in our…

Earlier UKWMO Feature Bulletin – Click Here

[Feature Article At The Lower Third Of The Page]

…we are please to advise that there will be a newly listed one of these popular items exclusively in the Bulletin very soon. Located in North Yorkshire, full details will appear soon. Please watch this space.


Annual Fundraiser 2015

Unique Property Bulletin: Not-For-Profit Website

It’s that time of year again. A heartfelt thanks to all those who donated last year – the sheer volume of folk who made the effort knocked us six foot sideways – in a good way. Several hundred folk donated in April 2014 and this was genuinely humbling for the writers at this end of the Bulletin who mangle the English language without mercy and truffle about to find interesting places for our readers to consider buying.

This website is run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. By the way it is a joy to research and publish the Unique Property Bulletin, especially given the emails and new [eccentric] friends made along the way. Shortly we shall have our two major webhosting bills that will fall due. The high volume of visitors and readers has seen the annual site hosting and IT support costs steadily climb.

So if you enjoy this website, and especially if you are a regular, please consider a modest donation?

Even if you pop across just £2 for a whole year this will make a difference to keeping the website free 🙂 . Though a little extra always helps, so don’t be shy if you fancy dropping off a £5 or £10 donation. Again for a whole year it works out better value than a lot of newspapers, and few of them may manage to actually help find your ultimate and ideal home for you!

We have left the precise donation amount section open, for friends and readers to decide if and how much to consider contributing. All you need do is press the Paypal “Donate” button above (or below), pop in your desired donation amount where it asks, and the Paypal system will do the rest….



Back To Banks

Natwest Bank, 10 Grimshaw Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2AS

Natwest Bank, 10 Grimshaw Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2AS

These are one of those buildings that have many readers clicking onto the relevant bank-for-sale property weblink button, and from our statistics panel this indicates how popular banks are. That is to BUY. As for the actual banking institutions – not so much!

The popularity of former bank buildings is possibly because there is something deliciously ironic about buying a bank, when the blighters that inhabited same for many years could be so utterly difficult and obtuse about helping unique people re-puropse unique property as their homes.

For sure the old banke pictured would make a very solid place to live if and when the appropriate change of use permissions were sorted out.

Strange to think that in the safe room there was probably a million pounds in crispy fivers at certain times, and yet the price of this entire building is a fraction of that. What do you reckon – whoever buys this will be looking in the nooks and crannies for old discarded tenners and twenty pound notes. Like searching down the back of the sofa – though hoping for a £100 note rather than one of the kid’s toffee sweets stuck to a pre-decimalisation two shilling coin!

Guide: £110,0000 – for the bank building.

Location: Natwest Bank, 10 Grimshaw Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2AS

Further Details: Click Here

Contact Pugh Auctions -Tel: 0844 2 722 444


Rose Castle Church

& Peele Tower

For Sale Soon: Heads-Up

Rose Castle Church and Peele Tower Alexander Kapp

Rose Castle Church & Peel Tower, Cumbria – For Sale Soon

Photo Copyright Alexander Kapp

Firstly, a thank you to an alert reader for emailing news of this unique property coming up for sale.

Not without a little controversy, this fine property is to be sold: Click Here. But being pragmatic, it is far better that someone who loves unique buildings comes alongside to keep this amazing place in good condition.

Location: Rose Castle Church, Rose Causeway, Dalston, Cumbria, CA5 7BZ.

At this time we know not what the price being sought is set at. All we can suggest is readers who want to learn more, acquire a copy of [plug plug] the Unique Property Manual that gives plenty of detail on how to become a unique property Sherlock Holmes…

Please Click Here

Some further detail of the Rose Castle Church & peele Tower to be going on with…




Future Feature

Off-Grid Living

The Old Coastguard Station Davaar Island Photo Steve Partridge

Birthplace of Unique Property Bulletin & Also Happened To Be Off-Grid

The Old Coastguard Station: Davaar Island (c) Steve Partridge

We’ve received a few emails about the off-grid concept and how it can relate to unique propert,y so intend to cover the topic in a future Feature Article. Not least, but technically our very first unique property was off-grid; by necessity as it was on an island! For some reason the subject of off-grid living is becoming popular. So please keep an eye on forthcoming Bulletins. Meanwhile, maybe…

Click Here For Tasty OFF-GRID Montage Of Photos & Article Links


Tiny House & Off-Grid

Tiny House

All The Creature Comforts Of Life: In A Tiny Tiny House

To illuminate a little more about the off-grid concept, here we have a diminutive home, but with everything you need neatly packed into a small space with such ergonomic elegance that is can be put on wheels and off you go. In Canada and America they call it Snowbirding – where you go from the nice northern summer and spend the winter in southern parts of the world soaking up even more sun. Usually folk that have nudged over fifty years of age. We have our own version at Unique Property BulletinTwo Summers No Winters – more details click here. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans are Snowbirds – living summer in the north and winter in a southern climate. Mostly off-grid.

Whichever way you view this style of life, the tiny house pictured is an interesting project completed with attention to every detail.

Further Details & Interesting Photographs: Click Here

Location: Anywhere You Want – It’s Mobile!

This is what the Tiny, Tiny, Tardis House looks like from the outside. Amazing what you can pack into such a small space…

Tiny Tiny Tardis Like House From The Outside


Tiny, Tiny, Tardis Style House From The Outside


Town Hall – Democratic Domicile

Natwest Bank, 10 Grimshaw Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2AS

Former Ince Town Hall, Ince Green Lane, Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4QX

This is a spectacularly large piece of property for the money. The rebuild cost on a like-for-like basis is probably a million pounds plus. But the years have taken their toll. Are you the brave soul willing to bring this big beast back from a long sleep into a beauty of a place to live?

Guide: £150,000

Location: Former Ince Town Hall, Ince Green Lane, Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4QX

Further Details: Click Here

Contact Pugh Auctions -Tel: 0844 2 722 444


Castle Grant

Possessed – Both Ways!!!


Castle Grant, Grantown-on-Spey, Morayshire, PH26 3PS

An eagle eyed reader sent this candidate property in. Castle Grant was, prior to repossession, owned by the controversial Rangers Football Club director Craig Whyte. We understand Mr Whyte paid £720,000 for the castle in 2006. Subsequently the bank repossessed what is, already apparently a ghostly possessed building, and the agents have it noted as for sale.

Though we cannot but think Grant Castle has the look of the infamous World War II prisoner of war Colditz Castle…

WWII Colditz Castle Prisoner of War Bastion

Famous Look-A-Like: Colditz Castle – Background Detail: Click Here

Castle Grant – Possession II – The other sort of possession/repossession…

Castle Grant is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Lady Barbara Grant, daughter of a sixteenth century Laird.

Lady Grant is said to have died of a broken heart after being imprisoned in a dark closet for falling in love with the wrong man. Though the ghostly apparition is said to be more sad than scary.

Guide For Castle Grant: £1,1000,000.

Location: Castle Grant, Grantown-on-Spey, Morayshire, PH26 3PS.

Castle Grant Sales Information: Click Here


Caverswall Castle

Moated Splendour

Caverswall Castle

Caverswall Castle, Blythe Bridge Road, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EA.

Our feature for this Bulletin does have a broad range of unique spaces to live – modestly priced and starting from around £6,000 (plus £20,000 for half an acre of land). So we want to balance this purchase price spectrum with some unique structures at the other end. Hence this spectacular castle with a handsome price tag.

What a range of rooms and buildings – plus a moat. Accommodation: 18 bedrooms; 9 Reception Rooms; 13 bathrooms; Gardens; Approximately 20 Acres of Land/Paddock; Roof Terrace; Outbuildings; Staff/Self Contained Accommodation; Water Frontage; Fishing.

Main Building: Drawing Room; Library; Dining Room; Billiard Room; Drawing Room; Princess Suite; Queens Suite; Kings Suite; Regal Suite; Princes Suite; Knights Suite; Knaves Suite; Bowers Suite; 6 Further Bedrooms; Chapel Room.

Lower Ground Floor: Kitchen; Wine Cellar; 3 Stores; Boiler Room – EPC Rating F; Games Room; Reception Hall.

Upper Levels: 3 Converted Turrets: Sir Thomas More, Matthew Cradock, Sister Josephine.

Outside/Ancillary : Converted Gatehouse; Orangery; Workshop; Old Dungeon; Lakes.

Caverswall Castle has a varied and exciting history. It was built on the site of an Anglo-Saxon Manor, on the spot where two tributaries of the River Blythe rise. Noted as one of the most attractive mansions of Staffordshire both because of its appearance and history. The earliest owner of whom we know was Ernulf de Hesing, as Saxon-holder, who was perhaps driven from the estate during the Conquest.

Location: Caverswall Castle, Blythe Bridge Road, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EA.

Guide: £3,000,000 – But what a lot of history and building for the coin.

Agency Details: Click Here

Contact: Strutt & Parker Tel: 01743 284200


Lock Keeper’s House

River Lark Lock Keeper's House Balmforth Main Picture

Old Lock Keeper’s House, Wamil Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk

Around forty five of our readers have an abiding interest in canalside property so this is for you guys. For sale freehold, but with a tenant in situ. Producing a very useful rental income. The tenancy ends around March 2016. Not sure about renewal or vacant possession at that time. If the photo above, location of the building/canal, and more photos on the weblink below capture your imagination, then this the question of vacant possession timing needs to be clarified with the selling agency.

Though the details are well worth studying if you like living by the water.

Guide: £575,000 (currently with tenant in situ until 2016).

Location: Old Lock Keeper’s House, Wamil Road, Mildenhall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 7JZ.

Further Details: Click Here

Alternate Details: Click Here

Contact Balmforth Agencies: Tel 01638 582455


Unique Property Competition

For March + April 2015, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is:-

Competition Prize - Unique Property Bulletin

A Nice Note From The Bulletin To One Of Our Readers

This Is Our Modest Prize. Unless Requested, Payment Will Be Made By Cheque.

Competition Hint

Ye Love What Sam Saw”

Unique Property Bulletin Competition (c) Russ McLean March and April 2015

Unique Property Competition: Please Identify This Island (c) 2005 Russ McLean

Can You Name This Unique Island ?

The first correct entry for the name of unique property – out of the hat – wins the prize.

PLEASE NOTE: The prize is NOT the island, just the £50. Sorry we haven’t reached the level of prize value that enables real homes to be awarded to winners. Yet!

Best wishes and good luck from the Unique Property Bulletin Team

Free to enter. Just let us know have your competition answer by 30th April 2015. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Architecturally Unique

Please note, each week we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are NOT currently for sale, but are included to help inspire readers as to the talent that abounds when a good architect’s mind meets the imagination of a unique property person, and something that little bit special is created by the synergy.

Architectural & Music Notes

Piano House and Violin

Wonderful Inspiration: Piano and Violin Building

This unique piece of eye catching architecture embodies fun with functionality. The product of orchestrated collaboration from the Architecture Dept., and students of Hefeyskogo University. The structure was developed with Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Company.

Eponymously called the Piano House – plus a glass violin [more like the size of a chello] – this unique property was built in Huainan, Anhui Province, China.

Our Top & Commended Architects For This Edition Are:-

Hefeyskogo University

Huainan Province, China.

Congratulations on a really nice piece of design that lifts the heart.


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering for this edition is:-

Jackdaw Quarry

Waterside Beauty For A Holiday Experience

Jackdaw Quarry Lodge

Jackdaw Quarry, Capernwray Road, Over Kellet, Carnforth

The word “quarry” doesn’t quite conjure up vivid pictures of modern splendour, but such is the imagination here, that is exactly what you get. This is a definite place on the “to visit” list and enjoy a few days in a splendid waterside setting, at a holiday destination with some pretty impressive pieces of architecture to experience.

Jackdaw Quarry Website: Click Here

A picture paint a thousand words – here are several photographs: Click Here

Location: Jackdaw Quarry, Capernwray Road, Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 1AD

Location Map: Click Here

Contact Number: 07836 780905



Unique Property Bulletin Main Article

This Edition’s Feature

Next Unique Adventure

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Tree House Building

George Clarke Style – Amazing Spaces

Welcome to this Unique Property Bulletin feature on unique-pods. You can peruse these examples for your own holiday location use, or even a back garden home/office. Alternatively, and this is the purpose of the current edition’s feature is to reply to the numerous enquiries and questions we received following the Unique Property Syndicate 19 project of the last edition…

Log Cabins Snowy Ardgarry Farm, Faichem, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG

For Syndicate 19 We Found An 8 Acre Existing Holiday Location With Trees.

Click Here To Read Earlier Syndicate 19 – Proposed Site Acquisition

[Article In Bottom Quarter Of The Page]

That is to purchase a suitable holiday compound in a spectacular setting where we can look to add several of these unique holiday pods and make it a must-see “destination” experience for holidaymakers.

We start with what is likely to be the modest entry level: half an acre of land and [subject to planning permission] add a unique holiday pod of your own choice/imagination/design. Or go for something like the tried and tested style such as the Luminaire Tree Tent design:-

Luminair Tree Tent Holiday Pod

The UK Designed Luminair Tree Tent Design

A fascinating account of the Luminair Tree Tent concept can be found: Click Here.

Our estimate for the entry level on this Syndicate 19 is a ballpark £26,000 for the half acre of land and holiday tree tent pod purchase included. This gives a very unique place for you and the family to holiday plus a useful income [if desired] from other holidaymakers when you aren’t wishing to use it. Onsite management will be available for unique holiday pods.

Luminair Tree Tent Holiday Pod George Clarke Amazing Spaces

The Tree Tent As featured on Amazing Spaces…

Plus variations on this style of unique-pod theme….

Click On The Above To View The Video

Or other, more solid tree house constructions can be sourced….

Orb Cabins [& Some Yurts]: Click On The Above To View The Video

Check out the video of the Sphere interior. More information at:-

Moving on, we have one of our favourite manufacturers of this genre of unique building/pod. The Blue Forest tree house and unique design company.

This Bulletin feature is predominantly picture, photograph and video based for inspiration for the Unique Property Syndicate 19 under consideration. More substantial structures which you might like to have constructed on your half acre [subject to plannning] can be seen as follows:-

Cliffside and Rope Bridge - Blue Forest

Blue Forest Designs [pictured above]

Other Styles….

Fibonacci Tree House - Blue Forest

Blue Forest Designs [pictured above]

Underground Pod - islayinfo

Underground Holiday Pod [pictured above] (c) 2015


More Hobbity in style…

Hobbit On Location Ideas

Hobbit Homes (c) 2015 Freshome

The picture above just shows what the imagination can come up with. The Hobbit scenes from Lord of the Rings were filmed on this hillside at Matamata, New Zealand. The diminutive and picturesque film props., a.k.a., Hobbit Homes have become a tourist attraction. Just shows that you don’t need to build up in the trees to be a unique-pod. Next…

George Clarke Amazing Spaces Leapfactory

Alpine Safety Pod (c) 2015 Leap Factory

Here we move onto the more exotically priced. This Alpine rescue pod was very costly. Though a large lump of that was using a helicopter to transport all the parts up a big mountain!

What cannot be denied is the view from within this unusual habitat. For viewers of George Clarke’s televisions esries, Amazing Spaces, this safety pod is featured the genuinely awesome mountain vista view…

George Clarke Amazing Spaces Alpine Interior - Leapfactory

What A View (c) 2015 Leap Factory: Click Here For Fabulous Photos

Below we also have a video showing the amazing location and interior with solar panelled electricity for off-grid use, internet access, and related safety communicatins, plus sleeping, heating and subsistence provision. Whilst the title of the video is Scariest Hotel, we are advised the pod is actually intended mainly for stranded or weary mountain climbers. Though of course dual use helps cover the costs involved. Again, these designs are food for the imagination. Though please don’t forget the dedicated architect and/or production/manufacturer if you would like to simply “buy one off the shelf” for your half acre of unique holiday pod at the proposed Unique Property Syndicate 19.

Click Here For Video Of Mountain Pod

Next: Whitepods…

Snowy Views From A Whitepod

Given Our Proposed Syndicate Location Has Snow, Maybe This Is The Way To Go?

Click On The Photo Above To Watch The Video

Enchanted Hideout In The Trees Ground Up View - Blue Forest

Returning To UK Blue Forest Designs [pictured above]Click Here


Enchanted Hideout In The Trees - Blue Forest

Blue Forest Designs [pictured above] Main WebsiteClick Here

Quiet House Headline By Blue Forest

Blue Forest Designs [pictured above]. This Beauty Click Here

Finishing up for this pictorial feature and feast for the imagination we kind of return to where this all started. The Mirror Cube House we first featured four years ago from Kent and Britta Lindvalls’ wonderful holiday destination at…

Mirror Cube House – Click Here

…and which that old architectural smoothy George Clarke was lucky enough to go visit in a subsequent edition of Amazing Spaces following mutual help in that direction via the Bulletin and a researcher looking for candidate properties. We just wished one of us could have gone along, but maybe that is a journey yet to come round.

For this concluding candidate unique-pod structure we come down from the trees to a land based, or rather water based version of a mirror-cube: on a lake. Not sure if it is one of these fishing huts that are used atop frozen water with a whole bored down through the ice and into the water below with the shelter above affording some protection from the weather. Whatever the photo is from, it shows the interesting dynamic that can occur when a building uses mirrors within, or outwith…

Mirror Cubes On The Ground

Hopefully, this Bulletin, and especially this feature article has given some food for thought on unique property? As always please feel free to get in touch regarding any particular building. With regard to the Unique Property Syndicate 19 included in the last edition – Click Here. For questions about unique-Pod candidates in this edition, please Click Here.


Click Here

Unique Property Syndicate 19 entry level circa £26,000. That is around £6,000 for a basic Unique-Pod and £20,000 for half an acre of holiday compound land upon which to place it [subject to planning].

All funds and title deeds handled by the syndicate solicitors. Further narrative: Click Here For Syndicate Information.


Annual Fundraiser 2015

Unique Property Bulletin: Not-For-Profit Website

If you have enjoyed this edition of the Unique Property Bulletin, please consider helping us to pay the annual webhosting fees. Even just a £2 for the year will go a long way. £5 would help us get the bill paid quicker, and £10 would make you a star in our books. Remember this donation is for a WHOLE YEAR of Bulletins 🙂 . Just press our “Donate” button and the Paypal system will take you through the rest…





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